Your emails look terrible. Sorry, someone had to say it. The design is incongruent (whyyyyy would you put a CTA there? Really?), your logo is pixelated, and what’s up with the text looking all funky and being so small that I need to put on my grandma’s reading glasses?

Kidding. Maybe.

You get the picture - all too often, an email will land in your inbox with an offer that you can’t refuse, so you click through and curl up in a ball, terrified at how hideous that email from that new company you were interested in is as you scramble to hit the Unsubscribe button as quickly as you can, saving yourself from the horror, nightmares, and expensive therapist visits (say hi to Paul for me while you’re there!). Don’t worry, we’ve been there too. In fact, we see this more frequently than we’d like to admit.

You don’t need to be one of those companies that get shunned, ignored, unsubscribed from, and eventually blacklisted to the depths of email purgatory that some companies take months to recover from. No, you care about your customers’ eyes, and in return, get to see a piece of their wallets as well. That’s because you made sure to have your emails designed in such a way that people will be excited each time they see your company’s name light up in their inbox.

How did you do this?

Easy: you designed your emails with functionality in mind. You made sure to arrange your design in such a way as to lead the customer’s eyes down the page, showing them exactly what they’re interested in, as well as providing them with a hard-to-miss CTA so they can go and purchase your products (win!). Your email has intention to it rather than being an assortment of products strewn about, essentially telling your customer “here’s what we have - now go find what you want and leave us alone. Bah humbug”. Your email says “hey, we know that you’re interested in this, here it is, here are the details that’ll whet your appetite, and here’s how to get it. We won’t make you search for it or deal with unsightly images. We care about you.”

I know that this is way easier said than done, but if others can do this, you can do it certainly. It's all about finding the right crew - sorry for the pun - for the job, right? Well...not that we're not very modest folk, but did you see our portfolio page or ready any of our amazing win case studies? I highly recommend that you do, pick up that phone, tablet or keyboard and shoot us an email to get some help turning this boat back on its course.

Before starting using some drag & drop email builder to do the work yourself you need to ask yourself some really REALLY important questions:

  • Are you a marketer with at least 5 years experience?
  • Did you brand and market a product that ever did better than the one you're currently trying to build?
  • Is your customer acquisition cost astronomical for your industry standard?
  • Do you know what your customer acquisition cost IS? - If you answer no to this it's seriously time to write tht email.
  • Do you do well with repeat orders?
  • Do you upsell orders well?
  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

If you answer 'no' to 40% or more of these questions you're in pretty rough shape and we can absolutely help. How? Reach out with your biggest concerns and we'll find a way, we always do! If your answer is mostly 'yes' than a big Kudos for a job well done, but I bet there's room for improvements on those amazing designs of yours.

The best part about your approach to providing a beautiful, holistic, and functional design? It makes the purchasing process as simple and alluring as possible for your customers. What does that mean for you? Well, let’s put it like this:

Wait. You haven’t done this yet? Don’t worry about it - that’s what we’re here for. Let us start your money machine - contact us today and we’ll be delighted to touch base on how we can take your program from zero to hero. Chat soon!