So, you need a complete, unified, and integrated marketing solution? I see... Now that you came to these email marketing experts, we unfortunately, can’t offer you an ice-cold drink or creamy cappuccino, but we can share our direct experience with Sailthru email marketing, you lovely marketer you! We’ve got a few super useful pieces of information to pass along to anyone considering utilizing Sailthru to improve digital marketing efforts.

Many years ago, the majority of marketers believed that personalization is all about that famous “Dear < first name>.” Every program out there these days promises 1:1 personalization among a myriad other futuristic benefits but unfortunately not many of them are actually delivering it. Sad but true.

Without further ado, here’s everything you probably didn’t know about Sailthru's email marketing offering.

Sailthru - The Ultimate Software Review and Pricing post highlights:

What is Sailthru? - Pros, Cons, and Features

I apologize once again for not being able to serve you coffee, but did you know that Sailthru is a complete, unified, and integrated email marketing solution? The exact same thing you’re looking for? Yup, and it’s the email marketing platform of choice for many of today’s modern marketers. Not sure what I’m talking about? Grab yourself a coffee, hang around for only 5 minutes, and you’ll see what I mean.

One recent study reported that around 204 million emails are sent every...single...minute. It sounds impossible but it’s a fact. What's more, many customers will probably tell you that their inbox is almost unmanageable, which completely makes sense. The problem lies with so many companies out there sending emails on assumptions, not the real data. And what’s worse is that they’re not tailoring their messages to be relevant to the reader. Can it get any worse? It can get better, that’s for darn sure.

When it comes to email marketing with Sailthru, they’re actually trying to make the Internet more personally relevant and doing a bang up job at it. How? I’m glad you asked. By providing both actionable analytics as well as the technology to send custom and personalized emails aligning with subscriber’s interests and behavior. Sure, many other email service providers out there will claim the same. But few come close to actually combining analytics, personalization and mass personalization nearly as well as Sailthru.

Pros of using Sailthru for email marketing

Automated personalization - Sailthru’s email marketing platform lets you personalize every aspect of your campaigns, which brings so many email marketing benefits. It helps improve your engagement and conversion rates as well. In addition, it allows you to send SMS and push notifications to boost engagement and to truly develop and implement whenever a visitor engages with your content; they’re immediately cookied which is what allows Sailthru to gather all the data to create a personalized email for each individual reader. Sailthru really made huge strides since 2008 when they joined the ESP scene, especially in the publisher space, gaining clients like Adweek, Business Insider, and Refinery29

Behavioral data - Sailthru saves and analyzes all of your customer interactions. It then builds a lifetime view of customers’ interests, behaviors, and purchase histories. It’s incredible, really, how well Sailthru compiles and applies this data. The data is gathered through all channels to personalize your campaigns as well as to identify opportunities. Their Smart Data reporting and analytics tool produces long-term and real time data that can be accessed anytime.

Reporting and analytics - Sailthru Sightlines is a predictive intelligence tool built directly into the marketing automation platform. Thanks to the data that is captured over time, this tool can calculate and optimize customer lifetime value. 

User experience - Sailthru’s ability to use ‘includes’, data feeds, and essentially let your devs take control of the program (if you can convince them to) allows your entire email program to be automated to the point where you begin to wonder if your marketing team even needs to exist anymore. That said, if you do decide to keep your marketing team, they (and you) will be rewarded with one of the easiest platforms to navigate, build, and deploy mass personalized emails from. 

Knife Aid
Knife Aid

Cons of using Sailthru

Sailthru pricing - According to Contently, Sailthru was built as an engagement tool, not an acquisition tool. In other words, Sailthru is good if you want to keep your friends, but not great for making new ones. If lead gen is your game, you may want to look elsewhere, and for some users, it may be pricey.

Customer service - According to many Sailthru reviews, customer service appears to be quite poor. As one of their users said: ‘’If they improved this side of the business they would have a great product on their hands.’’ So Sailthru guys, if you’re reading this, you know what to do. That said, we’ve never had a poor experience with their team, although replies can sometimes be on the slower side.


Performance dashboards - This is my dear friends, probably their most exciting feature. As its name says, it’s a dashboard that collects all data on one dashboard. Using this data, you can compare and contrast and/or find some better alternatives to push your products and services in the industry.

Campaign reports - This feature allows you to check the performance of your campaigns at a glance. They provide a variety of data because the interests of different people are changing so quickly. For example, you can use this information to run an ad and to check its performance simultaneously. Once you determine which works best for you, you’ll be ready to scale up the advertisement game.

Prediction Manager - The geniuses from Sailthru are aware that your business is expanding and that your customers’ interests are ever-changing. Therefore, they are there to help you figure out those interests before the future arrives.

Retention analytics tool - This feature allows you to see how many customers you retained when running a specific campaign. It also provides highly detailed information on what platform was effective in reaching and retaining your customers. Really cool stuff, to be honest. I can’t think of a single CEO or CMO who doesn’t wish for something like this… you can have it!

Smart Strategies feature - Once Sailthru collects, analyzes and presents your data to you, the Smart Strategies feature provides you with everything you need in order to increase your conversion rates well into the future.

All about Sailthru's API

With the API that Sailthru has, you will be able to programmatically interact with an array of their features and data sets. For instance, add users, push and update content in realtime, send campaigns and so on. Some common uses for their API:

Sending individual email messages – Such as automated welcome emails, purchase confirmation emails, and other transactional messages.

Send email campaigns – Schedule delivery to multiple recipients—for example, a weekly or monthly newsletter.

Set user data or list subscriptions – Add or update data for any user. Subscribe users to or unsubscribe users from your lists. 

Perform data processing tasks – Imports of subscriber lists, exports of user data, and bulk user data updates.

Sailthru email marketing pricing

At Sailthru, they believe that every company is unique and also has unique needs that need to be met. We couldn’t agree more. As a result of this, they provide their clients with a quote priced system. This means that every user is encouraged to get in touch with a company from the right pricing package they can afford and that can offer them the kind of services they’re looking for. Not many ESPs work this way, and those that do oftentimes charge a legitimate arm, leg, spleen, you name it. Sailthru is just as powerful as these heavier hitters, but at a more sane price than, say Salesforce Marketing Cloud and the like.

Sailthru is a quote-priced system, so each user receives an individual SMB or enterprise pricing package that corresponds to his unique needs. Contact their company for more details, and don’t forget to ask for your quote.

Integrations in Sailthru

Facebook integration - At Sailthru, they have an integration with the Facebook Marketing API. This extends capabilities to Facebook Custom Audiences and Lead Ads. Using Sailthru’s Audience Builder, you’ll be able to send custom-tailored sets of your user base to Facebook. When you target your audience with Facebook Lead Ads, your potential customers can seamlessly register for your business without leaving Facebook. How cool is that?

Instagram - With Instagram, you’ll have an additional path to reach your potential customers as well as the new prospects. With Sailthru’s Audience Builder, you can use their integration with Facebook Custom Audiences and reach your known users on Instagram very easily, and acquire some extra valuable customers on every platform by Lookalike Audience targeting. Noice.

Google AdWords Customer Match Integration - They have also built an integration with Google’s AdWords Customer Match. This enables you to leverage the power of the Sailthru customer data across the Google AdWords platform. Moreover, you’ll be able to find new customers across YouTube and Gmail that are similar to your highest-value users through Google Similar Audiences.

Their other Partner Integrations are Shopify, Gigya, Google Tag Manager, Google Product Sync, Inkit, Justuno, Kickdynamic, Magento, mParticle, Persado, Digioh, Swell, SMS Integrations and WordPress. Needless to say, if you need to integrate with another eComm platform, you’re very likely to have that ability right out of the box. If not, again, Sailthru’s platform is incredibly dev friendly. Plus, their API allows you to connect to most anything you can dream of. 

Don’t tell me you think these email marketing experts will end this article without mentioning Klaviyo. Just don’t. Since all of you should know by now that we are huge Klaviyo fans. And even though it doesn’t have a built-in integration with Sailthru, just YET, you can migrate your data over anyway. Oh, yes! Wait, but how? Check it out here. Boom!

Wrapping up

This was even less than 5 minutes, bro. But you learned so much, didn’t you? I know, right. Now that you know all about Sailthru’s email marketing features, pros, cons, etc. go get yourself a cup of coffee. You deserved it, and now you have a big decision to make. I hope (I bet) our review helps you make the right one.