Kate started her business with just $800, a dream and a deep love for kombucha. It wasn’t easy but with a lot of hard work (and great email campaign strategy), Kate grew her company into the largest, most reliable home-brewing kombucha brand out there. Gives to show that following your dreams is something you should never ignore.

After a while, Kate realised that she needed an email marketing program and email campaign strategy to match up to her standards. And her website was due some TLC too, so that’s where we came in.

So far we’re proud to say we’ve achieved some pretty amazing results for Kate and her kombucha company. Wanna hear more? Well then pour yourself a glass of cold booch and get comfy – here’s our story. 

The Kombucha Shop Post Highlights:

It all started with a strategy

In July 2019, a Kombucha Shop email landed in our inbox. We had seen them on Shark Tank and knew that their homebrewing kit was the best on the market. One of our founders even had a kit from way before, so we knew firsthand just how awesome her kombucha kits were. What they needed was an email campaign strategy that was just as good, and a website that would make their brand look as fantastic as their products, packaging and customer support were. We were also a new brand back then but Kate found out that we were kombucha-holics who shared a lot of her values. So, she decided to give us a chance.

It was a great choice – for all of us. When two businesses that are really good at what they do (not to brag or anything), come together, magic can happen. 

How far we’ve come

Kate realized that there was a lot of opportunity to get people into the top of their funnel and to move them through it faster if they improved their own email campaign strategy rather than relying on the tight grip of Amazon’s marketplace and strict guidelines. 

And because Kate and her crew nearly fell off their chairs when they saw our design style (as you can tell, we’re super humble), they asked us to build their site, too. We played a key role in transforming The Kombucha Shop from an Amazon-first business into an independent online store.

Working side by side, we helped the Kombucha Shop remove the shackles of Amazon and create a platform that would make a big impact on the brewing world, with an email strategy that would bring their kombucha brewing kits to the masses.   

Giving The Kombucha Shop a fresh new site

When we met TKS, they were selling from a Squarespace website built with a template. This is is absolutely fantastic for a start-up that needs to be very mindful of spend and resource allocation. However, we told them the hard truth - their website was slow and it wasn’t optimized or looking as amazing as their products.

Brands always find the concept of a site redesign & migration scary - and sometimes developers and designers too. But we knew it would be worth it. We were missing too many leads from the funnel because their then-MailChimp ESP and SquareSpace e-commerce platform weren’t seeing eye to eye and we couldn’t build out all the proper workflows to make sure we captured leads at the right time, every time. 

So, we decided to build the entire website from scratch using shopify. We were thinking about speed and SEO-first, as well as product integration. All-in-all this took us a little over 3 months from strategy to R&D, and everything went as smoothly as we had hoped, thankfully. 

With the 2019 Holiday Season just around the corner, we just scraped the deadline day. 

Want to see what their site looks like now? Check it out: https://www.thekombuchashop.com/ and while you’re there, why not get yourself the best home brewing kit on the market? You’ll thank us later!  

Next steps

After the website design, we were ready for the next step – our favorite, email marketing. We’ve always run a looooot of A/B Tests on our campaigns. But this time, we did something that would take The Kombucha Shop to the next level. We added Klaviyo's email marketing platform into the mix. Without them, we couldn’t have gotten the results we did. 

We touched on this above, but just to make sure the point comes across. Unfortunately, MailChimp and SquareSpace didn’t see eye to eye. 

Even worse, MailChimp had parted ways with Shopify a few months earlier. This meant we were still in no-go territory and couldn't analyze or segment our leads during the funnelling process. We needed to make a decision. Klaviyo’s price competitiveness and otherwise feature-rich environment was enough to make up our minds. 


Great email strategy gets great results

For a business like The Kombucha Shop, their most important focus is sales. True engagement should always be considered as well but here, you want sales numbers first and foremost. As with most e-Commerce businesses however, it’s not so easy to get sales without an effective marketing strategy.

As of November 2020, between 18 and 25% of the Kombucha Shop’s average revenue has come from email marketing. We’re all over the moon about it – this is a higher figure than many other companies in the same industry. It can only go up from here. Especially now that we’re able to focus more on lead capture with most of the build-out complete. 

We’ve already signed our third contract with The Kombucha Shop. We strongly believe that we're just as happy as they are with the results of our partnership.

Here are some amazing stats detailing what we did:

  • The Welcome series - Over the previous months, we’ve been particularly involved in the welcome series to help TKS improve their overall email marketing performance. And we’ve done just that - their welcome series now averages $5.64 per recipient! Yup, you read that right!
  • The Kombucha Shop average daily revenue per recipient for aaall emails sent (and trust us, there are a LOT), is $1.44.
  • Their average daily open rate for flow emails is 48.4%, so almost half of their flow emails get opened.
  • The average daily click-through rate for flow emails is 20.8%. That’s pretty appetizing compared to the industry standard of just 8.9%
  • The average daily revenue for automated messaging is $2.57 - per recipient! With the relatively low price point of The Kombucha Shop’s products (even though they’re so incredibly high-quality), this super high per-recipient rate is almost unbelievable but trust us, it's true.
  • The average daily placed order rate for flows is 4.01%. When you consider that these flows are shooting messages out all day every day, that adds up to a pretty penny for our friends at The Kombucha Shop.

If your dream is to focus on your business growth while a group of super passionate experts take care of your email marketing strategy, then our crew is waiting for you. Ready to boost your marketing and your sales? Hit us up today. Every minute spent spinning your wheels is one less minute that an expert team could be skyrocketing your ROI.

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