Our Goal: To help Hayden LA twirl into the kind of success we had achieved for their tween fashion retail brand, Hayden Girls.

Unlike the customer-facing Hayden Girls, Hayden LA is a B2B, wholesale fashion brand that needed a different eye - one that would give buyers and SMEs the inside scoop on running a fashion business and keep them inspired and on-trend with the latest styles. Intrigued? Take a seat while we walk the runway; this fashion marketing case study is just getting started, y’all.

What We’ve Achieved So Far

  • A 155% increase in H2 2021 sales (compared to H1, 2021).
  • A 136% increase in revenue between Q2 2021 and Q2, 2022.
  • A 7% increase in site traffic.
  • We also doubled their RPR (revenue per recipient) within 6 months - and then increased it even further into Q4. Talk about fashion-forward.

Designing Success: How We Took Hayden LA From Good to Great

In fashion, you’re only as good as your last collection. And in email marketing, it’s pretty much the same - razzle dazzle ‘em with your last email and they’ll be happy to click on your next campaign.

When Hayden LA approached us, we knew we had to do something that would show their clients why they were a cut above the rest, especially given how only a few companies in this space really rise to stardom. We also knew that many of the retailers buying from Hayden LA were mom-and-pop shops - small businesses who would appreciate guidance and insight from a seasoned, respected brand.

Our approach? Crafting a seamless email marketing strategy that stitched together relevant business information and Hayden LA’s latest styles. We filled fashion entrepreneurs’ inboxes with in-depth content based on the Hayden LA team’s knowledge and experience plus stunning bold editorials bursting at the seams with beautiful new designs.

We also established a monthly ‘Best Picks’ series, highlighting styles chosen by a member of the Hayden LA team:


Rotating through styles that our sales team loves was a great way to, not only present the substance of the
email, but to also continue familiarizing our audience with the sales team
members they were engaging with. CodeCrew, as always, made sure our copy was spot-on while still
maintaining our brand aesthetic and voice.

- Hosea Chang

And, knowing how important trade shows were to Hayden LA’s business, we worked closely with their team to integrate these into our email campaigns. The team sent us their trade show schedule for the year and we ensured that these were timeously communicated to buyers to give them enough time to attend. What’s more, all best-selling styles were highlighted in post-trade show campaigns for buyers who couldn’t make the event.

So, were we on-trend? Did we make the cut? That, dear reader, is an understatement (What? We gotta brag a little, right?). 

Check out the rest of this fashion email marketing case study for the rest of our cover-worthy numbers.

Fashion Marketing Case Study Highlights:

136% Revenue Increase and More

If you were paying attention, you’ll notice we mentioned this twice, but can you blame us? We’re pretty darn proud.

As well as their email marketing campaigns, we got to work giving Hayden LA’s email workflows a whole new look, not just revamping them, but building 5 new flows from scratch. As well as the standard welcome, cart and browse abandonment flows, we created a winback flow for lapsed customers, a post-purchase flow with the goal of cross-selling more stock to existing purchasers and a lead nurture flow for customers who had expressed interest in the brand but hadn’t partnered with Hayden LA just yet.

The results? Overall email revenue driven by workflows went from 0% to 27% and AOV increased 52% from Q1 2022, compared to Q1 last year. Now that’s chic.


Customer Engagement Is So Hot Right Now

Not only did we take Hayden LA’s open rates from 14.1% to an eye-catching 32.2%, we also achieved a 6.8% increase in click-through rates from Q1 2021 to Q4 2021. What’s more, unsubscribe rates are consistently a flattering 0.1% and like the emperor’s new clothes, our spam complaints are pretty much nonexistent.

Fashion Marketing at Your Fingertips

After seeing how well SMS marketing did for Hayden Girls, we started an SMS program for Hayden LA and achieved click rates of 14% which quickly increased to 30% (and counting).

Even More Fashion Marketing - What the Future Holds

So what does next season have in store for the CodeCrew/Hayden LA collaboration? Well, not only are we continually growing the Hayden LA B2B brand, we’ve also just become the official email marketing agency of Hayden LA’s fresh-off-the-runway D2C brand. The future’s so bright we gotta wear shades - along with some Hayden LA styles, of course.