The Science of Email Marketing: Key Insights from Case Studies
Averaging over 1,300% ROI for our clients, our numbers show why we're a

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Who are our email marketing case studies about?

I feel like I really need to tell a story before being able to jump in here. We’re a white glove service and we’re masters of our craft. We really love building everything from the ground up and believe that this is the best, most sustainable way to increase ROI over a prolonged period of time.

The whole ‘white glove’, ‘built from scratch’ thing comes with a caveat, which is that we really need to enjoy who we’re working with, because we can’t work with too-too many clients at the same time, so providing services just to tick another box, cash another check and write another email marketing case study isn’t really what feeds us. Which is why we’re sometimes more picky than a bride when choosing who to work with. It’s also why we get to say...

We love our clients - they’re some of the greatest innovators of our generation, and all are run by strong, mission-driven, positive and incredible people. We’re grateful each and every day to get to work with them, and are so impressed with how they’re leveraging the power of business to make the world a better place.

We strive to impress our clients as much as they impress us, and we’re happy to report that that’s exactly the case. With deep experience in the email marketing space, both working with some of the greatest thought leaders of our time as well as being those thought leaders ourselves, we’re proud to show just some of the many wins in our record books. Some of these studies are short, others are long, but all are genuine and positive results that we’ve provided for our clients. Have a look at our email marketing case studies below and see just how transformative proper email marketing can be for companies large, small, and everything in-between.

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What exactly is the process that’s brought massive loads of success to our clients after we get together to knock their email program out of the park?

Without giving away too many of our trade secrets, we like to take a comprehensive, detailed approach. We don’t just take a fine-toothed comb to their emails, but their program as a whole, both as it stands, and how we plan on kicking it up a notch in the near, medium, and longer term.

Before we touch a single piece of a new client’s email program, we plunge headfirst into the data - we pull all metrics available to us, crunch the numbers, identify key areas of improvement via a SWOT-style analysis, and let the fun begin. Of course, we have open and direct discussions right off the bat with our new client - beating around the bush on what they can improve and what we can do doesn’t help anyone, so we’re direct on where the low-hanging fruit lies, where we can score more difficult but super valuable wins, and how the overall program should be structured. Everything is open to discussion and nothing is left off the table. From here, we, along with the client, craft our plan for the next few months, outlining in detail where we’ll start, where we expect to be in a few months’ time, and how much stronger the program will be in the longer term. Needless to say, no stone is left unturned while we perform our initial audit and comprehensive program outline.

Day in and day out, we’re in the thick of it - checking list growth, campaign data, automation reports, you name it. We’re constantly critiquing each and every message, data point, and detail looking to increase our clients’ programs even if by the smallest of margins. Why? Our success is their success, we’re a competitive bunch, and we absolutely crave excellence in everything we do; our client’s programs are no exception. Plus, if we’re being totally honest, our clients are some of the most badass, honest, and awesome people we’ve ever met, and we want to do a bang-up job for them on a human level too. Really, they’re incredible folks and their businesses deserve the best, which we aim to give them each and every day.