The goal: To double down on the program’s strategy, create a fleet of automated emails for Maniology and give their email program an effective, impactful makeover.

Check out our email marketing case study to see how we achieved:

  • A total design overhaul of their original workflows.
  • 10 brand new email workflows built in just 6 months.
  • Brought significant ROI improvements through subject line, preheader and delay A/B testing.
  • 196% increase in revenue from CodeCrew’s new browse abandonment flow in under 6 months. Pretty darn impressive, no?
  • A 112% increase in Black Friday sales compared to 2020 (yup, you read that right).

We’re not just email marketing specialists, we’re also specialists at dazzling design. So you can imagine our excitement when the creative team from Maniology contacted us from the sunny island of Oahu, Hawaii, and asked us to give their email marketing program and automated email workflows an overhaul.  

Maniology thrives on being creative when they’re thinking about making their next beauty product. Their passion is providing customers with high-quality nail art items from polishes to stamps, in order to help them express their creativity and let their unique personalities shine through. That’s some awesome stuff! But it’s just the start - pour yourself some coffee and check out the rest of this email marketing case study to see how we polished up Maniology’s email campaigns and workflows.

And unlike a lot of other brands that approach us, Maniology already had their email program up and running, as well as a devoted audience. So, right away we were faced with the challenge of improving an existing email program versus building one from scratch. 

We proceeded to do what we do best - using our design prowess and data-driven, strategic know-how to give Maniology’s emails some razzle dazzle and take their ROI to the next level. 

The base coat - how we got started

We started the way we always do. Audit time! The importance of the email marketing audits we run doesn’t just lay in identifying items we want to fix and prioritizing them based on importance. We also run a pretty gruelling report on everything that happened in the account in the past 12-18 months and we extract a bunch of key indicators from that. What was their best campaign and why? Which kind of campaigns usually get the best open rates? What about click rates? Do these also perform the best in terms of revenue? What’s the best sending day of the week or time of the day? 

All of these are items that we always make sure to identify really early in our journey with the client so we have a really strong stepping stone for our work together.

So, were our email marketing results as sparkly as Maniology’s polishes? Let’s find out…

Giving Maniology’s Email Workflows Some Polish

So, what did we do to improve their email marketing program? Let’s just say our strategy and kick-ass design gave it the fresh, shiny coat of polish it needed to shine even brighter. Email automation is a big part of what we do here at CodeCrew. And, with a combination of strategy-driven triggers, bespoke design and custom coding, we created 10 brand new flows for Maniology in just six months.


What’s more, by adding new, effective subject lines to their existing email flows, we increased their revenue even further. Want to find out more about our thorough A/B testing process?

How We Dazzled With Our Browse Abandonment Flow

Maniology already had a browse abandonment flow in place, but we decided to start fresh, creating an entirely new browse abandonment series for them.

We didn’t just send out your typical automated emails with the product's image asking, ‘Still interested?’ No, no. To make sure Maniolgy’s automated emails stood out, we:

  • Added more fine touches and richer content.
  • Creating a strategic journey for the customer, designed to entice them back to the site with every touch.
  • Changed the triggers of the original flow to get customers back to the site sooner.
  • Updating the designs in order to showcase a lot more of Maniology's product offering.

And thanks to our efforts, this shiny new flow garnered a 196% increase in revenue. And that’s just in 6 months - imagine the results in a year! 

Along with creating this new browse abandonment flow, our designs played an important role in increasing Maniology’s 2021 Black Friday sales by over (drumroll, please!) 100% - and those stats don’t even include Cyber Monday.

Our Tip Top, Super Effective Designs

Maniology’s products are truly beautiful and we wanted to ensure that their email campaigns measured up. Feast your eyes - here are some of our favorite designs.


With our white-glove, scratch-made email offering, no two campaigns will ever look the same and each one is so visually stunning, it will have customers clicking ‘add to cart’ in no time. 

Want your brand to achieve results worthy of an email marketing case study, too? We’re here to help. 

And if you’re looking for some more mind-boggling results, check out our Email Marketing Case Studies page.