Inboxing is a bit of an art form

Inbox Performance Tracking. Sounds complicated, right? Well, it is! It’s also vital. How else would you sell if your emails never make it across?

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What is Inbox Performance Tracking


Put quite simply, while a lot of agencies and brands alike aim to land in peoples’ inboxes time and time again and make that next sale, fewer of them than you’d imagine actually successfully manage to do this on a consistent basis. What’s a good deliverability rate, you ask? It absolutely needs to be in the high 90 percentiles - the closer you get to that golden 100%, the better. Anything less than 98% means that there’s work to do. Anything less than 95% and you really need a pro on your program ASAP.

It’s not easy to hit 100% - in fact, it’s quite hard, and requires constant monitoring along with frequent cleaning. When your list consists of tens if not hundreds of thousands of contacts, poor deliverability could mean that you’re missing out on a small town’s worth of interested customers with every single email that you send.

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The Case for Inbox Performance Tracking


Your email marketing program will only be as good as the amount of information you manage to collect. If you make random decisions that aren’t backed by data your marketing efforts will never reach their full revenue potential. Inbox performance tracking lets you know what happens when your email hits your subscriber’s inbox. Gaining info on why it never made it there in the first place is paramount to a successful email marketing campaign.

As soon as the email is sent, you start to get all sorts of data, such as seeing who got it, who interacts with your content the most, and most importantly - who didn’t get your email and why.

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Like any strong relationship out there, reciprocation is key. Your customers rely on you to provide them with content that actually matters to them, at the right time. You rely on them engaging with your brand and coming back to buy over and over, but to make that happen, use all the tools at your disposal - inbox performance tracking, for instance.

How exactly does inbox performance tracking help to boost your marketing efforts? Here are a few ways:


Performance Tracking
Is a Worthy Investment


How you communicate and present your business can lead to loads of success or failure. Knowing who to approach and how to approach them is just as important.

If Dolce & Gabbana started placing their ads only in bus stations, their brand perception would go the way of the dodo bird. Existing customers and potential ones alike would flock (pardon the pun) to their competitor, and rightly so. Perception is everything, and marketing is your vehicle for creating the presence in your customer’s mind that you desire.

That’s why we track your emails in order to gauge how they’re being perceived and received. If customers aren’t buying, there’s always a reason. Sometimes that reason is external or force majeure, but more often than not, it boils down to how you’re presenting yourself to your customers and how well you’re fulfilling their needs. Inbox performance tracking is one of the best ways to increase delivery rates, bar none. The rhythm of your entire campaign will be determined by what we learn while collecting this data.

What Metrics
Do We Track?


When someone unsubscribes, we want to know about it. This is useful information that we can leverage because when it comes to customers, you can’t just say “good riddance” and leave it at that. So we use inbox performance tracking to find out which email prompted that subscriber to turn to the dark side.

Then you’ve got spam reports that let you know when your email is marked as spam. These can help us make your emails less spammy. Sometimes you get issues with your recipient’s address and the email bounces, these are things we need to be aware of before we work on the next campaign. Sales are obviously the most important metric of all, but if you truly want to have your segments built out for maximum performance, the engagement metrics we can gather through analysing open and click rates will greatly surpass any revenue information.

At this point, you’re probably sold on Inbox Performance Tracking. And why wouldn’t you be? It’s the best way to go about
high-performance email marketing.

We literally breathe, eat, and dream (not even kidding) email marketing. Ask other agencies if they do, when you interview them to see if they know what it takes to truly skyrocket your company’s email ROI. Our passion speaks volumes, but we also combine the latest technologies, proven techniques, years of client data and decades of in-the-weeds experience to bring you the most whole email marketing agency out there today. So what are you waiting for? Message us today and we’ll show you not only what inbox performance tracking can do for you, but how you can make sure that using it to its fullest capabilities only needs one thing from you - the click of a button.

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