With the goal to optimize Semihandmade’s email marketing program, increase revenue, and migrate ESPs while significantly improving deliverability from 60-70% inboxing, we knew that turning this program into a high-performing one was a fun exciting challenge perfect for the crew's expertise.

Having started working together in mid-January, here’s what this email marketing case study entails:

  • 705% increase in quarterly revenue by EOQ2.
  • Increased revenue per recipient from $0.014/recipient in Q1, to $0.064/recipient in Q2 (357% increase) and $0.77/recipient in Q3 (5,400% increase over Q1).
  • 4,127% increase in Q3 revenue vs Q1 revenue; or
  • 400% increase in Q3 revenue QoQ (versus Q2 revenue).
  • 4X increase in average revenue per campaign sent.
  • 441% increase in average monthly revenue compared to their first quarter of working with us.
  • A whopping 340% increase in total quarterly orders by end of Q3.
  • A record time migration to Klaviyo.
  • A 5% average open rate increase
  • A significant deliverability boost
  • Determined best sending day & time

Like mounting handles on a cabinet door

It’s no surprise with so many of us staying at home, that more and more people are becoming intrigued and inspired by home décor. So when a pretty established home décor and lifestyle brand called Semihandmade approached us with the aim of creating a stronger email marketing program that would increase engagement and revenue, we were completely stoked. Check out our email marketing case study to see what we achieved!

A bunch of folks who are incredibly passionate about their beautifully-made doors for IKEA cabinets, the Semihandmade Team was looking for designs as beautiful as their cabinet doors. They also wanted a more effective way to reach their target audience through strategy. Plus, they were also facing pretty fierce deliverability issues.

We did what we usually do and got started with a deep-dive audit of the program. We found that inboxing was pretty rough, workflows needed some love and revenue was not quite where you'd expect it to be. On top of that, sending patterns were not exactly streamlined, with the brand struggling to understand when best to contact their clients. Having analyzed sending and engagement patterns, we were able to clearly pinpoint performance data from recent months. We discovered the best days and times to send, what content worked and what didn't. We knew there was a lot of work ahead. Buckle up, buttercup!

A case study in making every customer feel at home

There’s an old song, “Home is where the heart is,“ (Elvis, anyone?). And because Semihandmade is all about turning your home into your own personal oasis, we amped up their email engagement and their revenue went through the roof, literally (pun intended!). Incorporating strong additional value into each individual send was the easy part. The harder part was achieving better deliverability...but read on - this email marketing case study is just beginning!

Applying advanced segmentation

When Semihandmade approached us, they were experiencing large spikes in unsubscribe rates. What's more, they also had below-average open rates and revenue per recipient (RPR).

What we did was review and overhaul their whole email segmentation strategy. This involved focusing on new campaigns that highlighted their product in part and added a lot of value to the subscriber base. Establishing different audiences - homeowners and consumers vs professionals like interior designers - was a very important first step. But, engagement-based segmentation proved to be the key to applying an extremely successful long-term strategy for the brand.

So our email marketing team put on their thinking caps and worked on global strategies for the email program. We used our expertise and data-driven strategy to create effective customer segments. This ensured that the right emails reached the right customers at the right time. By splitting their audience into concentrated segments, we lowered their unsubscribe rates and made their entire program more impactful.

List cleaning, another booby-trap for many businesses, was an important talking point in this case. Parting ways with thousands of email addresses is never an easy thing to do. However, at the end of the day, if data shows that the list has no true value for the business, we have no choice but to recommend a serious list clean. This actually allows you to reach more inboxes, not less, however counter-intuitive it might seem.

How a finely crafted strategy smashed Semihandmade’s goals with some impressive email marketing results

Combining our passion for design with home décor, our creative juices started flowing as we had previously worked on another small business' email marketing program when we joined forces with Hugo & Hoby and their absolutely fantastic mission-driven business.


Migrating Semihandmade and Boxi (who's that?!) to Klaviyo

When the Semihandmade Team wanted to migrate their program to Klaviyo, we made it as easy as possible, moving everything over in record-time since the deliverability had gotten so bad that we knew it was definitely time to act fast and make sure we gave the email program a fighting chance as quickly as possible. After setting up their new account we obviously started warming the new IP up so that did take a while, but the greatest thing is that we not only achieved but also maintained 99.99% deliverability from the very first campaign we sent out and all throughout the following few months.

We should mention that when they approached us, Semihandmade hadn’t yet been able to figure out the technical aspects of activating browse or cart abandonment flows since their e-commerce setup was a custom one and required a bit of expertise. By applying data-driven strategy, coding, and impressive creative, not only did we switch them on, we turned them into two of the major revenue drivers of the whole email program.


Bringing it home

As with any successful email marketing case study, the proof is in the pudding. When it comes to Semihandmade’s numbers, our expertise and special brand of design know-how placed a lot of attention on precise email messaging, proper segmentation and the right automation. Not only does incredible coding and data-driven strategy get results, but it helps a company’s ongoing growth. In this case study, the revenue increased so much that we can proudly say, we brought home the bacon!

If you’d also like a 400% increase in revenue (yes, really), and an email marketing case study that looks like this, hit us up today - we’re ready to help your business grow.

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