The Goal: To cook up a deliciously powerful email marketing program for Mosaic Foods that would keep their subscribers interested, retain them, and grow their customer base at the same time.

What we achieved (a roundup of our email campaign case study):

  • A 28% increase in overall revenue
  • A 23.29% increase in overall open rates
  • A 21.68% decrease in overall unsubscribe rates
  • The successful launch of 3 brand-new product categories, a seasonal bundle, and Mosaic’s first ever brick-and-mortar store.

Appetizer: An Email Case Study In Keeping Things Fresh

After being super-impressed (their words) by the design work we did for Great Jones Goods, the good folks at Mosaic Foods approached us to see if our special recipe could give their email marketing campaigns a kick in the plants.

SPOILER: We became best spuds.

So how’d we become the spinach to Mosaic’s Tofu Steak? Affordable, zero-prep plant-powered meals are an appetizing prospect to begin with, but we knew that with some data-driven segmentation, a generous portion of those stunning designs we mentioned, and a dash of insightful content, we could take the brand even higher.

Apart from highlighting the benefits of plant-based meals, we knew that Mosaic’s partnership with City Harvest (who, for each box sold, donates nutritious meals to those in need) was something many subscribers and potential subscribers would be impressed by. So we leaned into that collaboration in our content.

Because we were working with a subscription-based business, each Mosaic campaign had to be the cream of the crop. Unsubscribes meant loss of revenue - literally. Simply put, no email could be less than perfection, especially when it came to strategy and design. Keep reading our email case study to see how we built Mosaic a buffet of email campaigns that were as tasty as could be. 

Email Campaigns That Served Up Great Results

First, we cooked up a scrumptious email program that did two things: 1) kept active subscribers, well.. active through informative content about the goodness of Mosaic’s brand, and 2) enticed lapsed subscribers to return for a second helping through irresistible, limited-time offers and exciting product launches. 

At the same time, our campaigns continuously worked to encourage non-purchasers to take out a subscription, with a combination of educational messaging and sales-focused sends. 

TL:DR: We increased overall revenue by 28%. Noice.

Oh, and about those launches…

Entrée: Product launches, stunning designs and more

In just a few months, we helped Mosaic successfully launch 3 fresh new product categories as well as a seasonal bundle and their first-ever brick-and-mortar store. Spicy! How’d we do it? By creating hyper-relevant launch strategies for each item with different variations that catered to their specific audiences, of course (phew, that was a mouthful!). On top of that, we ensured that each campaign included reminders and resends to generate even more revenue. 

Dessert: Why every subscription-based business needs full service email marketing

The proof is (clearly) in the pudding: A purely subscription-based business requires a slightly different approach to their retail counterparts. Keeping things fresh and engaging plays a key part in your email marketing program—especially if you want to retain subscribers while growing your customer base simultaneously.

Now, if only there were some email marketing agency that could do this and deliver skyrocketing ROI…hmmmm. Ready to get the kind of revenue worthy of an email campaign case study like this one?