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10 January, 2019
Take action with transactional messaging

Transactional emails (also known as “triggered” emails) are where the serious dough is. Consider this: nearly half of…

9 January, 2019
Why Content can Make or Break your Email Marketing

When your inbox is filled to the brim with promotions from every last retailer that you’ve ever been interested in, it starts to become hard to separate which ones are actually worth your time. Promotions here, promotions there, but no promotions actually end up catching your eye in the end….

About 49% of businesses use some form of email automation.

Emailmonday, 2018

9 January, 2019
The Merits of Good Code in Email Marketing Campaigns

Good code is hard to come by – trust us, we’ve been in the business a while. We’ve…

9 January, 2019
The Merits of Good Design in Email Marketing Campaigns

Your emails look terrible. Sorry, someone had to say it. The design is incongruent (whyyyyy would you put…

28 December, 2018
Enhance Your Apartment Community with the Web

We know the struggle: finding good tenants is hard. Keeping them can sometimes be an even tougher endeavor….

Email Marketing Statistics
Consumers who purchase products through email spend 138% more than those that don’t receive email offers.


28 December, 2018
Segmentation: a Beginner’s Guide to Targeting People Who Care

Let’s face it: marketing is filled with mumbo-jumbo. Projections this, regression analysis that. All of these larger than…

Email Marketing Statistics
Sixty-one percent of consumers enjoy receiving promotional emails weekly, and 28 percent would like emails to come even more frequently.