10 Nov
By Alex L, Email Marketing

2020 Cyber Monday and Black Friday Email Marketing Guide

Get your queueing shoes on and clicking fingers ready, it’s that time of year again! When it comes to finding the best and most affordable holiday gifts, many of us will (hopefully) shop online this year, not only to avoid brick and mortar shops but also to …

20 Oct
By Alex L, Email Marketing

All you need to know about Bronto – Pros, Cons Pricing, and Features

You’re ready to invest in powerful e-commerce marketing automation, but not so ready to pick a product to build it with? So, the question is: to choose or not to choose Bronto? In case you still haven’t read our book of best Klaviyo alternatives, where among others, …

09 Oct

A Year With the Kombucha Shop – An Email Marketing Strategy Case Study

Kate started her business with just $800, a dream and a deep love for kombucha. It wasn’t easy but with a lot of hard work, she grew her company into the largest, most reliable home-brewing kombucha brand out there. Gives to show that following your dreams is …

29 Sep
By Alex L, Email Marketing

Sailthru – The Ultimate Software Review and Pricing

So, you need a complete, unified, and integrated marketing solution?I see… Now that you came to these email marketing experts, we unfortunately, can’t offer you an ice-cold drink or creamy cappuccino, but we can share our direct experience with this lovely ESP,you lovely marketer you!We’ve got a …

24 Aug
By Alex L, Email Marketing

Best 2020 tips on email marketing for small businesses

Oh, hi there! Let me guess; you’re a small business owner struggling to figure out what email marketing strategy would be the best to get high ROI? I knew it. When it comes to drawing new customers, small businesses have loooots on their plates. Despite the fact …

17 Aug
By Alex L, Email Marketing

Best email workflows to build in 2020

Have you ever entered the bookstore and bought the first book that caught your eye, even though you knew nothing about it? Never! I know, right… Just by picking up the book, you have shown interest. Your primary instinct is to check the plot, isn’t it? Yeah. …

15 Aug
By Alex L, Email Marketing

Best 2020 ESP marketing software and Klaviyo alternatives

Are you sweating bullets wondering which e-commerce ESP marketing software would be the perfect fit for your business? Good news – it’s time to grab a towel, dry off that brow, and throw on your enlightenment knowledge cap because we’re about to throw down aaaaall the answers …

14 Aug
By Alex L, Email Marketing

Complete Klaviyo pricing review – Is it worth the cost?

Being put off by that Klaviyo pricing? Well, email is a very powerful digital marketing tool, especially when you take into account the fact that for each dollar spent on email marketing, the average return is around $42. So is it worth the cost? Email marketing isn’t …

13 Aug
By Mac Mischke, Email Marketing

5 Techniques to Organically Grow your Email List

The email list is the centerpiece of email marketing. It’s the key that unlocks the door to a person’s inbox, and the inbox is where we all spend every morning, afternoon, or night. The more email addresses you have, the more opportunities you’ll have to generate leads, …

13 May

See how Doughp reached unparalleled 9X email revenue

How can you take a really awesome brick & mortar brand and help them build a sustainable ecommerce business? It ain’t no easy feat, I’ll tell you that! It also can’t happen overnight, mostly like Rome. The power email marketing has to increase revenue though…it’s uncanny! How …

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