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The Ultimate Email Marketing Stats List

Do you want to use email marketing for your business? Or maybe you just want to up your email marketing game. Either way, these email marketing stats will help you get a better idea of just how powerful email marketing can be. In this case, the numbers really do speak for themselves. General Email Marketing Stats B2B …

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B2B Email Marketing

B2B Email Marketing- the Ultimate Growth Strategy for Your Business

Taking charge of your email marketing is essential if you want to succeed as a B2B company owner. Email interaction is a popular form of communication amongst B2B customers. Plus, it’s a super powerful way to drive leads as it allows you to consistently educate, inform and support your audience. As an experienced email marketing agency, we …

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Klaviyo Browse Abandonment flow – Best tips

If you’re the owner of an e-commerce business, you’ll know this story well. A customer visits your site, looks around aaand doesn’t buy anything. Don’t panic – this is common! In fact, 92% of consumers who visit your site won’t buy the first time according to this study. How do you get them back? Read that title …

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See how Doughp reached unparalleled 9X email revenue

How can you take a really awesome brick & mortar brand and help them build a sustainable ecommerce business? It ain’t no easy feat, I’ll tell you that! It also can’t happen overnight, mostly like Rome. The power email marketing has to increase revenue though…it’s uncanny! How it went? Well, as with any effort this size, it …

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ESP Partnerships

What makes us Klaviyo experts? – From email marketing tactics to an optimized strategy

The email marketing software better known as Klaviyo is far and away one of the best we’ve ever used (and trust me, we’ve used a lot of them). It excellently integrates with your e-commerce platform; it allows strong elements of marketing automation, and it has a free intro pricing tier. This isn’t gonna be another Klaviyo review …

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Case Studies

Tempest’s Email Case Study: The Future is Bright

The Goal: To help Tempest touch even more lives with their already-strong email marketing program. Check out our case study to see just how we did it. What We Achieved: Roughly 10x Click Rate increase Roughly 70% Open Rate increase A new, effective framework to rebuild Tempest’s database and achieve higher engagement. Growing together, in every way …

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Listrak Email Marketing – Why You Should Partner With The Pros

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking to make the most of your Listrak email marketing program and level up your business. Well, you’re in luck, because if there’s one thing we’re good at it’s helping business owners like you experience incredible results with Listrak email marketing. The great thing about Listrak is that it’s one …

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Best 2021 tips on email marketing for small businesses

Oh, hi there! Let me guess; you’re a small business owner struggling to figure out what email marketing strategy would be the best to get high ROI? I knew it. When it comes to drawing new customers, small businesses have loooots on their plates. Despite the fact that there are so many communication channels out there that …

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5 Techniques to Organically Grow your Email List

The email list is the centerpiece of email marketing. It’s the key that unlocks the door to a person’s inbox, and the inbox is where we all spend every morning, afternoon, or night. The more email addresses you have, the more opportunities you’ll have to generate leads, push out your messaging, and prove the value of your …

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CoVid-19 Best Email Marketing Strategy Examples

Business owners around the globe are struggling to adapt, prepare and adjust for what is slowly turning into what will undoubtedly be the biggest health and economic crisis the world has seen in possibly over 100 years, so here we are trying to help with some free email marketing strategy tips that will help your business overcome …

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Why Segmentation is Important in Email Marketing

Let’s face it: marketing is filled with mumbo-jumbo. Projections this, regression analysis that. All of these larger than life terms and little substance. We get it – we’ve been there too – what does all of this mean? Is there really anything to it? Well, yes. Sometimes. Segmentation – to divide a whole into parts, which are …

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