The Goal: To breathe new life into Nextdoor’s email marketing program.

What We Achieved: A gorgeous, captivating set of updated email designs and templates - scroll down to see for yourself.

In email marketing, when opportunity knocks you should always answer

At CodeCrew, we’ve worked with companies from all over the United States - some close to California, others all the way over on the east coast. Although one of our most well-known clients was pretty close to home. In fact, you could say that they were just...Nextdoor. 

Unlike most of our clients, this neighborhood-centric business was looking for something a little different. Nextdoor already had their own in-house email marketing team so they didn’t require our usual strategic guidance or attention-grabbing content. Luckily, what they were looking for just happens to be a real specialty of ours too - beautiful branding and design. We’re known all over the world for our email design expertise (and have awards to show for it) and Nextdoor’s team can definitely attest to this.

Why should you even care about design?!

I’s just looks, isn’t it?! What’s the big deal, right?

Great design can be a driving force in the success of your email marketing program. It can (and consistently does) increase click rates, help generate more revenue and allow your customers to absorb important information in a simple, streamlined way. 

With years of experience, A/B testing and benchmark tracking (and crushing) we knew exactly what their layouts were missing to give their customer base even more reason to engage and convert, so with those principles in mind we were able to better their email efforts for months and years to come.

A re-brand that was perfectly on-brand. Now say that three times fast.

Emails are our bread and butter here at CodeCrew and if there’s one thing we’re truly passionate about, it’s taking our client’s email marketing game to the next level. As they were going through a total re-brand, Nextdoor needed a complete email overhaul to give their campaigns and workflows a look and feel that was as bold and fun as their new identity.

So, after a long negotiation period, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. First, we totally redesigned Nextdoor’s primary promotional template. If customers hadn’t been paying attention to those missing kitty posts before, they certainly would after we were done building them. And hopefully, little Whiskers was found safe and sound.

After that, we moved on to recreating Nextdoor’s educational emails. If you’re signed up for their emails, chances are you’ve seen our handiwork. Not bad, huh?

Good design is worth a thousand words

Normally, one of our favorite things about our client’s case studies is showing off, in numbers, how much we’ve helped grow their business. Now, given that our relationship with Nextdoor was slightly different, we don’t have all that great data on hand. But we do have something just as important to your end customer - eye-catching, striking and thoughtfully crafted design.

And now for your viewing pleasure, some seriously beautiful, seriously effective Nextdoor emails. Enjoy!

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