About the founder
and her side-kicks

As with any good founding story, ours started when an idea, a passion, and immense drive all serendipitously came together in the form of a Oakland-based business - Codecrew.

Alex Marin, founder
I would not have gotten here without the pillars of this family... my team, my true friends, my brave sidekicks.

Passionate about making the world a better place through her skillset, she found that she could leverage her impressive design background and immense creative abilities to help forward-thinking brands get the word out about what they do. Indirectly, through working with inspiring businesses large and small who were on a mission to change the world for the better, Alex’s drive to leave this world better than she found it came to a head through her email marketing and website development business, the CodeCrew you know and love today.

Knowing that helping the Davids of the business world battle the Goliaths would be no small feat, Alex armed herself with two lovable goons (aka co-founders) who could oversee production and strategy so she could focus on what she does best - crafting the most beautiful emails and websites that ever existed. Thankfully for her, CodeCrew, and our clients, she chose well, because these two goofy guys weren’t just great to have around for the occasional laugh (at the expense, of course), but they each had years of experience working on email marketing programs for some of the largest and most influential companies of our time, some of the most exciting startups of our generation, and some of the most amazing success stories to take the marketing world by storm. Needless to say, they had been around the block more than a few times.

After she tamed her co-founders (joking - they can’t be tamed. Trust us, we’ve tried), she set forth on her mission of making the world a better place through email marketing, all while also making sure that her clients didn’t need to spend nearly the price of a new Honda Civic each month on a full-service email marketing agency, and getting even more tailored strategy than a larger to boot. Win-win-win!

What makes
this Crew special?

Well, for starters, the West Coast is the best coast, amIRite? CodeCrew isn’t out to just make a quick buck and templatize each client’s program, thinking that one size fits all and nobody is unique. Your email marketing program is an incredible chance to show the world just how awesome you are as a business, so why should you ever leave your email program, strategy, and build-outs with an agency that tells you the same strategy that 50 other clients of varying sizes and industries get too?

We don’t work that way - we have a heart, and know that each and every business has something amazing to offer the world, and needs an equally amazing Crew (pa-da-tss) to help them achieve their goals.

Having received countless customer emails whose sole message was to tell us how beautiful the email looked speaks volumes for the level of quality we hold ourselves to, and is one of the reasons we love what we do so much.

Here at CodeCrew, we design every email from scratch, never letting any two emails look the same, all while allowing your brand style to shine through like never before.

Although quality designs are our bread and butter, we know that no email marketing program can be considered complete nor successful without quality code or adaptive, data-driven strategy. Have you ever seen an email whose text was so small you couldn’t read it on your phone, regardless of if you were wearing your granny glasses or not? Have you ever had bad signal and only received a broken image with no info in your inbox from your favorite brand? Yeah, we have too, and we can’t help but wonder why those companies haven’t brought their email marketing program into the 21st century via mobile-responsive, mobile-optimized code. With roughly 8 out of 10 contacts reading emails on their phone instead of a desktop or laptop, it boggles us all the more. Fortunately for our clients, this is never a worry, and their customers can continue to look forward to each and every email that lands in their inbox.

The final part of this trifecta, solid email marketing strategy, is one of our favorite passions as an overall Crew. We’re blessed to work with companies in so many different industries who have such amazing products and services, and as a result, could never, even if we wanted to (which we don’t), templatize a single piece of their email marketing program’s strategy. Knowing well that our clients are unique, we tailor each and every email, automation, overlay, and sign up page specifically to them via data we gain through consistent A/B testing. We’re always learning, applying findings, and learning some more. This is how we’re able to consistently outperform our competitors and help our clients do the exact same with theirs.

...just how special?

We said it before and we’ll gladly say it again - we’re mission-driven to do good first and foremost, so from almost the very first month that we made a profit, we joined Patagonia and countless other brands to donate 1% of our revenue to sustainable causes through One Percent For the Planet.

We put our money where our mouth is, and since we talk a lot about our goal to make the world a better place, our money follows suit and helps support global environmental causes that help fight climate change, polluted waters, and so much more. We want to do well by our clients, but also want to do well by our local San Francisco Bay and global community in any way we can.

In addition to contributing to One Percent For the Planet, we have provided pro bono help to some of the most inspiring NGOs since day 1, such as Mission Graduates, a San Francisco-based non profit helping provide underserved communities’ children the ability to go to college and Impact Matters, a New York based non-profit aggregator and rating system to understand the true efficacy of your donations.

We’re continuing our NGO work through One Percent For the Planet now that we have a broader number of NGOs we can reach through their assistance, and plan to help at least a few a year, each year.

How do we always stay unique?

Simple - we take cues from our home, Oakland, and its diverse culture.

Home is where the heart is, and the bay area, specifically Oakland California, is where we call home. We’re fortunate to live in a forward-thinking, artsy, and wildly creative environment that is ever-changing, ever-evolving, and incredibly diverse in so many ways - culture, background, thought - you name it. As the birthplace of so many social movements, whether it be counterculture movement that swept the globe in the 1960’s, the Black Panther Party, the Hells Angels, even the Hyphy Movement, Oakland never stands still and is always at the forefront of cultural revolutions large and small, for better and for worse.

Oakland’s social movements have been around the world and back again, but even that is just a small part of what makes Oakland unique, and therefore, the perfect breeding ground for true, deep creativity. We’re hard-working people who never rest and the entrepreneurial spirit is in us deep to our core.

Did you know that the Mai Tai was invented in Oakland? The popsicle? Rocky Road ice cream? Heck, even Fantasy Football, “The Wave” that you see at sporting events around the globe and…. the squeegee? How about the fact that even Walt Disney himself drew direct inspiration for Disneyland from our very own Fairyland? Even some of the most inspirational and creative actors like Tom Hanks, Mark Hamill and Clint Eastwood hail from The Town.

We’re not just revolutionaries, or creative in a way that only Oaklanders can tout, but we have the smarts to back it up. Berkeley gets all the credit, but did you know that the UC system held its first classes in Oakland? The renowned writer Jack London also got his start - and his inspiration - in Oakland. Bruce Lee studied and later transformed the world of martial arts in his Oakland studio.

While we’re based in one of the most incredible, diverse, and inspirational places in the country if not the world, we’re even more fortunate to be based in one of the most forward-thinking metropolitan areas that the US has to offer. Ever heard of Apple? No? How about Google, or Facebook, Yahoo, Adobe, Salesforce? The list goes on and on, and so does the enthusiasm for driving the world forward at a blistering pace here. Although Silicon Valley is where the powerhouses congregate, they derive their inspiration from our big brother just across the bridge - San Francisco itself.

As one of the most progressive and forward-thinking cities in the country, we’re blessed to receive some of the brightest minds every day, seeking the opportunity to apply their talent, ideals, and chutzpah toward a more positive future for us all.

Over here across the bay, San Francisco’s hard-working, fast-paced culture leaks into our neighborhoods and combined with the artistic spirit that lives in Oakland’s unshakeable core, results in companies like CodeCrew. Mission-driven, pushing limits, and always trying to do well by others, it's not hard to see how our community inspires us to always be at the forefront of the email marketing world and continue to drive success for each and every one of our clients.