Being involved in a new endeavor from the grassroots phase is every marketing agency’s dream project. When they originally approached us, Koji had built a business that provided e-commerce templates to social media users and influencers to help them monetize their content. So, when Koji told us they were changing their business just a few months into their program, we were only too happy to take a sharp right and help them grow something from scratch. Their new platform? A mind-blowing project called YouAi. In this email marketing case study, we’re delving deep into one of the most exciting pivots at CodeCrew.

Changing Minds, and Strategy - How We Pivoted YouAi’s Email Marketing Program

One of the biggest challenges of online marketing is that the digital universe moves at lightspeed. In this business, you need to be nimble enough to roll with the punches, experienced enough to build an entirely new approach for your brand, and be able to generate growth and engagement while you’re at it. And that’s just a typical Monday morning.

As we mentioned, Koji was essentially becoming a whole new business called YouAi - a digital personal assistant that learned via a series of prompts inputted by users themselves. Essentially, YouAi asks users a series of questions (the prompts), and systematically builds a digital model of that user and their specific preferences. The result: A personal AI that thinks almost exactly like you do, and can make your life easier in so many different ways. Awesome, right? 

Creating a Like-Minded Community - Building From the Ground Up

At CodeCrew, we treat every client as a partner. By using a truly collaborative approach to achieve the best results, we come up with innovative solutions for every brand. And it’s this approach that allows us to be so nimble and flexible. These two things were crucial when we helped transform Koji into YouAi. 

Building this new brand required us to work closely with the YouAi team, establishing a brand voice and tone. Then we created a calendar that was slightly more templatized than our usual campaigns. This allowed us to provide the audience with regular updates on YouAi while it was still in the testing phase. Yup - YouAi was so new that it was still in testing.

So, how did we keep future customers engaged and invested in a product that wasn’t even ready to launch yet? 

Simple - we made them part of the development process.

Top of Mind - How Email Marketing Kept Users Engaged

In addition to building newsletters that informed the audience of any developments on the YouAi platform, we created custom integrations with the YouAi ESP. These automated emails were sent to users who had just signed up to start using and testing YouAi. We also sent existing users notifications when there were new prompts or platform updates to explore.

In addition, we created campaigns that encouraged users and potential users to join the YouAi community on Discord, and notified them of any ‘office hours’ online events. These were interactive sessions hosted by YouAi’s founders themselves. 

By using this strategy, we helped build a dedicated group of passionate users (and potential users). These users gave direct input and became a crucial part of YouAi’s development. 

The team at YouAi was super grateful for the fact that they could focus on building a VERY complex product, while we took care of their email marketing program. 

And who knows, maybe one day you’ll be reading this email marketing case study because your YouAi assistant recommended it.

Let’s Do Something Great

Whether your business is well-established or just getting started, you’ll need a team that pivots faster than Ross moves a couch on Friends. Especially if you want to survive in this fast-paced industry. 

At CodeCrew, we can help you create effective, impactful email marketing programs that drive ROI and engagement, whatever phase your business is in. From AI to D2C and beyond, we’re standing by to send your engagement and revenue into the stratosphere.