Great products deserve great email marketing campaigns!

CodeCrew and PepperMate go together like a delicious entree and freshly ground black pepper. In case you’re one of the few folks who hasn’t heard of PepperMate, it’s the brand behind the OG, traditional home pepper mill. Founded in 1982, this company has been helping consumers enjoy freshly-cracked fine peppercorns and other spices with every meal, in the comfort of their homes. There’s a good chance that, if your parents preferred cooking meals at home, you probably had one of their mills growing up and might not have even known it. But at the end of this email marketing case study, you'll definitely know exactly who PepperMate is.

In September 2020, PepperMates' wonderful, business-savvy founder Joseph reached out to us with the aim of building up PepperMate’s email marketing program into something that would be as great as the brand itself. 

Cooking up some impressive returns

So how did our email marketing serve the good people at PepperMate? Very, very well. Within just two months, PepperMate’s email marketing program went from accounting for none of their revenue to generating a good dozen percentage points of their overall revenue. And keep in mind that this was as their ecomm revenue was steadily increasing. As far as an email marketing case study goes, this one definitely tells a good story.

32,500+ businesses of all sizes rely on KLaviyo to help them grow.
32,500+ businesses of all sizes rely on KLaviyo to help them grow.

But wait, there’s more

As well as increased revenue, PepperMates average open rates jumped from 16.7% to 27.8% and click rates have gone up from 8% to over 9%. We’ve also seen a 5x increase in revenue per recipient and order rates have increased 5x, too. 

What’s more, this year PepperMate’s welcome flow has already generated an average open rate of 35% while their abandoned cart series has a click rate of over 14%, which is awesome considering that the average click rate for this flow is around 9%.

In short, we’ve definitely added some spice to this industry leaders email stats.

What else is on the menu?

Even though we’ve had some great success with PepperMate so far, we’re just getting started. Collaborating with a really courteous guy like the company’s founder Joseph has helped us establish an amazing working relationship. One that we can’t wait to take into the future.

We were also super excited to hear that there may be 2 or 3 sister brands in the works. So watch this space - we’re looking forward to dishing up even more amazing stuff for these guys.  

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