The email marketing software better known as Klaviyo is far and away one of the best we've ever used (and trust me, we've used a lot of them). It excellently integrates with your e-commerce platform; it allows strong elements of marketing automation, and it has a free intro pricing tier. This isn’t gonna be another Klaviyo review article, but one that will show you what makes CodeCrew actual Klaviyo experts.



As the rules of email are constantly changing, so are your customer’s habits. That's why we'll show you what's new, how to get your message read, and what to avoid. Our crew runs extensive data-cleaning and optimizing for each mailing list, design best practices (and, the best designs you’ll likely ever see in an inbox), email testing, as well as in custom integrations. Really, we do it all, know it all, and having spent a cumulative decade and change in the platform, we’ve discovered tips and tricks that the bulk of agencies out there very likely don’t know. It's worth mentioning that we're pretty cool peeps, a lot of fun to work with, and we actually know what we're doing… Heck, we know it darn well.

Meanwhile, some of our clients like Final.Co, The Kombucha Shop, and Highwave are nailing their email games by building long-term customer relationships with Klaviyo email marketing. On the other hand we have you, struggling to figure out how to implement any of what they're doing. You have so much on your plate all while trying to hit another sales target the following month, am I right? Aww, diddums. Let me guess, you immediately started searching for an email marketing consultant to stop your oncoming anxiety attack? I knew it!

Well, you know what, the search is over - because we're here to do it all for you.

So, what makes us your go-to email marketing agency? How do we ensure you only send relevant emails at the right time to the right customers and get them buying again and again? Alongside our intensive strategy and design focus, the other trick up our sleeve is the fantastic ESP that is Klaviyo!

What makes us Klaviyo experts? - From email marketing tactics to an optimized strategy post highlights:

What would your new Klaviyo project look like?

Our crew of expert designers, copywriters, developers, and marketers work together to grow your business and take your brand to a whole new level.

You could be spending tens of thousands of dollars by still not having Klaviyo working for you day and night. What are the steps we take to avoid this?

First of all, we identify what successful engagement would look like for you and your business, then set clear objectives on a timeline, and decide on shared responsibility for the project's success. From there, we scope out the project, get your approval to begin, and get going. What happens next is that you see the results that you're looking for and business improvement to report on for your next big meeting. Sounds sweet, doesn't it? Weeeell it's not that simple as it seems. But anyway, you need it. Period.


Why do you need a Klaviyo partner?

'Why would somebody need a Klaviyo partner?' This ESP has incredible features - some well-understood and others that seem like a foreign language. To realize the full potential of this platform, it's vital that you pair it with the right expertise.

At CodeCrew, not only do we know the technology inside out, but we've got years and years of strategic email marketing experience under our belts. With a proven track record of boosting email revenue for the world's most exciting companies (that you can check out in our email marketing portfolio), it's obvious that we know how to deliver real success in this channel.
Partnering with us means getting access to world-class expertise to help you continuously develop and fine-tune your email programs that will further increase your ROI and grow your business.

What can you expect from us?

Platform Setup and Migration - If you're feeling prepared to migrate to Klaviyo, I hope you decide to leave it to the professionals, 'cause you will get:

Email list growth - Our growth strategists dive deep into your analytics to discover hidden gems and set up a targeted email marketing game. No worries, we'll manage list churn and ensure that your list growth efforts are outpacing your list's churn rate. We'll tackle list cleansing and optimization in order to ensure optimal email deliverability.

Flow Building and optimization - Our team will plan or audit your automation strategy to align with your business goals. That way, you will be able to welcome new customers, recover abandoned carts, cross-sell your products, nurture leads, and continue to drive consistent revenue at an astonishing pace. What's more, with our automation strategy you'll be facing an improved ROI.

Setup Optimization and Segmentation - Email list segmentation and predictive analytics are becoming more and more sophisticated and accurate as this ages-only marketing channel ages. Klaviyo's powerful technology helps us to segment and personalize communication to increase your customers' lifetime value. We also help you harness the power of big data to reach thousands of customers using personalized emails. Besides the fact that we send at the right time to the right audience, we always make sure that each and every email looks like a million bucks (or even more).

Everything managed for you - You can kick your feet up and count the money rolling in while our experts perform all the tasks needed to manage a successful email marketing campaign, from audience research, copy creation, design, and code, to the monthly optimization, reporting, and everything in-between. You’ll be able to completely focus on your business where it needs you most. Speaking about these weekly updates and monthly reports, you’ll no longer need to waste hours and hours in Google Analytics - we'll track and report on all your key business metrics and send you not only monthly reports, but you can also expect weekly updates every single Monday.

Of course, you'll get to review each of your campaigns before we send it. In fact, before any email gets scheduled, we ensure that it has your full approval, just to make sure that it’s 100% perfect by you. We'll make your email copy and design follow your brand voice guidelines imbuing the right feelings on your readers; you don't have to worry about that either.

Our expert services are guaranteed to earn you more than you pay us, and our email marketing case studies are here to witness. Our approach is simple - we listen, then listen again, and then we execute some truly great work.

Want us to do the same for you?

A few months from now, you could already be making more sales from your Klaviyo email campaigns along with these email marketing experts from CodeCrew. Stop neglecting - get in touch with us today and find out how you can drive significant ROI and send your customer lifetime value through the ceiling.

You know you want to.