ur Goal: To replicate the same great results for Neurogan Private Label that we achieved for their B2C business. This required a complete shift in the email strategy, beginning with user segmentation and personalized content. You’ll find the full, riveting email marketing case study below.

What We Achieved In Six Months:

  • Monthly deal revenue increased by 118% (yup - you read that right)
  • Open rates increased by 58%
  • Click rates increased by 50%
  • Unsubscribe rates decreased by 11%

When You Gotta Grow, You Gotta Grow 

Bringing higher highs to our customers’ email programs is literally our entire reason for existing - we use data, deep industry knowledge, best-in-class designs and so much more secret sauce to really bring home the bacon for our clients. Neurogan worked with another agency before us, but that just fed our fire to perform even more. Check out our email marketing case study to see just how we did.

For Neurogan, after seeing super lit results from our work for their B2C business, CEO Jan Brandrup and his team approached CodeCrew to see if lightning could strike twice for their B2B brand, Neurogan Private Label (aka NGPL). Even though we’d continue working with Neurogan’s B2C arm, the approach necessary for their B2B side required a complete shift in email marketing strategy. Thankfully, we’re no strangers to hard-pivots, and had the expertise needed to market both sides of the business most effectively. 

Using Segmentation To Transform Neurogan Private Label’s Email Marketing Program

After we performed our usual audit in Hubstaff, their CRM and email service provider of choice, our team immediately set a goal to create an email marketing program for NGPL that would simultaneously drive sales, improve the lead pipeline, and nurture their existing B2B customers. To add a bit more complexity, their B2B business had 2 clearly defined arms - wholesale and private label.


Unsubscribe numbers weren’t pretty when we first hopped into their B2B program, so the first order of business was to create four new segments, both simplifying, yet fine-tuning NGPL's customer categories: 

Wholesale Customers, Wholesale Leads, Private Label Customers, and Private Label Leads

Not only did this allow us to send personalized, unique content to each segment, we’d also be sending business owners content they were actually interested in. Now, say it with us…

Good Content + Great Strategy = Best Buds

The results: NGPL not only saw a whopping 58% increase in open rates, but unsubscribe rates decreased by 11% in their first quarter with us. Boom! 

But wait, there’s more to this email marketing case study! Remember the strategic content and segmentation approach that we just talked about? Yeah, well, it increased monthly deal revenue by 118%! Not too shabby for just a few months of work, eh?

So, can lightning strike twice? With a 58% increase in open rates alone, it would appear the answer is a resounding YES!

These figures really attest to our strategic content and segmentation approach (cue stellar ROI and virtual high-fives all around). CodeCrew aimed to add real richness to NGPL’s B2B email marketing program by offering leads persuasive, informative content about each product and encouraging customers to continue stocking Neurogan products with our exclusive offers. 

The age-old motto always rings true: Give people what they want and they’ll pay back the favor. Make sure your content is attuned to the recipient and you'll see more gains (bro) than 6 months of daily gym visits.

Why A Different Approach For B2B Email Marketing Is Important

Just as each customer is unique, no two businesses are the same. Heck, not even two arms of the same business. We’ve always prided ourselves in using data-driven strategies to craft tailor-made solutions for all our B2C and B2B clients. And, yeesh, does it work well!

We’re especially proud of our strong, respectful, productive partnership with NGPL. And we all have had such an amazing time working together on the brand, too.


To call NGPL a feather in our cap would be an understatement. We’re super happy to have built such a great and effective email marketing program for the Neurogan brand. As a years-long partner, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Jan and his team.