The Goal:

To help Tempest touch even more lives with their already-strong email marketing program. Check out our case study to see just how we did it.

What We Achieved:

  • Roughly 10x Click Rate increase
  • Roughly 70% Open Rate increase
  • A new, effective framework to rebuild Tempest's database and achieve higher engagement.

Growing together, in every way

At CodeCrew, we are driven by a single goal: to leave the world a better place than we found it. This mission was one of our founding pillars and is still just as strong today as it was on Day 1. We do this through lending our skills pro-bono to incredible NGOs every year as well as partnering with clients like Vegancuts and Final Co. We also make sure that we plant a tree for every single campaign we send, with an average rate of around 1,000 trees planted each year currently.

But, as we’ve learned over the past few years, making the world a better place has so many different aspects to it that aren’t just about decreasing waste, or providing consumers with healthier, cruelty-free options. While a lot of it is about making environmental changes, some of it has to do with creating change within ourselves. Which is exactly what Tempest helps their own clients do every single day. Have a read of our email case study to find out more.

When Tempest approached us back in 2020, we were so excited by the work they were doing. A mission-driven company focused on aiding people in their alcohol addiction recovery journeys, Tempest is a testament to just how impactful outside help can be when you’re looking to forge a new future.

How the journey began

After a thorough audit of their program, we realized that with some design tweaks and benchmark email layout optimization, we could help Tempest showcase their powerful, thought-provoking content in a better way, helping them get their message across to those who needed it most.

Additionally, through giving the Tempest team a better understanding of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the platform they were using, we made it easier for them to adjust and improve where necessary, as well as helping them understand their data through powerful reporting, for more impactful email marketing results.  

And speaking of the Tempest team - they’re a great, dedicated bunch that we really enjoy working with. What’s more, we’re proud to collaborate with a brand that really walks the walk, shining a light on the impact that gratitude, personal development and positivity can have - not just in our own lives, but in a company as well. As you've seen in this email case study, as much as we’ve helped Tempest grow, they’ve shown us how to grow as well.  

It’s more than just email marketing

Email marketing is such an incredibly powerful tool - in more ways than you think. Yes, the ROI is unbelievable and yes, it can easily help you achieve your business goals if done properly. But really, the power of email marketing is that it allows you to speak to millions of people in a way that makes it feel like you’re speaking just to a single subscriber at a time. For a company like Tempest, that personal angle is everything. ROI aside, the success here is that through adjusting Tempest’s email designs and workflows, we’ve helped them reach even more people and change even more lives. And that’s something we’re incredibly happy to be a part of. When we say we’re constantly striving to make a difference, one of the ways we do that is by helping companies like Tempest grow to their full potential.

Where we’re going

What began as a simple strategic collaboration at the beginning of Q4 last year has blossomed into so much more. After just 6 months together, Tempest has significantly increased their scope with us, asking us to oversee a much larger part of their email marketing and assist them with strategic ideation and creation. Hopefully, our next email marketing case study with Tempest will show even more phenomenal growth.

What’s more, through intensive A/B testing emails, we’ve helped the Tempest Team identify specific customer groups within their email marketing program in order to provide the right content to the right people at the right time and really maximize email performance.

When we started CodeCrew, it was so that we could someday collaborate with companies like this one. Who, like our own crew, have a true passion for creating positive change and building a better future for all of us.

As the late, great Steve Jobs said, “Great things...are never done by a person. They are done by a team of people.” And we couldn’t be prouder to be part of not one, but two teams where every person wants to help everyone around them succeed, in every way imaginable.

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