Want to take your email marketing program to new heights? Leveraging the Braze email marketing platform is one of the most comprehensive ways to promote your business. Braze itself is an incredibly diverse and capable platform. It enables you to manage all manner of communication and advertising for your brand, with its customer-centric approach to marketing and messaging.

But, with all of its merits, it’s also quite complex and can be confusing to navigate. Unless you have a team of Braze specialists like us to help you, that is. We’ve worked with almost every type of ESP out there, so we can say with confidence that Braze is one of the few ESPs that offers an all-in-one solution. It incorporates email, SMS, and web marketing under the same roof, and we’re more than able to support you if this is the platform you choose to run your email and SMS marketing program.

With the right technical support, which we at CodeCrew have in spades, you can identify and leverage all of the Braze features that will be useful for your specific business. No need to spend time learning through trial and error - we’ve already done that for you, and as your service partner, we’re more than able to meet and solve any issue that you ever could encounter in this robust platform.

So if you’re ready to start crushing it with Braze email marketing and take your business to the next level, chat with us to find out how we can be your marketing partner in this world-class marketing platform. We can (and do!) help with every facet of your email marketing in Braze, including (but not limited to) the production, technical assistance, reporting & analytics, code & design, and implementation. If you need a trusted partner to manage your Braze email marketing account, you’re looking right at them.


Why Should You Choose Braze as Your ESP?

Your email marketing campaign is not a single event. And your engagement with subscribers goes beyond the moment a notification pops up in their inbox. Braze recognizes this, which is why they came up with the Canvas feature. It allows you to connect with your customers at multiple levels and is a great introduction to this versatile ESP.

With Canvas, you’re able to connect with customers through various channels, such as push notifications and SMSes. You can even use it to kick-start campaigns based on certain data, such as a particular schedule or past user interaction.

Not only that but with Braze’s Connected Content feature, you can integrate useful software to optimize your results. Say you want to provide your customer with some product or content recommendations based on their preferences. You could integrate a cloud platform that collects user activity data to make recommender systems.

And all of this is done through machine learning algorithms that save time and money. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Braze can do.


Braze Email Marketing

So What Makes Us Braze Experts?

Let’s start with 20+ years of combined experience in just the founding crew itself and add countless hours of our Braze experts being knee-deep in every nook and cranny of the platform, and you’ll see that we’ve learned a thing or two about why Braze is blazing and super explosive in the email marketing game (in a very good way).

Braze Is a Metadata Goldmine

To take your personalization game to the next level, Braze offers Liquid Tags that can be incorporated into your code. This allows you to generate recommendations for users based on product characteristics like location and subscription tier, for instance.

This one feature is the key to creating campaigns that speak to each and every one of your customers. If you have any doubts about how to apply the data properly, we’re more than happy to help.

Getting Around with Braze

With Braze, you can monitor each of your customers’ journeys because you can see everything and edit it all as you wish. You can manage multiple campaigns at the same time with ease.

There are even online Lab courses you can take to help make sense of everything in case you aren’t ready to call for tech support just yet.

But even if you don't have time to explore these, no worries - we've got your back if you have any problems to be dealt with or questions that need answering.

In fact, even after you’ve completed these courses, it helps to work with Braze specialists who can give you personalized advice and feedback when faced with obstacles.

Braze Is Personal and Versatile

A lot of email service providers put together audiences based on traditional lists. Always one to do things differently, Braze arranges your audience according to live data streaming through the platform. Because your audience can be inconsistent and subject to whims and trends, this dynamic segmentation setup is incredibly useful.

Improved Customer Interaction

Braze’s In-App Messaging feature enhances your customer relationships by fostering an easy means of communication. For example, what do you do when someone doesn’t open your message? Braze’s email automation capabilities can have that message paraphrased or edited to immediately grab their attention.

Perhaps you might want to up the ante a bit. You can throw a little generosity marketing into the mix as an enticing added offering.

Is Liquid Difficult To Use?

Beginners can find the Liquid language a bit intimidating at first. Luckily, we're on hand to explain any terms you don't understand.

We also create every campaign from scratch, without using templates. This means you’ll enjoy customized campaigns that speak directly to your preferred audience. Designing emails with Liquid is a matter of squeezing a few letters and symbols into the code which can be difficult for inexperienced users.

What Can You Expect From Your Braze Email Marketing Agency?

When using this platform, you need to know what you want to achieve. This is the first thing we’ll help you figure out. That way, we can better determine the most important Braze features for you to use in order to start smashing your goals.

As with any email marketing platform, there are certain universal features to take into account. For instance, Braze’s testing features can help you build future campaigns that convert better.

We will constantly analyze your Braze reports and check the Intelligent Channel to determine which medium of communication your audience prefers. Then, we'll adjust your email marketing calendar accordingly.

As you’ll find out, we’re all about working smart and the Intelligent Channel on Braze is great for maximizing results.

After all, it doesn’t help to send lots of messages if you’re sending them to the wrong people in the wrong way. Approaching people in an ideal setting is one of the best ways to build and maintain brand interest.

Our specialized service as email marketing experts paired with Braze’s unique selection of features will help to channel your campaigns in the right direction.


Quickfire Answers to Your Pressing Braze Questions

  • You can use Braze to create relevant and memorable brand experiences that build your relationships with your customers.

  • At CodeCrew, we’re proudly ESP-agnostic, and if your goal is to make personalization effortless, Braze is for you. It stands out from other ESPs as you can take advantage of live customer profiles and campaign interaction data and use their composition tools to improve email content with first and third-party data.

  • In a nutshell, Braze is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that supports different messaging channels including email, push notifications, in-app messages, and content cards.

  • Using Braze puts your customers at the heart of your strategy. Since its platform is specifically made to pull data from the user profile, it gives your strategy room to grow and cater to your customers' needs, regardless of which channel you choose.

  • A Braze expert is someone who took the Braze certification courses and passed with flying colors. After they passed, they got the green light from Braze that they are a subject matter expert of the platform who can assist you with your Braze processes. AKA CodeCrew.

  • By hiring CodeCrew, we’ll start off with understanding where your business is today in terms of customer engagement. Then we’ll create a plan designed to take you where you want to be by streamlining your plan execution. Once we’ve covered the various features of Braze like in-depth segmentation, the rest of the ROI journey depends on continually working on your customers' profiles and customization. Long-term Braze cooperation will help you achieve your customer engagement goals.

  • We know the ins and outs of Braze so that each email adheres to the deliverability rules. We know how to avoid landing in spam inboxes. However, simply avoiding spam inboxes is not enough - you want your emails to have high open rates, right? Well, with 20+ years of email marketing experience, we know that Braze is good at monitoring which emails are a ‘no’ and which emails are a ‘go.’ By sharing this insight with us as a partner, we’re experts at monitoring your deliverability performance and open rate improvements.

  • Even though Braze is a dynamic cross-channel marketing solution that focuses on data management, usability, and innovation. Braze’s B2B capabilities are so versatile that it's suited for driving leads and accounts for a sales team.

  • Braze’s platform is great for ecommerce companies to seamlessly build out email campaigns across multiple outreach channels. So if you’re strictly an ecommerce retailer, Braze is your go-to ESP.

  • Essentially, Braze is a user-friendly software. But it works much, much better if you’ve got some experts on your side who really know what they’re doing (ahem).

Ready to Grow?

Now, that should take the mystery out of it all!

As Braze experts, we’ve helped companies of all shapes and sizes create Braze email marketing programs that get the highest ROI. You deserve the same results.

We’ll help you familiarize yourself with how the whole thing works, how to integrate it with other applications, and how to use it to take your email marketing strategy to a whole new level.

So give us a shout and find out just what this Braze email marketing team can do for your business.


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