You’ve heard of it. You’ve checked it out. You might have even requested a demo. But getting the most out of Omnisend for your email marketing program could still be a bit overwhelming. That’s when we come charging in like a team of ecommerce super soldiers.

Want to build an Omnisend email marketing program? We’ve got you

No matter where you find yourself in the email marketing landscape, we can help you get things done. Starting from scratch? We’ll get you set up. Looking to migrate to Omnisend? We’ve got your passports right here. Calendars, workflows, subscriber segments and reporting? It’s on your desk awaiting signoff. When we say we’ll take care of all your ecommerce needs with Omnisend, we mean it.

As an ESP-agnostic, boutique email marketing agency, we believe that there’s no such thing as a good or bad platform - it all depends on what works best for YOU. So, if Omnisend caught your eye, we say great! But, let’s cover the basics first…

Omnisend is known for being super user-friendly, which is awesome, if you know what you’re doing. You’ll still need insight into which segments to create, which workflows to create, and how frequently to optimize every single send. This is a full-time job and, unless your company is magically running itself, it might be best to partner with pros that know how to build a successful email marketing program, assess progress continuously, and make constant tweaks for optimal results. Cue CodeCrew.

Omnisend + ecommerce email marketing - everything you need to know

Omnisend covers email marketing, SMS, and automation with built-in templates and 100% customizability. You also get award-winning 24/7 support, customer insights, and the ability to create coupon codes, pop-ups, and more. It’s geared towards newer and smaller users who don’t need all the bells and whistles just yet, but that doesn’t mean bigger companies don’t find Omnisend attractive as well - especially if they only require the basics from their email marketing.

Again, it’s all about finding the perfect ESP for your business. Omnisend might work for you but be completely wrong for someone else. That’s why we at CodeCrew make a point of listening to you first and foremost.

So, does Omnisend tick a few boxes on your list? Let’s explore further. We took the liberty of setting out a few notable pros and cons:



FREE Plan with all features.


Excellent for beginners and startups.


Perfect for lead-capture and automation.


Integration with most popular ecommerce apps like Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce.


Dynamic content testing



FREE plan is limited to 250 contacts.


Limited List Segmentation - segmentation is super-important if you have a large subscriber list.


Basic (and pretty limited) email templates and design options. Plus, no holiday-specific themes or templates.


Lack of update change logs.


No email scheduling.

Now, let’s talk price - price is good. Omnisend offers a FREE option to get you started which includes up to 250 contacts, 500 emails per month and up to 60 SMSs. At the top end, the Pro version costs $59 per month and includes up to 500 contacts, unlimited emails and nearly 4,000 SMSs per month.*

Compared to some other ESPs, Omnisend’s pricing is very fair, especially since you get access to all the basic features right from the start instead of having to pay to unlock them. The main limitation is the number of contacts you can reach. But that shouldn’t put you off - here’s why.

You’ll have CodeCrew at your side to help you get the best results out of your Omnisend email marketing program. From sending targeted campaigns to a perfectly-segmented audience and creating original designs (no templates here), to tracking every single KPI - we’ll ensure that you’re constantly maximizing your ESP’s performance and getting real value for money.

What will your CodeCrew + Omnisend email program look like?

So, if you think Omnisend could be the ketchup to your curly fries, the next step is to contact us to discuss how we can help skyrocket your ROI. Here’s what we’ll do for you:

  • We do a quick audit to ascertain where your business is at and where it should be going.
  • After the audit, we devise a cunning strategy that would put the Ocean’s 11 team to shame.
  • Then, we conjure up some tasty content to wow your subscribers.
  • Our team works their magic to create some eye-popping bespoke design.
  • The coding team steps in and whips up some algorithmic wizardry.
  • We report back to you on how it all went and where we’ll tweak where necessary going forward.

Bottom line: It doesn’t matter whether you prefer Omnisend, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, or any other ESP, the sky’s the limit with CodeCrew at your side. It’s like arguing over whether Phillips or flat head screwdrivers are best - they’re just tools. The real difference lies in the person using those tools. And, boy, we’re pretty handy around the house.

See that index finger? One click will open up a world of ecommerce magnificence for your business.

Now, let’s fly!

*Prices are accurate as of January 2023, please check for the latest pricing available.