At CodeCrew, stellar ROI is always on-trend, which is why we managed to deliver some pretty dazzling numbers for Hayden Girls in 2022, on top of an already super successful 2021. With 2021 being a year of higher-highs and new records across the board, we knew that we had our work cut out, and we can honestly say that the numbers speak for themselves. How’s that for haute haute haute!


  • Increased quarterly campaign revenue by 170%
  • Increased email flow revenue by 240%
  • Increased the amount of orders placed per quarter by 88%
  • Increased site visits by 200%
  • A big increase in subscribers
  • A great increase in both open and click rates in email flows
  • Nearly zero spam complaints
  • Decrease in unsubscribe rates


  • Increased flow revenue from August 2021 to August 2022 by 200%
  • Increased campaign revenue from August 2021 to August 2022 by 300%
  • Increased November 2022 campaign revenue by 56% (compared to November 2021). Black Friday, baby!
  • Increased campaign order rates from January 2022 to September 2022 by 8.5%
  • Increased total clicks for campaigns from January 2022 to September 2022 by 12.67%
  • Plus, we achieved consistently strong engagement across all Flows and Campaigns for 2022

No Ordinary Tween Fashion Brand

Hayden Girls is all about helping every young girl and tween feel like their most confident selves through unique, timeless styles. So, when they approached CodeCrew, we jumped at the opportunity to align ourselves with their vision. But there was work to do: We knew that Hayden Girls’ existing email campaigns needed to go from just-okay to high fashion. And boy oh boy girl oh girl, did they!

The first thing we did was spruce up their subject lines and match up the incredible styles they offered with their campaign content and design itself. Simply put, their emails weren’t accurately portraying the true value of their brand and the whole thing needed a little tailoring to really look and perform its best.

Luckily, that’s totally our thing!


Fashion Marketing - Creating a Classic

As a rule, we never, ever focus on old emails - it distracts from the NOW. So, we went bold, we went new, we went to the very edge of what emails could be and the results set the catwalk (or rather, customers’ inboxes) on fire. 

First… the strategy! We wanted to showcase Hayden Girl’s styles in such a way that they would really appeal to their audience. One way we did this was to bring in all-important campaigns that highlighted each specific category like shorts, skirts, dresses, etc. 

Both our strategy and design were now fit for the cover of Vogue and resulted in a significant increase in order rates and revenue. And just in case that wasn’t on-brand enough, we also achieved high engagement rates for the duration of 2022.  

Data Is Always Fashionable

Through that data-driven segmentation strategy we mentioned, we identified and split engaged and unengaged purchasers and subscribers, then added some razzle-dazzle to Hayden Girl’s segmentation. Before you could say, “strike a pose”, we achieved these stylish numbers:

  • Avg campaign open rate Jan - Sep 2021: 15.10%
  • Avg campaign open rate Jan – Sep 2022: 48.70%
  • 86% increase in placed orders from Jan – Sep 2021 to Jan – Sep 2022 (campaigns)
  • August 2021 – August 2022 - 130% increase in monthly revenue
  • Average flow open rate Q2 2021: 25.44%
  • Average flow open rate Q2 2022: 45.64%

Our new, ready-to-wear workflows also saw a lot of excellent engagement, like a 189% increase in open rates for the Purchaser Winback Flow from March - Sep 2021 to March - Sep 2022. Add to that our monthly campaigns, like Hayden Girl of the Month, and we were able to showcase the brand’s all-important values and allowed them to build more brand equity with their audience.


Completing the Look

After seeing our [ahem] amazing work on Hayden Girls, the team from wholesale B2B brand, Hayden Los Angeles, approached us to take over their email program too. This new endeavor went so well that we’re now handling their retail division, too! That’s three-for-one and there’s no sign of us slowing down.

If you’re reading this looking for the same kind of head-turning results, then we invite you to chat with us and start turning your brand into the chicest thing in town.