When the team at DSLRPros approached us for some email marketing whizzbang, we looked them straight in the eye and said, “How high do you folks want to go?”. A few months later, we had achieved some soaring numbers for these drone aficionados.

Check this out:

  • 115% increase in click rates.
  • A 445% increase in unique clicks (yup, you read that right).
  • 4.4x more orders.
  • A 3x increase in order rates.
  • A 227% increase in average revenue per recipient.
  • And (drumroll, please) a 9x increase in revenue!

But let’s return to base and start at the beginning…

Sky High Results? Mission Accomplished

Anyone with two thumbs and a passion for tiny rotors knows about DSLRPros - they’re specialists in drones and accessories for various industries, such as public safety, energy, and agriculture. 

When they first knocked on our inbox, their cadence was pretty low - only 330,000 emails in 8 months. For an industry where tech is updated at the speed of (f)light, this wasn’t enough to keep the DSLRPros subscriber base engaged and up-to-date on all the latest developments.

So, we upped their cadence to over 1 million campaigns in just under 6 months (without any deliverability issues, I must add!). Did it work? Well, kindly refer to the sweet stats above. After all, we’re no strangers to achieving success for our B2B clients, so we were pretty much on a roll. 

But wait, we’re not done yet…

Putting Email Marketing Success on Autopilot

While the team at DSLRPros was discussing air flow, we were thinking about email flows. We’re referring to all those automated emails that get sent to customers at various points in the purchasing journey. 

We whipped up an improved welcome flow, spiced up their cross-sell flow, added a brand-new browse abandon flow, and created a sign-up overlay.

Not only did the new browse abandon flow encourage browsers to return to the site and purchase, it also generated a click rate of over 7%, and has already started making some impressive revenue for DSLRPros.

Not to brag or anything, but our welcome flow is also showing above-average open and click rates… Whoosh!

Next, we unwrapped our super-secret Segmentor 3000 and got segmentin’.

Email Marketing Segmentation That Soars

When DSLRPros partnered with us, they had no real strategy in terms of separating their audience and sending targeted, relevant campaigns to interested business owners. Additionally, one of the two main KPIs that the client team wanted us to hyper-focus on was to make DSLRPros' email marketing program more personalized.

So, we built segments based on how engaged subscribers were and what industry they worked in. This allowed us to highlight industry-specific models that would work for subscribers’ particular businesses.

The results? Engagement went sky-high. We said it before, but it’s so good, we’ll say it again: This segmentation resulted in a 115% increase in click rates and a 445% increase in unique clicks! That’s with more than double the number of emails sent, compared to what DSLRPros sent previously. 

Talk about launching your ROI into the stratosphere.

A Winning Flight Plan  

With a little careful planning, we were also able to create campaigns that alerted subscribers to upcoming webinars and reminded them about these webinars closer to the time. 

This was crucial, as good attendance for these webinars is incredibly important for DSLRPros to establish themselves as an authority in the aerial industry, and generate business by highlighting different drone models.

Clear the Runway

Here’s the best part - these sky-scraping, jaw-dropping, mind-boggling results were achieved in less than a year. So, just imagine what we’ll be able to do in another six months. 

If you’re eager to get your email marketing program off the ground and get your ROI soaring, chat with these pilots today.