In this case study, we'll take you on yet another thrilling email marketing journey. It's filled with challenges, victories, and juicy results. Sit back and enjoy the tale of 99 Counties...

Our Goal

To transition the Wallace Farms brand into 99 Counties, create high-performing email automations, and figure out a way to engage customers who would no longer be able to receive deliveries. 

What We Achieved

  • A 50% increase in order revenue (compared to Wallace Farms’ top 20 best campaigns before CodeCrew took over).
  • 17.5% increase in average order rates.
  • 18% higher click rates (which is super-impressive, considering that we were sending to a much larger audience).
  • A 60% decrease in bounce rates, improved deliverability, AND more emails sent to the right inboxes.
  • 72% decrease in unsubscribe rates (even though we sent 6x more emails than Wallace Farms had previously).

Beefing Up Engagement + Email Marketing Revenue

It all started with a man named Nick Wallace - a third generation farmer and owner of Wallace Farms in Iowa. Nick was on a mission to revive both the health of Iowa’s soil and its farming communities through regenerative farming practices that would provide Iowans with the highest-quality meat. And so, Wallace Farms became 99 Counties, a name inspired by the 99 counties that make up Iowa, all working towards a common goal.

Nick’s passion and commitment to protecting the environment immediately resonated with our own values, So, we did what we always do - brought some email spice to the dinner table. 

Once Nick approached us, the challenge was clear: Not only was his team transitioning from the Wallace Farms brand to 99 Counties, they were also changing their entire ordering system - which meant that previous purchasers, who had received national shipping, would no longer be able to order. We labeled them OTZ (Out the Zone) subscribers. 

So, we needed to achieve three things:

  1. Communicate the branding change, and explain why this was happening.
  2. Let OTZ subscribers know that they would no longer be able to place national orders until 99 Counties expanded to their area, while still keeping them engaged and interested in the 99 Counties brand, evolution and mission.
  3. Ensure that, through all this branding upheaval, the 99 Counties email program was achieving excellent results in terms of revenue and engagement.

Did we lay down and surrender? Did we raise our hands and put the whole email marketing program out to pasture? Nope, we rolled up our sleeves, slipped on our boots, and delivered some truly bountiful results - and that’s an understatement.


Cutting the Fat - how effective email marketing decreased unsubscribe rates

The sun was barely up, but we were already sending multiple campaigns to existing Wallace Farms customers about the brand and why it was changing. Next, we got started on email segmentation - OTZ Subscribers (who couldn’t currently receive deliveries), and ITZ Subscribers (those who were inside the delivery zone). Then… we had lunch (quickly).

This ensured that those who were able to order products would receive product-focused emails and promos, while OTZ Subscribers received informative and educational content only, so as not to annoy anyone.

Not only did our approach drive sales (you might recall that delicious 50% increase in order rates), it also lowered unsubscribe rates… a lot. We juggled informative campaigns and special seasonal offers, while increasing revenue and engagement, and solidifying the values of the new 99 Counties brand. Plus… PLUS… we successfully launched the new 99 Counties membership program to all ITZ Subscribers. 

Hey… it’s not our first rodeo. 

Building Some Juicy New Email Workflows

Being, essentially, a brand-new company, 99 Counties were a little light on the automated flows side. In fact, one might even say they had none. So, we hopped on the email marketing automation tractor and got to work setting up welcome, cart abandonment, browse abandonment, and post-purchase flows. 

The fruits of our labor were readily apparent:  

  • 8.6% click rate across all flows.
  • 2.05% average placed order rate.
  • $4.70 average revenue per recipient.
  • 0.48% average unsubscribe rate across all flows.

You could even say we beefed up 99 Counties’ email program performance (ta-dum-tish). 

Riding Into the Sunset (cue sad harmonica)

Yup, we were pretty dang proud of what we achieved with 99 Counties. Working with a brand that shares our passion for creating a better future for farmers - and the planet as a whole - tends to leave a warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart. 

Now, it’s time to saddle up and head out. Somewhere out there another client is calling out for help. And, if there’s helping to be done, you can rest assured that ol’ CodeCrew will be there

Until next time, y’all.