Our Goal

To create an effective email marketing program that would appeal to PetLab Co’s diverse audience and showcase their hero product range in an impactful way. Check out our email campaign case study to see how did.

What We Achieved

We leveraged decades of combined experience to yield results that deserve a round of a-paws:

  • A 53.33% click rate increase coming from our highest-performing campaign (compared to PetLab Co’s highest-performing campaign pre-CodeCrew).
  • A 24.29% open rate increase from our highest-performing campaign (compared to PetLab Co’s highest-performing campaign pre-CodeCrew).
  • A 4.34% increase in click rates overall.
  • A 33.33% decrease in bounce rates.

Email Segmentation That Makes Anything Pawsible

So, who is PetLab Co? They’re a company that creates wellness products for all aspects of canine health. Their goal is to help everyone’s furry friends live their best life possible.

Their challenge to us was straightforward, but not so simple. How could we market so many different products (with VERY different use-cases) to pet owners? What's more, PetLab Co’s target audience were at very different stages of the sales funnel. Some were product subscribers, while others were one-time purchasers. Did we mention some were also lapsed subscribers or had never purchased before? Yup, we had our work cut out for us. In reality, their audience was much more diverse and complex than they initially realized, but thankfully, our expert team’s strategic capability knows no hounds.

So, did we run for the hills with our tails between our legs? Never - we perked up our ears and went after the prize like, well, a dog going after a ball. Read on - this email campaign case study is just getting started.

First, how could we create an email program where each campaign felt relevant to every customer? Through deliberate, data-driven segmentation, of course. We built campaigns targeting each specific audience and sent them content based on other relevant products, as well as discounts on the products they were continually purchasing. This meant many variations of the same campaign, extensive A/B testing, and gaining thorough insights into PetLab Co's audience. And whaddya know, it worked.

Our A/B testing gave us a fascinating insight into PetLab Co’s audience preferences, including which CTA wording worked best. We also saw interesting results when we included PetLab Co’s name in subject lines, and experimented with different send times.

We could go on for days about how these small changes made a HUGE difference to revenue and engagement, but let’s just say we got some tail-wagging results by playing Sherlock Bones.

Next, we shifted our focus to design.

Fetching Some Impressive Results

With our segments in place, we were ready to start making PetLab Co’s campaigns shine like a pup’s coat after the groomers. Their existing layouts were way too busy, which distracted from their products. Instead, we opted for simple, bold designs that allowed us to feature lots of content in an easy-to-navigate way.

Notice how - even with such a wide product range - we’ve managed to give each product a chance to shine. That’s the power of best-in-class email design.

P.S: Want to see more of our favorite designs? Check out our H1 2022 Lookbook!

What’s more, by using effective email campaign management, we successfully launched three new products for PetLab Co with great results. This included a 30.3% non-Apple open rate and record revenue for a single launch - now THAT’S worth a belly rub.

Paws Up for Great Email Deliverability

Deliverability refers to your precious emails hitting the correct inbox instead of a customer’s dreaded spam folder. During our time with PetLab Co, this was crucial.

Pre-CodeCrew, PetLab Co’s campaigns were bounding right into their customer’s spam folders, resulting in huge losses of revenue and engagement. Using our expert noses for sniffing out problems, we dug in the dirt until we found the offending bone: Turns out PetLab Co’s emails included links to third-party sites, causing a huge kerfuffle with Gmail. And, since more than 50% of their email subscribers used Gmail accounts, this was one big, howling problem. We did a full revamp of the campaign sending structure and changed the sending subdomain, which required us to shut down and reboot 90% of PetLab's flows for a whole week (yikes!).

Soon, PetLab Co’s emails were landing where they should and their ROI began jumping up in leaps and bounds.

Want Some Doggone Great Results for Your Brand, Too?

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