Email Marketing Audits – Assess, Plan, Execute

What Makes For A Good Email Marketing Audit

Here’s what our initial email marketing audit covers:


Having been around the block for so long watching small brands grow into household names and bigger brands become true juggernauts, we have the ability to tell you at a glance whether something is working or not.

Strategy Analysis

When you’re on the inside, it’s hard to see any potential speed bumps or roadblocks. Having an outside view as well as loads of experience in the field, allows us to analyze your existing strategy and provide solid guidance on your email program going forward and even your business plan as a whole if necessary.

Layout Analysis

Sometimes the best strategy, content and design can still fail if you don’t stick to some key benchmarks of email design. One of the many best practices we check for is that all images in your emails are clickable. It might sound simple but it’s something that can have a big impact and is often overlooked. Like this, there are dozens of factors we look at that are all-too-often overlooked.

Content And Design

We are known for our dazzling, impactful design work and we recognize how much of a difference good design (and great content) can make. Sometimes, all you need is a slightly smaller logo, or a catchier subject line to start making the kind of profits you want. Sometimes, you need a lot more love, but we’ll get you there anyway.

Open Rates

This shows how engaged your audience is and whether they appreciate receiving your current content. If your open rates are lower than average, we’ll assess your subject lines, send times and sending frequency to help us determine the cause. There’s so much that goes into judging an open rate beyond looking at benchmarks and industry, so we take a really close look at what’s been working and where.

Click Rates

Once a customer has opened your email, you want to know that they’re actually clicking on the CTA and visiting your site. Of course, the more site visits you have the more sales you’re going to make. At the same time, certain emails are not supposed to be the money-makers, so there’s a lot more to judging this one too.

Send Days And Times

Every audience is different. Gaining a good understanding of when your subscribers are most responsive (in terms of both open and click rates) allows for optimized scheduling of all email campaigns and SMS campaigns alike.

Unsubscribe Rates

Often, the hard part isn’t getting new customers, it’s keeping those customers interested – and your unsubscribe rates low. The good news is, if your unsubscribes are above average, we’ve got a whole list of ways to fix the problem.

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