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With over 5000 well-known brands using Attentive (including industry giants like Samsung, Crocs, and Chanel), it’s clear that there’s something special that sets this SMS Service Provider apart from the competition. Maybe you’re not Samsung or Chanel (yet). So, why should YOU use Attentive for your SMS marketing program? Get comfy - it’s time to unpack all of Attentive’s features, add-ons and bells and whistles:


Another HUGE plus worth mentioning, is Attentive’s built-in compliance, which saves you a lot of legal trouble down the road by ensuring each SMS is by-the-book. It’s almost like being able to run each text by your legal department first. Almost.

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Klaviyo SMS vs Attentive SMS

If we’re comparing apples with pears, like Klaviyo SMS vs Attentive SMS for example, the latter - in terms of SMS marketing costs alone - is a tad pricier. So with that said, Attentive SMS Marketing would most likely be suited to bigger, more established businesses (or businesses who use SMS as a primary revenue driver).

Another thing to bear in mind when comparing Klaviyo SMS marketing to Attentive is that Attentive tracks open revenue (instead of click revenue), so we’ll give points to Klaviyo on this one. On the plus side, a lot of Attentive users say they find it easier to use and set up compared to Klaviyo.

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Although Attentive SMS Marketing is one heck of an ROI-boosting SMS platform, one caveat of their wide range of integrations is that they can be super-overwhelming and you often end up with unnecessary add-ons. There’s also a plethora of specifications, rules, and guidelines when it comes to SMS content, character limits and flows — luckily we can help you navigate these with ease.

We also advise you on which integrations you’ll need while ensuring that every SMS campaign and automated flow adheres to Attentive’s rules. Plus, because we ensure your SMS and email marketing programs always work in harmony, we’re able to balance subscriber health and list growth with value-added content that drives revenue.

All this is a very fancy way of saying we’ll handle Attentive and all its peculiarities while you focus on taking your business to the next level.

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What to Expect From Your
Attentive SMS Marketing Program

Aha, you’re still reading - which means Attentive might be a good fit for your business. Well, grab a coffee and settle in - we’re about to get into even more nitty gritty. Attentive might be a big investment, but with our expertise, experience, and
data-driven SMS marketing strategy, you’ll be able to get the most out of Attentive’s SMS marketing service with solutions tailored to your specific business needs.

 As part of our holistic full-service offering to you, we offer:

Want to know a secret? Even after all that, it doesn’t matter whether or not you go with Attentive. The important thing is that you choose a partner that understands your business needs and cares about ROI as much as you do.

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