Our Goal: To help a leading CBD manufacturer Neurogan blaze through their goals in a super-saturated industry. How? By optimizing their email marketing program and creating a promotional strategy that would increase engagement as well as revenue. Sit back, chill out and check out this email case study – you’ll feel pretty good after this one!

Case Study Highlights - Some Of What We Achieved For Neurogan:


  • 76% YoY increase in revenue since we began working with them.

  • 20% increase in open rates YoY.

  • 37% increase in unique clicks by the end of 2021.


  • 69% increase in Browse Abandonment Flow revenue.

  • 45% increase in click rates for their Welcome Series.

  • 45% increase in Cart Abandonment revenue.

A Budding Success: How It All Began

“What the heck is Hygge?”. That’s the question we were asking ourselves when we first met Jan Brandrup, CEO and super-passionate founder of Neurogan – a family-owned company creating some of the finest, unrefined CBD products in the business. Turns out Hygge is a Danish tradition of cultivating feelings of contentment, comfort and overall well-being. Pretty much what Jan wanted the whole world to experience through his oils, gummies and topical CBD. And something we felt every time we finished up an email for them - works of art are an understatement and the Neurogan team had such beautiful imagery we could work with.

Jan and his team have an incredible product, there’s no second-guessing that. Problem was, they weren’t quite getting the right messages to the right people OR making Neurogan really stand out amongst a gazillion other CBD brands, especially after cannabis legalization in many parts of the US flooded the market with plenty of new, heavily-funded companies in the space. After an initial audit of their email marketing program, we knew what we had to do to achieve some record highs for these guys - numbers worthy of an email case study.

The A-Z Of CBD Email Marketing

You can’t send all the offers to all the subscribers all the time – that just results in your entire sender reputation going up in smoke. We segmented Neurogan’s customers by products they were interested in, then created focused offers based only around these products.

By experimenting with different kinds of deals, we were able to determine what the audience really responded to. The result? A steady increase in promotional revenue as well as higher click rates.

After we saw how much customers enjoyed these promotions, we thought a bigger dose was in order, so we started to strategically implement non-opener emails and banner resends on select campaigns. In turn, some of these did even better than the original campaign, highlighting the importance of proper segmentation and overarching strategy as well. It's a great example of really understanding how long your specific audience takes to purchase and harnessing that data with every single sale. Repurchase cycles vary on the user, and understanding this helped us drive so much more value than we originally expected.

A Case Study in Email Marketing for VIPs

After discovering that Neurogan had a whole bunch of really engaged, really loyal customers in their email list, we created VIP-only campaigns and offers to make them feel super special. And not only were our VIP campaigns some of the highest-performing in terms of $$$, we also increased VIP-qualified subscribers by 143% and achieved a 3,233% increase in VIP workflow revenue. Yup – that’s right. What a buzz. But read on - this email marketing case study is just getting started.

Growing With The Flow

Sometimes weeds need to be weeded out, ya know? That’s why we replaced some of Neurogan’s lower-performing workflows with our own data-driven, spectacularly designed ones. We also added some brand-new flows like the VIP one we mentioned above and a Reorder flow that generated an average open rate of 37% and 3.85% click rate.

Our Klaviyo know-how really allowed us to create an optimal automation setup for Neurogan, helping Jan and his team cater to every customer at every point in their journey.

Designed For Success

We had to end this email marketing case study on a high (ba-dum-tiss!). We're pretty well-known for our design skills (not to brag or anything), and we’re proud to say that while working on the brand and sending their ROI through the roof, we picked up some metal, too. We won first place at the AVA Design Awards for this beauty:

Email Case Study Wrap-Up: The Future Looks Lit

With numbers that are anything but chill, the sky really is the limit for the great folks at Neurogan. Want us to light up your email marketing program, too? Let's chat! You can also check out more of our email marketing case studies here.