Some of our best clients come from referrals, and our friends at Shop Home Med found us through the one and only Joseph from the last email marketing case study you may just have read - Peppermate. Being a relatively new company, Shop Home Med had no email marketing program when we first touched base back in late-Q1 2021 and really didn’t believe that email marketing had the potential to add to their business’ bottom line, so we were in a rare position that we love handling: taking a company from nothing to something amazing, and that’s exactly what we’ve done with Shop Home Med throughout the rest of the year. Admittedly, this type of opportunity also comes at a risk, because we know that it’s important to not only do a good job, but actually use data and revenue to prove the value of a channel that, weirdly, is still undervalued to this day.

Right off the bat, we checked all legal boxes - as we do with any incoming clients. This meant that Shop Home Med wouldn’t ever have to worry about the GDPR, CASL, LGDP or CAN-SPAM enforcers.

Next up, the doctor ordered intensive list growth strategies, a steady campaign cadence, and what we’ve come to know as the ‘golden three’ flows. This is a Welcome Series, Cart Recovery, and Browse Recovery. Kicking the Shop Home Med program into high gear was as simple as pushing campaigns to focus on what worked best. Hint: they sell masks, and Covid-19 is still, unfortunately, a reality. We also created precise segments, ensuring that we were taking care of engaged and interested contacts, while less-engaged got their fair dose of our email medicine as well. Want to know more? We're just getting started with this email marketing case study.

A case of a healthy, thriving email program

What did this achieve? How’s 433% QoQ growth sound? Yup, you heard that right. In our first quarter working with Shop Home Med, they saw their email marketing revenue quadruple from the previous quarter. During this time, we also saw email revenue increase from around a quarter of a percent of total revenue, to over 7%. Not too shabby!

And during our first quarter with Shop Home Med, they also saw a 1144% increase in campaign revenue. Nope, that’s not a typo. One thousand, one hundred and forty four percent.

But the growth didn’t stop there.

Enter Q3 2021, where higher highs for Shop Home Med were right around the corner. Not to be outdone by our Q2 performance, Q3 saw a 267% increase in email marketing revenue. What's more, we also generated a 210% increase in Shop Home Med's total company revenue, thanks to email marketing. And some people think that email marketing is dead…..hah! Not according to this email case study!

A marketing case study on taking data-driven decisions

Like a good face mask, we had Shop Home Med covered. With the main revenue-drivers in place, strong segmentation and a keen focus on providing customers with the highest value possible, we quickly saw the results of our efforts push the needle. 

Starting without an email marketing program until now, roughly 6 months in, we’ve seen Shop Home Med’s email revenue increase to a 6-digit number monthly. That's a 20-fold - yup, you read that right: 20x revenue increase in just six months. Plus, compared to our client average, Shop Home Med's list is relatively small and we've got plenty room to grow.

With an average product price point in the $20s, we’ve loved seeing email AOV more than double this. Plus, it's still on the rise to this day as we continue fine-tuning flow delays and focuses. And although Shop Home Med's average flow message open rate is currently 25%, we know that our constant tweaks will push this higher, closer to our client average in the 30s and up. 

Setting our sights on bigger and better gains for Shop Home Med, we have already seen Q3 building off of the solid growth that Shop Home Med experienced with us in Q2 2021. Lo and behold, those gains came more quickly than expected, and hit harder as well. Based on the data we had gathered during A/B tests in Q2, we quickly implemented our learnings and saw the fruits of our labor come to light. How, you ask? A 114% open rate increase, 186% click rate increase, a staggering 228% conversion rate increase, along with a 306% revenue/recipient bump. Last but not least, we also achieved a 24% uptick on AOV. Phew, that was a mouthful!

We’re So Excited For What’s to Come

With all that being said, we’re still in the infancy of our relationship with Shop Home Med. And we have a long road ahead of us, with some of our team members already planning for 2022 and beyond. Looking ahead, Shop Home Med’s email program will continue to get healthier and healthier (and we'll be back with another email marketing case study). At this rate, they'll be leading players in their industry in no time.