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Here’s how we use Klaviyo SMS Marketing to skyrocket your ROI.

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At CodeCrew, Klaviyo is as much part of our daily doings as sipping coffee and hitting ‘SEND’ buttons. We live Klaviyo. We breathe it. We know it better than we know our own social security numbers. But, if you thought our expertise was only limited to Klaviyo’s email service, think again - we’re incredibly well-versed in Klaviyo SMS marketing services, too.


Let’s Talk Features

And hot diggity dog are there a lot of features! As an SMS marketing service provider, Klaviyo’s platform is super easy to use and allows you to build personalized messages with a super simple text editor. It’s so intuitive that your grandparents could use it, although we don’t recommend giving them the power to mass-SMS thousands upon thousands of folks. We all know what happens when they use Facebook…

Want a more visual element? You can incorporate images, emojis and coupons into your Klaviyo SMS campaigns using the MMS feature. Plus, you can track each SMS or MMS’s performance in terms of clicks, orders and revenue generated. Oh yeah!

Klaviyo is the go-to ESP (Email Service Provider) for flows and automation, and their text service does not disappoint in this regard, either. They offer a handy drag-and-drop flow builder with triggers based on each customer’s behavior. Why is that especially awesome? This means you can use preferences and behavior-based splits in Klaviyo SMS flows as well as dynamic product images. Noice! 😎

Worried about your SMS marketing costs? No problem! If you currently have fewer than 250 contacts, Klaviyo’s free option is perfect to get you started. You get 150 SMS/MMS credits which is enough if you strategize correctly and you’re looking for an affordable SMS marketing solution.

For a larger list, the pricing starts at around $20 a month and scales up from there, depending on your requirements. All in all, Klaviyo’s pricing is pretty good and offers a lot of bang for your buck, regardless of your business size.

Yes, Please!

Klaviyo SMS Campaigns
What Are They Good For?

Sure, your Klaviyo SMS campaigns will be great for advertising promotions and other special offers, but there are loads of other reasons to invest in Klaviyo SMS marketing as well, including:

Get ready for an incredible ride - the right SMS marketing strategy together with a strong email marketing program can send your ROI straight into the stratosphere.

Ready, Set, Text!

How To Set Up a Klaviyo SMS Marketing Campaign

The short answer is - you don’t, we’ll do it all for you. But since you asked (and we love talking about this stuff), here’s a basic rundown of how we would usually go about setting up your winning SMS marketing campaign:

Of course, there’s a whole bunch of other stuff that needs to be done, and we’d be happy to run you through them in detail.

Call the ‘Crew

Even though this top-notch service provider has built an awesome, easy-to-use SMS marketing platform, you still need Klaviyo SMS marketing experts (like us) at your side to ensure that your SMS campaigns work hand in hand with your email marketing program. After all, expecting Klaviyo to know your customer’s needs intricately is like expecting your Swiss Army Knife to build you a campsite - ain’t gonna happen without an experienced set of hands on that tool. Heck, you could end up hurting yourself pretty badly if you’re not spending countless hours learning the ropes, or better yet, hiring an expert to build your campsite, cook the hot (diggity) dogs, and everything else you need.

So, here’s what you get when you partner with this SMS marketing company:

The fact is, Klaviyo SMS marketing is one of the most powerful tools around - if you have the right Crew helping you squeeze the most out of it. So, let’s partner up and text your ROI right into the stratosphere!

Let’s Go!