What a name, right? GetResponse does exactly what it says on the can by offering all the hits like transactional emails, automated email flows, analytics, and a handy perfect timing tool. Want more? You also get additional features like autoresponders, segmentation, SMS marketing, design tools, and even webinar software — all under one roof. 

First off, GetResponse is a really great Email Service Provider (ESP). But constantly keeping track of your campaign’s performance and tweaking for optimal results can be time consuming. Which is not ideal if you plan to spend time on your actual business. 

This is where a boutique agency like… perhaps…CodeCrew, maybe?!... comes in handy. Because even a great ESP like GetResponse doesn’t offer strategic prowess and years of experience. And that’s what really gets results. Basically, we’re proudly ESP Agnostic and will gladly work with whatever ESP suits your business best. To simplify: GetResponse, like any tool, requires an expert to wield it. But, man, what a tool!

GetResponse Mail: The pros

No ESP is 100% perfect, which is why we took the liberty of weighing up some of the yays and nays of GetResponse for ya…

One month FREE trial with up to 250 subscribers
(no credit card required)
No email sending limits
Google Analytics-integrated tracking tool
Excellent customer service
List management tools
Annual plans are not refundable
You need to pay for landing pages
Very basic photo editing for email templates

Let’s talk price: Given the amount of features you get with GetResponse, the pricing is pretty darn good - half the price of Klaviyo, in fact. And this makes it ideal for smaller businesses who need to maximize every dollar. So, if you’re a startup or need to focus your cashflow somewhere else, then GetResponse is the perfect tool for reaching out to potential and existing customers.

In terms of features, you could do much worse: GetResponse has nearly everything you could want from an ESP: Customized data fields for segmentation, automation, an email builder, A/B testing, and even webinar software. Plus, the dashboard interface is very user-friendly, so you’ll get your head around the what’s-what pretty quickly. What's more, GetResponse also offers a great deliverability feature, which helps you dodge spam folders and [ahem] get responses.

Finally, one feature that got our attention was the ability to track ROI from web conversions - and this is a biggie! Especially since not all ESPs offer you the ability to see how much business you’re getting as a direct result of email marketing. Actually, this should be pretty standard, when you think about it.


GetResponse Mail: The cons

That was the yays, now let's get to the nays. As you’d imagine with a cheaper ESP, some features will be pretty basic. One of these is photo editing for email templates. Let's just say it’s not exactly cutting-edge. So, given that design plays such an important role in effective email marketing, this is not great. You should also note that annual plans are not refundable and you’ll need to pay for landing pages.

Now, if you opt for the free version (which you most likely will at the start), your list will be limited to 500 records in size. But this might be a problem if you’re looking to grow your customer base.

Bad news if you like templates: When it comes to email templates, GetResponse doesn’t offer as much as the competition. Aside from a limited number of templates, you’re not able to define heading and paragraph styles to reuse throughout a message. So, prepare to format your texts manually.

If you’re okay with that, then GetResponse might be for you. Their customer service is excellent. Although phone support is only available on their ‘Max’ plan, their chat feature is efficient and their agents are on the ball.

Be warned, though - just like any ESP, GetResponse is only a tool - NOT a substitute for marketing prowess and expertise.

What you can expect from your GetResponse email marketing program

Just to recap: GetResponse is to CodeCrew what Mjolnir is to Thor: a mighty tool that can whip up some serious email thunder for your business. But it’s not a Deus Ex Machina that magically does all the work for you. So, we highly recommend GetResponse as an ESP, but it requires the right knowledge and expertise to truly unlock its potential. This is where we come in.

Once we’ve shaken hands and exchanged pleasantries, it’s time to get down to business:

  • 1) We get the down-low and the what’s-what with an initial audit of your existing program.
  • 2) Using this info, along with your specific KPIs, we conjure up a new and improved email program for your business.
  • 3) We design each campaign and workflow email from scratch and custom-code it.
  • 4) Once we send out your campaigns, we analyze the data and report back to you - this happens every two months and, on a bigger scale, every quarter. We’re constantly looking at the data and tweaking your program accordingly for optimal results.

So, what do you say? Let’s start rocking those numbers!