Who and why? So, who exactly is this funSan Francisco-based group called CodeCrew, and why did we decide to take the email marketing world by storm? As with any awesome tale, it started with humble beginnings.

We’re a fun group of young designers and young-at-heart email geeks. The three founders of CodeCrew grew tired of working for large media agencies that only served the rich and powerful of the business world and decided to build a company that, with the right business model, would be able to provide the same world-class level of quality to smaller businesses at a price that isn’t astronomical (we don’t want you to pay the cost of a new car each month - let’s be real, that’s ludicrous).

Our purpose is to become the go-to email marketing agency for all sustainability, eco-friendly or environmentally driven businesses.

Alex Marin . Co-founder . Director of Design

With years of experience working with the hottest startups, the largest companies in the world, and everything in-between, we realized that everything we’ve tested, implemented, and learned from these giants of industry could be applied to companies with a positive mission rather than just those with the deepest pockets. Tired of making the rich richer and helping the biggest companies take even more market share away from exciting, lively, and passionate companies that are moving the world forward, we decided to cut loose from the world of conglomerates and really make a difference.

Our Mission

What’s the twist? Often enough the most powerful companies in the world are also the most harmful to the environment. As they taught in B-school, the bigger you get, the more “alternative” methods of gaining market share you need to utilize - unfortunately, what’s good for big business frequently isn’t good for the planet and cutting costs isn’t worth the damage that these decisions do to the planet.

We’ve teamed up to find environmentally-driven companies and help them promote sustainability, focusing our gaze towards a cleaner, better planet. After all, we’re all in this together, right?

And yes, if you’re an exciting start-up that sells sauce or vitamins, you can still contact us, we’re not full of it! We know that in order to provide even more free help (keep on reading) to more environmental businesses we need to get as much traction as we can, and there’s no harm in helping out the driven entrepreneurs that our wonderful country has do even better with their email marketing. As long as they don’t add to the pollution, of course!

And no, if you’re a big-ass planet-crushing corporation and want to ensure retirement for the whole CodeCrew team with a massive contract, as much as it pains us, please, PLEASE don’t reach out. There’s a bigger mission at stake here than living in Mali for the rest of our lives.

Our purpose? To become the go-to email marketing agency for all sustainability, eco-friendly or environmentally driven businesses.

By your powers combined!

Are we seriously quoting ‘Captain Planet’? Yeah... yes we are!

This time a village won’t be enough! We absolutely need everybody to start doing more in this move toward a cleaner, more sustainable planet.

With 2018 behind us and 2019 passing by at a blistering pace, we’re already focusing on how we want to help even more in the years to come. The plan for Q3 2019 is to offer our services for free to at least a few non-profit organizations in our attempt to help build more awareness, conjure up more donations and really get behind this movement.

Our target for 2020 is to find a really promising environmentally driven start-up and offering them a full service for a whole year completely free. The application process for the contest is due to start in Q4 of 2019, and we’re extremely excited to tell that several Kickstarter and Indiegogo success stories have already expressed their desire to join the program. We want to work towards a more sustainable planet, one business at a time.

What do our clients have to say?

As you can imagine, any half-decent email marketing agency can copy/paste some kind words that a client said about them and seem like the most impressive marketers in the world. After all, it’s one thing marketers are known for - turning something good into something that seems too good to be true!

What makes us different though? For starters, we can see that you’re special. We don’t treat our clients like one of many - every single decision is made with your exact situation in mind, not what we think would be easiest to implement or a “one-size-fits-all approach” like some larger agencies do (trust us, we’ve worked for them). Our approach? We provide and implement proactive solutions based on our findings through a combination of historical/current data as well as constant A/B and multivariate testing, making sure you don’t miss a single opportunity to grow, guaranteed.

We’re also pretty fun to work with, if we do say so ourselves! We always try to act like one of your actual team members, and since we’re going to pretty much be in each other’s lives for a good while, we like making sure that whoever we work with is at least nice to be around, if not downright hilarious. Don’t believe us? Have a look at some amazing feedback our amazing clients sent over:

FinalStraw and PelaCase client feedback for CodeCrew's email marketing

Photo Transcription

“CodeCrew presented us with a clean, simple yet effective design that blew us away.  It really summarized our brand and elevated the standard of content we hope to send to our customer base. Including a perfect balance of product, branding and compelling storytelling”

  • Kate Wilson, Director of Brand Marketing, Pela.Earth, pelacase.com

CodeCrew is amazing, I am blown away by their talent. I feel so lucky to have found them. Not only are they creative geniuses, they are kind and responsible humans.

Our returns have been over 15x what we are paying.”

Numbers, numbers, numbers.

So...you’re probably thinking - how do you know that we’re actually doing a good job? Are we really the leading email marketing agency we say we are? Well...we don’t like to brag (too much) - it’s too easy. Let’s let the numbers talk instead.

Within just 3 months of onboarding FinalStraw, this amazing company’s Email Marketing revenue skyrocketed to 410% compared to their previous 3 months. In addition, this time period also saw their highest-grossing month in company history from their email channel, beating the next-best month by 40%. With so much more on our comprehensive roadmap for FinalStraw, their revenue from the email channel this year is expected to grow exponentially. You might think - right...but at what cost? Read the full case study on how their email marketing ROI went through the roof to 1310%.

FinalStraw email marketing case study

Additionally, with the recent MailChimp/Shopify breakup, we felt that FinalStraw was going to miss out on important data that would allow us to fine-tune their emails and really increase engagement levels. Said and done - we fully migrated their email marketing to Klaviyo in less than 1 month including all purchase data, contact fields and history, setting them up for success throughout the year.

We’re not runners, but we can jump hurdles with the best of them.

What’s the number one piece of advice every seasoned entrepreneur gives to the young and hungry? Simple: “don’t start a business unless you’re ok with never being perfect, but as long as you keep your head up, you’ll do well”.

Nobody ever said it’d be easy, and we never expected it to be. Building an email agency from the ground up with sights set on being the #1 email marketing agency for businesses who care about the planet is a big goal. We’re well aware of that.

What hurdles have we faced, specifically? If you know us, you know that transparency is part of who we are is part of our core - we can’t shake it. Our biggest hurdle yet is that, although our combined experience is easily old enough to have a beer, we as an agency are still really new. Let’s face it - we’ve been around for less than a year. Case studies this, client feedback that, and the general 'how can we trust you' kind of questions. Sure, our personal background and resume is enough to book 9 out of 10 jobs we'd apply for individually, but when looking at things from a B2B viewpoint this changes.

How do you come up with case studies and feedback within just months of signing with a few clients? Well - it’s hard, as I'm sure you can imagine, but we did it anyway! We made sure we looked at the smallest details and finest prints while working our magic, and always went above and beyond. Do we still hit a wall with some clients that expect years of case studies? Yes, rarely, but we do. Our immense immediate success is becoming more and more evident though, so that's not an issue for us anymore (thankfully!).

That said, had we started CodeCrew even earlier, we would have missed out on many opportunities to learn and grow with the best and biggest companies, learning how they operate, think, and market. In hindsight, even though it’s been a challenging start, it made us better as an agency, a team, and the people that you trust with your email marketing program.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

If you asked me ‘What would your differentiator be if you wouldn’t be an environmentally-driven agency?’ I would absolutely, 100% say design. How about strategy? Yeah - our strategy, ideation and execution is spot on, but with so many amazingly powerful resources online to learn from, strategy is easier to come by nowadays.

When it comes to vision, design prowess, and just a general feel of what not only looks great but also drives immense results, our team is second to none!

Don’t believe it? Have a look at these amazing creatives and tell me you’re not seriously impressed!


Designing kickass email templates is not only our bread & butter, but our biggest forte too.

Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm

Winston S. Churchill

Sure, sitting in a nice comfy lounge chair and telling you all the great things we’ve managed to do, and how inspiring the journey was is nothing short of a fairytale, but we all know that the world of business can often be dog-eat-dog, and that there are so many out there looking to outsmart you - for the good and bad.

We surely had some huge wins, but no doubt about it, there were plenty of moments where stress and nerves made for a very hard day / week / month.

I think what hurts us most, is when we find a new client who has a good email list size, a really good product, and they’re making just enough money from their email campaigns that they won’t budge from their comfort zone. You’d think that any entrepreneur in their right mind would only have one response when they have an opportunity to spend $1 and earn $40 (email marketing average ROI across the industry), and that the answer would have to be ‘Take my money!’.

But no, as much as it pains us to see, there are so many cases of people making $10 out of those $40 on their own from email marketing campaigns, that they simply can’t see past their own success so we can show them how much we can actually do for them. It’s a shame, really, and it’s been the story of some of our biggest disappointments.

A Dream Team

Remember the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls? Of course you do. Jordan, Pippen, Kukoc, Rodman, Longley. Absolute legends.

Our team might not be as famous, tall, athletic, or good-looking (that last one might be a lie), but they’re just as proficient in their respective fields of work as those incredible fellas. Want to get to know them better? Good, because we were going to tell you more about them anyway.

CodeCrew's email marketing specialists - Lyuba and Dorin
CodeCrew's email marketing specialists - Dan and Victor