There are many email marketing agencies out there. Promises abound when it comes to what they can do for your business. But some agencies are more than just legit, they are (or are on the way to be) legendary. Along the way, lessons are learnt and expertise expanded. This is how Big Bang Themes grew into CodeCrew, a US-based global email advertising agency… Yes, stick with us, this story is worth reading…

Who was Big Bang Themes?
What did they do?

Big Bang Themes grew from the minds of two visionary creatives – who banded together to take online marketing into the next generation. They built an industry-leading Email Drag & Drop Builder and Editor with over 11 000 web app licenses, WP Themes, WP Plugins and Email templates sold. This was geared towards small business email marketing. It was a one-stop-shop for any aspiring entrepreneur that wanted to get started.

Cracking code, compliance and customer service soon became second nature to this team that grew into a team of more than ten experts on three continents, no less.

But not only did they build these templates which clearly made its mark, their work grew into creating tech features that were intuitive to understand and really, really simple to implement. Making things simple for their customers became their way of life: and as they said: “the majority of our clients don’t have coding knowledge, and that shouldn’t be held against them!”

Big Bang Themes was founded on these core values:

  • Commitment to delivering results
  • Successful outcomes – which are reliant on a strong online presence
  • Innovation – using cutting edge development and tech methods.

How did Big Bang Themes evolve into CodeCrew?

Some things are meant to be, as the saying goes, and meeting another like-minded individual with the same ethics, similar values and outlook, was the start of CodeCrew. The lessons learnt in the Big Bang Themes era were applied from the very beginning. Learning the hard way paved the way for putting the lessons learnt such as breaking into a competitive market, into practice – and establishing a new company with strong roots.

What sets CodeCrew apart?

To say that CodeCrew has been birthed with explosive results, is no exaggeration. As with any birth, the blueprint and genetics were in place. The development of the CC infant was rapid and exceptional. And its growth since birth - really remarkable.

A mere three years in, CodeCrew now has a team of almost 50, scattered but connected, around the globe - a dyed-in-the-wool remote online business. This true blue remote-working team is already making history. Its results for client campaigns will go down in small business email marketing history as legendary. And the team’s ability to work together across the continents, its agility and good work ethics underpins, and at the same time enhances its technical and other skills.

Several of the original Big Bang Themes members are still with CodeCrew and even more initially joined. Altogether, the skills and knowledge gained from Big Bang Themes have been escalated, evolving into CodeCrew positioning itself as a niche email marketing agency – one of but a few with this ultra-specialist focus.

Our experience in designing and building emails, email campaigns and marketing strategy, form the basis of what CodeCrew offers today. But we offer much, much more.

Every step of the way from the signing of a client contract, we have experts taking charge. Evolving is for everyone… start-ups will evolve and their email marketing must not just keep pace, but actually set the pace. Yes, CodeCrew can boast many case studies which bears this out.

What does the future hold?

More of the same, we dare say, while evolving ahead of our competitors.

In this day and age an email marketing program is no longer a nice to have, it is a “bear” or should we say “bare” necessity… These two eye-opening facts should more than convince even the sternest naysayer:

  • According to eMarketer, email marketing tops the list when it comes to both customer acquisition AND customer retention. Compare that to organic and paid search on search engines, social media marketing, mobile marketing, you name it… we won’t even mention printed ads!

  • The “mighty” Facebook doesn’t even come close when it comes to customer acquisition. A Forrester report cites that people are more than twice as likely to sign up for your emails than connect with your business via the social giant. So, getting customers on to your client’s website… it should not be necessary to belabor the point we have made so far.

So admittedly, email is the highest revenue driver online. CodeCrew is growing like a bed of mushrooms (although none of us are in the dark!) We are a team of passionately driven email marketing pros – our expertly crafted designs backed by strategic solutions, and professionally adapted following our experts’ analytical reporting, has been our formula from the get-go.

And the best news is our services – and successes – are not reserved for the big players. We can take even smaller budget clients and launch their ROI into the blue beyond.
The “Crew” is always learning, applying findings in new ways, and learning some more. This learning ethic is how we’re outperforming our competitors around every turn.. giving our clients the ammo to do the same with theirs.

Check out our services:

Full-service email marketing: From go, to flow, to tracking our exceptional outcomes, our dedicated, highly skilled team will design, track a full fleet of automated workflows and campaigns with the aim of customer engagement, growing the list and GENERATING INCOME. Our expertise is not static, though. We are continuously finding small business email marketing solutions for our clients.

Email marketing audit: We do deep data dives in support of our many other assessments. Our team has the experience to spot things that are invisible to the inexperienced eye, reading analytical figures as if it’s a Beethoven sonata. These audits enable us to root out potential issues and change them before lackluster outcomes could result.

Email design and coding: Inspiring the imagination of the subscribers we are reaching is our aim. Eye-catching, breathtaking designs (each individually crafted) are tested in our A/B testing framework reaching 170 email clients with each email we design. Our designs are always aiming for an immersive user experience, bearing in mind the various devices in use and taking into account new developments like dark mode.

Inbox Performance Tracking: We see this as market research at the touch of a button. This ongoing tracking allows us to refine our timing and many other aspects of the campaign. It helps connect your brand with your customer in a meaningful way. We do not guess, ever. Data informs every adjustment we make – and our aim is always to get the needle moving… and the sales improving.

Email campaign A/B Testing: This is truly a marketing marvel, allowing us to modify our approach from an informed position. As we said, we never guess. Our agency has a depth of experience in this field, and no stone is left unturned in this part of campaign optimization. Better to test and test… improving outcomes is at the far end of this process.

Email Marketing Automation: And no, its not about doing things upfront and letting the auto function do the rest while you’re sipping your coffee. Automation can increase a client’s revenue round the clock – but not if left unattended. We set up automation based on subscribers’ behavioral triggers, but continue to manage this using all the data at our exposure, tweaking, testing and adjusting as we go along, to get the biggest ROI we possibly can.

Email Campaign Management: Continually building a list, generating leads, increasing AOV, we take the strategy as a blueprint, build our scaffold on it, taking care of any hiccups that can cause gulping gaps on the journey. As a small business email marketing tool, management of what you have is key. Because our team is agnostic we move across platforms with ease, integrating and managing everything from text to tech.

Email Campaign Render Testing: If you have never heard this term, you are not alone. So here is a short explanation. How your email is viewed when the subscriber opens it, can make all the difference. If it misses the mark, you may lose a potential customer forever. So, rendering on different devices – and in different modes – is crucial to our campaigns. And we test and test before even the A/B testing is done. Success depends on getting it right. Every time.

Deliverability Performance Tracking: Bounces are but the beginning – we watch ALL the key metrics to make sure the total email message is fully received. Hitting the ‘sweet spot’ where the subscriber responds to your message, starts with making sure it is deliver into the inbox at the best time. Yep, fewer bounces are important. But we do much more to deliver the email and get the desired reaction.

CodeCrew is proud of its expertise, its customer base and its track record. A quick look at some of our case studies will show you why.

Now that we have successfully evolved our business to become CodeCrew, Big Bang Theme products will no longer be supported.