09 Oct

A Year With the Kombucha Shop – An Email Marketing Strategy Case Study

Kate started her business with just $800, a dream and a deep love for kombucha. It wasn’t easy but with a lot of hard work, she grew her company into the largest, most reliable home-brewing kombucha brand out there. Gives to show that following your dreams is …

13 May

See how Doughp reached unparalleled 9X email revenue

How can you take a really awesome brick & mortar brand and help them build a sustainable ecommerce business? It ain’t no easy feat, I’ll tell you that! It also can’t happen overnight, mostly like Rome. The power email marketing has to increase revenue though…it’s uncanny! How …

23 Aug
By Alex L, Case Studies

Email Marketing Case Study – How We Grew Final Co Revenue 410%

Thank you for joining us while we take a look at an amazing email marketing case study that came out of the journey we’ve been on with the sweet people from FinalStraw. It’s incredible how much you can accomplish when collaboration goes together with talent and strategy …

25 Jul
By Alex L, Case Studies

CodeCrew: Looking Back On Our Last 9 Months

Who and why? So, who exactly is this funSan Francisco-based group called CodeCrew, and why did we decide to take the email marketing world by storm? As with any awesome tale, it started with humble beginnings. We’re a fun group of young designers and young-at-heart email geeks. …

26 Nov

Case Study – Life with GDPR Compliance for US Businesses

We’re already well into the GDPR consent compliance era, and clear patterns have begun to emerge. Businesses of all sizes – large, small, medium, you name it – have struggled through months of process updates to land us to where we are now. This said, we have …

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