Email Marketing Case Studies - Your favorite Brands' email strategies
15 Sep
By Alex Marin, Case Studies

What makes us Klaviyo experts? – From email marketing tactics to an optimized strategy

The email marketing software better known as Klaviyo is far and away one of the best we’ve ever used (and trust me, we’ve used pretty much all of them). It excellently integrates with your e-commerce platform; it allows strong elements of marketing automation, and it has a …

24 Aug
By Alex Marin, Case Studies

Best 2020 tips on email marketing for small businesses

Oh, hi there! Let me guess; you’re a small business owner struggling to figure out what email marketing strategy would be the best to get high ROI? I knew it. When it comes to drawing new customers, small businesses have loooots on their plates. Despite the fact …

13 Aug
By Mac Mischke, Case Studies

5 Techniques to Organically Grow your Email List

The email list is the centerpiece of email marketing. It’s the key that unlocks the door to a person’s inbox, and the inbox is where we all spend every morning, afternoon, or night. The more email addresses you have, the more opportunities you’ll have to generate leads, …

13 May
By Alex Marin, Case Studies

See how Doughp reached unparalleled 9X email revenue

How can you take a really awesome brick & mortar brand and help them build a sustainable ecommerce business? It ain’t no easy feat, I’ll tell you that! It also can’t happen overnight, mostly like Rome. The power email marketing has to increase revenue though…it’s uncanny! How …

23 Aug
By Alex Marin, Case Studies

Strategies That Guaranteed Multiplying Finals Email Marketing Growth

Thank you for joining us while we take a look at an amazing email marketing case study that came out of the journey we’ve been on with the sweet people from FinalStraw. It’s incredible how much you can accomplish when collaboration goes together with talent and strategy …

25 Jul
By Alex Marin, Case Studies

CodeCrew: Looking Back On Our Last 9 Months

Who and why? So, who exactly is this funSan Francisco-based group called CodeCrew, and why did we decide to take the email marketing world by storm? As with any awesome tale, it started with humble beginnings. We’re a fun group of young designers and young-at-heart email geeks. …

26 Nov

Case Study – Life with GDPR Compliance for US Businesses

We’re already well into the GDPR consent compliance era, and clear patterns have begun to emerge. Businesses of all sizes – large, small, medium, you name it – have struggled through months of process updates to land us to where we are now. This said, we have …