Just like soapberry bugs quickly adapting to invasive golden rain trees in Florida (it’s a long story), this email marketing case study shows how we at CodeCrew have no problem finding a unique approach to building any client’s email marketing program. So, when renowned national pest control company HomeTeam Pest Defense approached us, we adapted like a nest of Paratrechina longicornis and tackled HomeTeam’s three biggest challenges:

  • To create a long-term lead nurture strategy for subscribers who did not immediately need pest control.
  • Ensuring that we sent relevant, seasonal content based on pests that may affect subscribers at different times throughout the year.
  • Empowering subscribers and customers by educating them about pest control and highlighting the potential dangers of each pest.  

Finding a solution to these challenges was vital for retaining HomeTeam’s crucial customer base and turning leads into new customers.

Read on and see how we helped HomeTeam spread their wings.

Now That’s Fly - Turning Existing Leads Into New Customers

The first challenge (that long-term lead nurture strategy) required some out-of-the-hive thinking. HomeTeam Pest Defense had a whole segment of email subscribers who were interested in pest control but didn’t require HomeTeam’s services at the time they signed up.

To create a buzz, we crafted email marketing campaigns and automations that informed recipients about HomeTeam’s standout service offering and the importance of pest control. Over the following months, we helped keep HomeTeam top of mind, even for subscribers who weren’t pest control customers yet.

The result? Many leads became customers and we expect many more will order HomeTeam’s pest control services soon.

Pest Control 24/7, 365 - The Power of Geographic Segmentation

There’s not much point in warning you about the Arizona bark scorpion’s nesting habits when you live in Florida. So, when it came to crafting relevant, localized content, we spun webs around the challenge of sending area-specific content about seasonal pests in each region.

To ensure email subscribers received seasonal updates on pests living right outside their door, a strong segmentation strategy was key. If mosquitoes were mating in Houston, we made sure Texans knew about it.

Segmenting subscribers by location was incredibly effective for customer retention. We were able to create campaigns specifically for existing customers while also highlighting the importance of effective pest control during the off-season (usually winter) to prevent churn.

We also segmented customers based on how long they’d been using HomeTeam’s services, allowing us to send personalized ‘thank you’ messages, which helped build stronger customer relationships and encouraged recipients to continue using HomeTeam for all their pest control needs.

But we were far from done.

Bitten by the Trivia Bug - Providing Valuable Education

Proper education quickly became one of the most important aspects of HomeTeam’s calendar - especially in instances where recipients may not have known the severity of the damage a specific pest could cause to their property, family, and even pets.

Through informative newsletters, we helped provide this education for subscribers, ensuring that they stayed up-to-date with their pest control, or started ordering professional treatments as soon as possible.

If we’ve stopped just one homeowner from trying to get rid of wasps by themselves, we consider that a job well done.

Let’s Get Down to Bee’s-Knees

This email marketing case study of HomeTeam’s program is just one example of what sets CodeCrew apart. We understand that when it comes to sending engagement and ROI through the roof, there’s no one-size-fits-all. That's why our 'Crew creates strategy and content that’s specific to your KPIs and the needs of your subscribers.

So, if underperforming emails are bugging you, give us a holler.