When it comes to effective full-service email marketing, knowing your audience is the name of the game. So, when switching from B2C/D2C to B2B, we’re not only singing to a different crowd, we’re in a totally different arena altogether. Luckily, as a bona fide B2B email marketing agency, CodeCrew rocks at any performance.

Why a B2B Email Marketing Agency Will Get You the Results You Want

The challenge with generating B2B email marketing ideas is that wholesale clients speak a different language. After all, you’re selling to people who are already good at selling, so you’ll need to level up your tactics. Trying to get business from another business requires a completely distinctive approach - one where you stop focusing on purchases and, instead, shift towards a partnership mindset. Basically, B2B = B².

However, the peculiarities don’t end there. For example, B2B buyers have completely different timelines, and this has an impact on how email campaigns and flows are scheduled. Even those flows will need unique strategies, as general automations like welcome, cart abandonment, and browse abandonment may be completely irrelevant if your business operates differently.

Segmentation is a key ingredient in our secret sauce and, when it comes to B2B email marketing, we add a few extra spoonfuls. Creating personalized and relevant content is crucial if you want your B2B to be the best it can be (see what we did there?).

Another thing to consider is that a B2B email marketing agency needs to have a super-quick response time. Last-minute events, flash sales, and product updates often need to be announced yesterday, so you need a team that delivers fast without compromising on brand voice or quality. 

The Importance of Data-Driven B2B Email Marketing Strategy

When it comes to delivering breathtaking results, we don’t rely on guesswork. No, sir. We follow a pragmatic approach driven by the only thing that matters in business strategy - data. The numbers don't lie, so you can always bank on them to tell you what works when generating B2B email marketing ideas.

When creating a B2B email marketing strategy for your brand, we’ll tailor it to ensure that it's perfectly suited to your specific business needs - and the needs of your buyers. Each bit of existing data is like an infinity stone, and we wield that shiny gauntlet to build the strategy for your program before thoroughly testing all campaigns and flows. We test absolutely everything, from optimal send times to messaging platforms (SMS vs email), and even the color of your CTA buttons. We then analyze the new data to optimize and tweak where necessary to ensure that your program is running as well as it could be. Then we do it all over again.

So, does this B2B email marketing strategy work? Let’s take a gander at some of our results.

Examples of B2B Email Marketing

We’d like to draw your attention to two of our B2B email marketing clients and the spectacular results we’ve achieved for them through our data-driven approach.

The Hayden LA B2B brand required an email marketing program that would achieve two things:

1. Help buyers and SMEs stay on-trend with the latest designs.

2. Build relationships between buyers and the Hayden LA sales team.

Since joining CodeCrew in 2021, Hayden LA has seen phenomenal growth, including a 155% increase in H2 2021 sales, a 52% increase in average order value from workflows, and double Revenue Per Recipient in the first six months. 

For Neurogan’s B2B label, we applied some CBD ointment to their sales figures, yielding a 118% increase in monthly deal revenue, a 58% increase in open rates, and a 50% increase in click rates.


That’s only a sample of what we’re achieving here at Casa del CodeCrew. Looking for great examples of B2B email marketing design? Here are some of our favorites:


Like what you see? Want to add your business to our repertoire? Keep reading.

B2B Email Marketing Services - What You Can Expect From Us

Your journey with CodeCrew will make the Wizard of Oz look like a gloomy trip to the grocery store. Buckle up, Dorothy, because there’s a whole gamut of exciting B2B email marketing services that await you. Here are the main stops on our trail:

  1. Audit - we take stock of your existing email campaigns to thoroughly understand your business.

  2. Calendar Build - including key automations and monthly campaigns which are built using that data-driven strategy we mentioned. 

  3. Content & Design - our marketing elves grab their tools and create jaw-dropping emails that look amazing.

  4. Campaign Management - we keep a close eye on every single aspect of your campaign to ensure everything runs smoothly. Plus, we’re constantly tweaking to achieve optimal results.

  5. Reporting - we keep you informed on the performance of your marketing campaigns as well as how we’re planning to optimize our strategy moving forward. 

Of course, all legendary journeys start with that first step - let’s do it