Passionate about making the world a better place through my skillset.

We know that each and every business has something amazing to offer the world, and needs an equally amazing Crew (pa-da-tss) to help them achieve their goals.
Alex L, founder

My Story

My story is in fact our story. It's the story of a person who managed to rediscover oneself after years of wandering on a different path, not wrong, just different, and who managed to become whole after finding the indispensable source of equilibrium offered by the better half.

Although I’ve become an email marketing expert, I wasn’t always this well attuned to the ins and outs of what makes a great email marketing program.

It is a story that starts with me trying to be the best version of myself during my school years just to please my family, just to later realise that not following your heart will never help you discover your true self and that you will always feel out of place.

I graduated from the University of Foreign Languages and got my Masters Degree in Modern Applied Languages just to find out that although I was pretty good at translating, I couldn't get any satisfaction out of it at the end of the day and that being good at something that brings a good source of revenue is not enough of a motivation to keep me going. It was right about then when I met my husband and my world was turned upside down, my world was ‘turning turtle’ (for all Mary Poppins fans out there) but I had no idea it was going totally ‘flippity flop’ and that my life would shift completely. What started out as young love turned out to be the most beautiful story of self discovery anybody gets to experience as I began learning a plethora of new things about myself, from the fact that I was a creative person deep down, to me being in the position of a serious businesswoman ready to take on so many new challenges in such a short amount of time. I learned that you can switch lanes at any age and with the right kind of support system around you - the possibilities are endless. Although we’re focused on email strategy here, there wasn’t much of a strategy behind how I ended up here, being in charge of this wonderful Oakland-based email marketing agency we lovingly call CodeCrew.

What sparks your engine?

My husband is the spark that starts every engine. His positivity is contagious and his drive is like nothing I’ve seen before. He encouraged me to start fooling around with Photoshop when he saw that there's a lot of creativity dormant inside of me so I took on his challenge and I soon realized that I actually love designing and that letting my creative juices flow awakened the Kraken in me. Did you know that it's quite shocking to find out that you were meant to do something completely different than what you initially set out for yourself?! It's somehow both liberating and empowering as you realise that you’re strong enough to take on new challenges and develop a new side of you - a side that you had no idea you had in the first place. After graduation, I definitely didn’t expect that I’d find myself starting an industry-leading email marketing agency, crafting email designs during my days (while still moonlighting as a superhero, of course), but couldn’t be any happier that it turned out this way.

After learning the ins and outs of web design I started getting gigs as a freelancer but I didn't want to stop there because I felt that I could do so much more. I had a vision of creating great quality designs with a mission. Yes, you read correctly, with a mission because I believe that everything you do in your life must be backed up by a mission and mine was to help the world around me the best way I could. So with the support of my husband and a very dear friend of ours we started an email marketing agency and put together a team of passionate and talented professionals who, under the name of CodeCrew, provide probably some of the finest email marketing services out there.

Mission-driven: do good first&foremost

Since we had all our feelings and resources focused on doing our best to help the ones we work with, helping their business grow, and growing a solid relationship between us and them through our email marketing expertise (and our fun sense of humor!), things escalated pretty quickly and we’re now a team of 15 people ready to change your email marketing presence for the better and upgrade your business the right way.

And since I've mentioned ‘the right way’, I am extremely happy to announce that we’re proud 1% for the Planet partners, continuing our mission to help this wonderful world we live in in the best way we can. What’s even better is that we get to work with people that have the same mission at their core and we couldn't be more thankful for that. I’m a true believer in that you must work with people who inspire you, whom you can learn from and develop constructive relationships, who are willing to invest in the people they interact with just as much as they invest in their business because without strong and healthy all round principles, the chase for success will stay just that... a relentless chase with nothing left to make you a better professional or person. It's not just about me or just about you. It’s about us.

“I would not have gotten here without the pillars of this family... my team, my true friends, my brave sidekicks.”

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