Forget organizing your kitchen, learning a new language, or finally finishing that book - your biggest resolution should be to launch your new year email marketing into the exosphere. But that’s easier said than done, right? Well, not when you have the know-how and a team of experts on your side. Here’s how to get the engagement and revenue you’re looking for in 2024.

It’s a New Year for Email Marketing - Are You Ready?

Once you’ve vacuumed up all the confetti, it’s time to shake off the holiday vibes and get down to business. Here’s why you should consider doubling down on your email marketing in the new year:

Luckily, setting yourself up for success in the new year can be achieved with some clever strategizing and a keen eye for knockout emails.

Or, you can make the smartest choice by partnering with a team of experienced email marketing pros who will create and manage a results-driven email marketing program for you. It’s still the best way to ensure success without spending every minute of your day worrying about deliverability issues, coding, design, A/B testing, strategizing, re-strategizing, and a whole mountain of other variables that can affect your ROI.

In the meantime, here are some steps you can take to start leveling up your email marketing efforts.

New Year Email Marketing Ideas and Tips

Take notes, because we’re about to take a deep dive into New Year Email Marketing 101:

  1. Do a brief audit of the previous year: Look through your data to see what worked and what didn’t, then decide what you’d like to achieve with the new year’s email marketing program. Example: If a major KPI for your business is to grow your email list, you should set up effective subscriber overlays to collect new email addresses (or tweak your existing ones) and ensure that your welcome flow is running smoothly.
  2. Plan, plan, plan: By January, you should have your email marketing calendar mapped out until at least March, and have a rough framework for the coming six months. This can always be tweaked, but having a roadmap of where you want to be at the end of Q1 is essential.
  3. Optimize your existing automations and set up any new workflows: This is a huge part of bringing in consistent revenue, so make sure that your workflows are up to date and working as they should be. It’s also a great idea to get started on any new workflows that could be lucrative for your business, like a subscriber winback flow or cross-sell flow.
  4. Discounts are good: In January, people are looking for sales as the holiday season can be expensive. Customers are likely to appreciate monetary discounts or offers like free shipping.

New Year Email Marketing Ideas

  • ‘New year, new you’ campaigns: This is especially relevant if you’re in the health and wellness industry.
  • Starting fresh: There’s nothing like starting the new year with a clean home, new clothes, new recipe ideas, or new hobbies. This angle is great for encouraging customers to get prepped for the year ahead by using your products and services.
  • Be your best self: An inspirational angle can be a powerful one, especially at the beginning of the year. Use this as a springboard to create empowering, emotive content that can deepen relationships with your customers and turn leads into purchasers.
  • Back-to-work campaigns: This can include products and services that help ease your customers back into their routines, as well as tips and tricks to help them make the most of every workday.

Get Those Open Rates Up With These New Year Email Marketing Subject Lines

Now, let’s focus on those important one-liners. Here are 10 examples of good subject lines you can use for your campaigns in the new year:

  • Happy New Year! Start 2024 with 30% OFF your next order
  • New Year, New Deal: Save on your first delivery of the year
  • Our new year’s resolution: Giving you 20% off SITEWIDE
  • 40% OFF: We’re starting 2024 with a bang!
  • Conquer 2024 with these tips
  • New year, new you - Let’s hit the ground running
  • Paying for shipping is SO last year
  • Get that 2024 look

Since customers’ inboxes start getting pretty crowded by mid-January, a good new year email marketing subject line is an effective way to ensure your campaigns stand out. So, take some time to craft something bold and punchy that will really ignite your subscriber’s curiosity.

Here are a few basics to follow:

  • Keep it short: No more than 30 characters, but try to keep it way below that.
  • Use your pre-header: It’s a great way to add context to your subject line.
  • Keep it concise: Stick to your main offer and avoid fluff.
  • Avoid clickbait: There’s a VERY fine line between being mysterious and ending up in a spam folder.
  • Focus on the customer: Use wording that makes the reader the hero.

Final Thoughts

We’ve covered quite a lot, but that’s just the tip of Mount Everest. If you REALLY want to see continued growth and kickstart an email marketing program that generates stellar ROI, the best thing to do is partner with a passionate team of email marketing experts.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Comprehensive audit: We’ll look at your existing email marketing to determine what’s working and what can be improved.
  • Data-driven strategy: Using the numbers at hand (plus our MANY years of experience), we craft an impactful blueprint to help you smash your goals.
  • Polished copy: Our squad of copywriters jump in and craft some ROI-generating verbiage.
  • Jaw-dropping design: From complementary colors to perfectly placed typography, our world-class designers know exactly how to make emails go POP!
  • Custom coding: Ensuring everything works beautifully on any device requires a top team of coding experts.
  • Complete reporting: We gather the data and report back to you on how we’re moving forward.