Oh, hi there! Let me guess; you’re a small business owner struggling to figure out what email marketing strategy would be the best to get high ROI? I knew it.

When it comes to drawing new customers, small businesses have loooots on their plates. Despite the fact that there are many communication channels that companies can use to reach their potential customers, trust us, email still works wonders. And the good news is that the massive ROI isn’t just reserved for the big players. Even little guys with smaller budgets can profit substantially from utilizing email marketing.

The reality is that most of your new visitors will never return to your store, like, ever again—unless what? Unless you do something to keep them coming back. Now replace this something with email marketing and continue reading.

Email is what will help you retain the traffic you worked so hard to earn by providing those people from your subscribers’ list with an incentive to stay in touch.

If you’re a small business owner with not enough time, I completely understand that keeping up with this can be a challenge. Isn’t that's why you’re here today? Looking for email marketing tips and tricks? As well as the best email marketing services for small business to incorporate into your processes? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

Best 2023 tips on email marketing for small businesses Post Highlights:

Tips to create a successful email campaign for your company

Email marketing is often cited as the most lucrative form of digital marketing. It can boast an ROI of literally 1,300%—or even more. Don’t trust me? You can always take a look at our email marketing case study. To help you get a better understanding of how you can achieve the same, here is a list of email marketing tips for small business:

Grow Your List

First things first. Before you start sending out emails, what you need to have are contacts interested in receiving them, right? Sure. As a small business, you always wanted to kickstart that email marketing campaign at any cost. The easiest way to get the email list you wanted is to buy them. That’s just wrong on so many levels, and it won’t give you the results you desired to get. But whyyy? Because none of those readers would really want to see your content. You can’t even know if they’re really interested in your content. Or not at all.

Determine the type of email you want to send

The type of emails that you’re going to send mostly depends on what kind of small business you own. Sure, it’s always safe to start with a monthly email newsletter, but some other examples include:

Promotional emails for discounts and special offers 

Seasonal messages (for special events or holidays)

Transactional emails (appointment notifications, e-commerce receipts, etc.)

Loyalty programs for the most dedicated customers

The important role of email design and content

The key to email design is to always keep the goal of your email campaign and your customers in mind. You want the content and design of your message to be clear. Along with the action you want subscribers to take. Of course, you do. But also make sure your email copy and design reflects your brand.

If your goal is to send a mass email to all of your contacts, it’s literally impossible to send a message that will be relevant to every single person. What is the solution then? List segmentation? Correct! Once you break out your subscribers into smaller groups, it becomes much easier for you to craft a message that resonates with your readers. That drives more engagement. 

Use an embedded sign-up form

Scrolling through the internet 24/8 (yup, 8), I see many businesses still use a link when asking their visitors to sign up for their newsletter. But, why link guys, why?

You can just embed a form on your website and increase your newsletter subscription rate. Did you know that replacing a link with an opt-in form can increase your subscription rate by 20 to 50%? Well, now you know. This is what’s going to save your visitors that extra click and effort. 

Moral of the story - make that sign-up process as accessible and easy as possible.

Analyze the performance to improve future campaigns

If you think you’re done with all the job once you hit that ‘send’ button, think again.

Email marketing provides you with a unique opportunity to learn a lot from your customers. That’s exactly why you should be analyzing the performance of your emails all the time regarding your email marketing KPIs.

If certain emails perform unsuccessfully with your audience, you need to look for new ways to improve your next campaign.

Make your emails mobile-friendly

Since over  50% of Americans read emails on their smartphones, you have to make sure your emails are mobile-responsive. I’m serious. We’re in 2023 people, there’s really no way around it! The design of your emails has to “respond” to the type of screen (whether that would be mobile, tablet, or desktop) that your reader uses and to render accordingly in order to provide the best possible experience.

Moreover, those people aren’t just reading your emails on their phones – they also use them to make purchases, right? Riiight. So make sure that each web page your email links to is completely optimized for mobile conversions.

Send automated emails

Don't tell me that your business still isn’t sending automated emails in 2023? Then make it happen...now. Automated emails will save you a lot of your precious time and do wonders for growing customer relationships.

If you want to send a regular newsletter, then you should set up an automated welcome email for your new subscribers. That’s what’s going to start your relationship on the right foot and build trust between your new contacts and your brand.

What you can also do is to set up automated emails based on a contact’s previous behavior. For instance, you can contact your readers to inform them about their favorite items or complementary products that they recently purchased.


Tools to use in your efforts

Some of the site builders out there such as Wix and Squarespace may seem like a perfect deal to you, but I’m afraid I have to tell you that managing sales from them isn’t as easy as it might seem. These can be good options for those of you who don’t have the technical expertise at all but want to create a basic website. But in case your goal is to create a great website loaded with too many features, then you’ll find limitations of these website builders as they’re only providing some specific set of features to their users. What’s more, these don’t provide source code for the website, so if you choose to create the website again, what you’ll have to do is to start from scratch....again.

But no worries at all, I have a much better option for you - You can either opt for Shopify or WooCommerce.

Shopify is for those of you that need an all-in-one-package, so you can publish your own e-store entirely within Shopify and make use of its neat apps and features.

Shopify will take care of the technical maintenance of running your online store. Their plan includes hosting and all the necessary security certificates. You can relax as your e-store grows ‘cause you know it’s not gonna crash under the increased traffic. What’s more, it has quality 24/7 support, as well as the multi-channel integration. 

WooCommerce is for those of you that already have a website. This is a plugin that works with WordPress, and that turns your website into an online store. The customization possibilities with this platform are inexhaustible. You will be able to create an e-store with a real personality. Little wonder that they call themselves “the world’s most customizable ecommerce platform” that also has a powerful SEO, and stylish, specially designed WooThemes.

Use the right email marketing software

The right email marketing software is essential for creating a successful email campaign, and email marketing can be a real challenge without email marketing software (it’s not the 70’s anymore, people!) and as such, it would be best to choose a good one right out of the gate. Though as klaviyo experts we personally believe that there’s no better ESP out there than Klaviyo, you can always research the best klaviyo alternatives to find the perfect fit for your small business.

Utilize Privy or JustUno for your sign-up forms  

If you’re looking for some extra support to reduce cart abandonment and to boost those conversion rates for your e-commerce store, then either Privy or Justuno can be a perfect choice. 

Justuno is a platform for improving conversion rates using AI. By observing customer data as they browse, they’re collecting data points that are intelligently offering promotions at the right time. Using banner ads, pop-ups, push notifications, and so on, they offer a wide variety of ways to encourage your potential customers to make a purchase.

On the other hand, Privy is a platform that combines on-page advertising with email marketing, upsells, as well as text messaging to improve your conversion rates. It offers spin-to-win competitions, pop-up ads, and simple forms for lead capturing.

The Insightly CRM Platform Marketing Automation - This tool provides a deeper analysis on the powerful CRM software. Generally, it’s an internet-based, comprehensive CRM system and project management designed to integrate with multiple applications. It is a perfect fit for small businesses that are seeking powerful solutions without having to manage hardware or backups.

Speaking about the analytics, you can’t just depend upon the analytics provided by the shopping cart. What you need is definitely Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking set up. Why am I saying this? By using this, you will be able to correlate data with website usage data like bounce rate, sessions, traffic source (landing pages, medium, etc.) Such type of correlation analysis is necessary if you want to understand the performance of your marketing campaigns and landing pages. Otherwise, you may never know which campaigns and landing pages are driving sales and which are not. 

Last but not least, what’s truly necessary is to have a plan in place that will outline all your marketing activities on a month-to-month basis. Having the calendar be clear & concise will help your team be proactive about the emails instead of just always having them be an afterthought, trust me. 

Okay, but what is the marketing calendar at all? It’s exactly what it sounds like - it’s a plan that covers all of your marketing activities for the whole year. Like all the other aspects of business plans and email marketing strategies, this one also requires some initial investment in resources and time, but it pays off later. 

What I suggest is using Google Spreadsheets for a marketing calendar for the entire year. This calendar allows you to automate reminders and set recurring events, which can be especially useful for regular blog posts or even email updates.

When you justify the costs, an email marketing agency will help you turbocharge your program. How? Just watch me.

How CodeCrew can help

We specialize in expertly crafted email marketing designs and strategic solutions focused on usability, creative branding, and A/B testing. I mean, you can just take a look at our email marketing portfolio and see for yourself. We’re not here to just make a quick buck and templatize each of our client’s programs. One size fits all? Nooot when it comes to our approach.

Your email marketing program is an exceptional chance to show everybody just how awesome your business is. We have a heart, and we know that each and every business (not only those corporate giants out there) has something astonishing to offer the world. Aand needs an equally astonishing email marketing agency to help them achieve their goals, right? Knowing that each of our clients is unique, we craft each and every email, automation, overlay, and sign up page specifically to them through data we gain within consistent A/B testing. So, go ahead, test us!


Now use these tips on email marketing for success in 2023

Well, now that you have all of these tips in your hand, I’m pretty sure you are eager to get started with email marketing. 

Maaaaaybe to a lot of you, small business owners out there, email marketing may now seem like a tough process. But trust me, by following all of these tips, you will be able to increase open and click rates in your emails, sales and thus increase your ROI.

So... what are you waiting for?! It’s about time to get that small business started with email marketing.