Shows like Million Dollar Listing, Selling Sunset, and Buying Beverly Hills have shown us that real estate is a HUGE business right now. However, not everyone can be Ryan Serhant or Mauricio Umansky with a million followers and endless resources. So, how do you get people to your open house - or let clients know that there are new properties available - without exceeding your marketing budget? With the best real estate email marketing, of course. And by the best, we mean CodeCrew's email marketing services for real estate (obviously).

Here’s Why Real Estate Email Marketing Works

As a real estate agent, you know that time is money - and the clock is always ticking. When you’re not hustling to find new listings, you’re working to get them sold. It’s a 24/7 grind requiring a certain level of chutzpah that few possess.

Plus, in an industry where building personal relationships is crucial, it’s important that real estate agents minimize the time spent at their computers. Here’s where real estate email marketing templates do a lot of the work for you. They allow you to go out there and get noticed.

Not only will automated emails save you time, they’re great for your bottom line, too:

  • On average, automated emails outperform campaign emails every time with 83.4% higher open rates.
  • Automated emails yield an average 341% higher click rate than campaign emails.
  • With automated emails, business owners see a sizable increase in conversion rates.
  • Automated emails yield a 451% increase in qualified leads, when compared to social media marketing.

Those are some good-looking stats.

Professional real estate email marketing templates allow you to beautifully showcase new properties to prospective buyers. Plus it’s a great way to invite fellow brokers to open houses. What’s more, an email marketing welcome flow can let buyers and sellers know about the specific services that set you apart. This can help sway them when it comes to buying or selling their next property. More about these welcome flows later.

Think Segmentation

To up your property game even more, your email campaigns can be tailored to specific sectors. By collecting some preference data when clients sign up, you can segment your audience based on both sector and price points.

Focus your messaging on what matters to each audience, and you’ll earn a reputation as a valuable resource. This is all thanks to a few simple templates.

Keep It Personal and Relevant

Posting on social media or (shudder) creating an ad in the local newspaper is all good and fine. Let’s be real though - this is the 21st century. The days of shouting “for sale!” into the fray and hoping that that will close your deal are over. The best real estate marketing emails allow you to communicate directly with potential buyers and other brokers in a way that feels personal and, above all, relevant to them.

Email marketing services for real estate stats
Email marketing services for real estate stats

Advantages of Using CodeCrew’s Email Marketing Services for Real Estate

In real estate, your network determines your net worth. So, when it comes to selling a property, you want to reach the widest possible audience. Of course, you'll still want to maintain that personal touch with your own unique brand. This is where a stellar email marketing program comes in.

Don't Underestimate Overlays

A strong email marketing program will include (at the very least) sign-up overlays and a welcome series. These will allow you to expand your database and reach more people, more often.

What are overlays? They’re the pop-ups on a website that encourage users to sign up for your marketing campaigns. Besides getting a potential client’s email address, you can also utilize these to gather more information about them. A secondary pop-up could be used to ask about the client’s area, preferred property, and even family size. This extra information is hugely beneficial if you want to create a personalized, properly segmented email marketing program.

Got a Big Announcement?

Found a hot property that needs an urgent sale? A stunning email marketing campaign allows you to announce a new or upcoming open house timeously and impactfully. Plus, you can send reminders to clients who haven’t engaged with your original send. That way, they’ll be more likely to drop by for the open house. It also ensures you remain on their real estate radar.

Worried that a wide reach might diminish that personal touch? With the right email marketing services for real estate, you ensure that every client feels valued. Remember, this is the cornerstone of good real estate business. The secret is to set up personalized flows and campaigns. These will meet buyers, sellers, and brokers wherever they are in their property journey. It’s like being able to network with hundreds of individuals at the same time. The best part is that each person still feels unique and valued as a client.

Now, we’re sure you have a few questions, so we took the liberty of answering the most pertinent ones:

Does Real Estate Email Marketing Work?

Short answer: YES! Research shows that real estate marketing emails have an average open rate of 33%, and they yield an average ROI of 36%. Not only that, but email marketing has 50 to 100 times better click-through rates than social media. Plus, 63% of Gen Z consumers actually prefer direct email. How’s that for backing up a claim with solid numbers!

Why Is Email Marketing Important for Real Estate Agents?

The importance of real estate email marketing is clear. After all, good marketing is essential to any agent’s livelihood. So, when considering that email marketing is beating social media and print by leaps and bounds, it’s a must-have for any serious real estate professional. It affords you the opportunity to reach clients directly with relevant content. Plus, it also lets you build a personal relationship by showcasing the things that make you unique. Remember: before they buy a house, clients must first buy into YOU.

How Do Real Estate Companies Do Email Marketing?

While all real estate agencies utilize the basics of email marketing (if they don’t, good luck to them), the difference will come into play based on their clientele. Segmentation, automation, thorough A/B testing, and well-rounded content are just some of the tried-and-tested methods. For instance, a lot rides on your welcome email to new subscribers. This is statistically the strongest performer with a 46% average open rate. However, things like your email cadence and tone can only be determined by trial and error to see what gets the best response. One thing we can guarantee you is that successful companies are paying very close attention to these metrics.

How Do I Create a Real Estate Email?

You get emails, and then you get emails. Assuming you’re looking for an effective email that converts readers into clients like crazy, there are some industry tricks that will help you stand out from your competition. Here are a few to get you started:

  • The Right ESP: Choosing the right Email Service Provider is the first step. There’s no right or wrong answer here, it all depends on the size of your business and what you want to achieve. We’re always happy to help you find the perfect fit. And, because we’re proudly ESP-agnostic, you can rest assured that our only priority is to get the right one for you.
  • Content Pillars: Here you’ll divide your messaging into columns - we usually have between 4 and 5, to ensure the brand messaging doesn’t spread too thin. Each column will be a topic (e.g. listings, real estate tips, agent spotlight, etc.) and each email needs to fall into one of these columns. This helps keep your messaging laser-focused and helps you balance out your calendar by not, for example, having too many listings sent out in a row.
  • Automation: This refers to emails sent automatically as a client passes through various stages in the brand journey. By setting these up you can maintain that personal touch at scale. Think about it - if you’re going to have the same basic conversation with many people, it makes sense to have automated flows doing the legwork for you. Here are the basic flows you’ll need to consider:
    Welcome Flow: This is a series of emails a client will receive once they subscribe. As stated before, the first email is the most important, since it usually gets the biggest open rate. Start with a friendly welcome email that elicits excitement for what’s to come. Then you can send subscribers more emails (not too close together) that showcase your agency’s USP, followed by a few hot properties, agent profiles, etc.
    Browse Abandon Flow: This a series of emails to get subscribers who browsed properties to come back and take the next step. Start with an email stating that the properties they browsed are still on the market. Then follow up with a few recommended properties based on their profile and browsing habits. This can be done with some clever coding, so you don’t have to add these manually. One thing we pay close attention to is not coming across as too pushy. Instead, these should have an inspiring tone that addresses any potential pain points.
    Enquiry Flow: If a subscriber requested more information on a certain property, you can automate the initial conversation. If the first email doesn’t lead to a meeting, you can send a follow up email reminding the recipient of their interest and even add a few recommended properties in case they’ve changed their mind and decided to look for something different. Again, the trick here is to know your audience and address the reasons why they’re not taking action.
  • Segmentation: It’s worth mentioning again that you should only be sending relevant content. Know your subscribers and ensure they only get information that matters to them. Divide your audience according to income, size, location, budget, and even new buyers vs previous clients.
  • Personalization: Remember, you need to sell yourself first. By framing relevant content in a personalized manner, you’re building a personal profile with buyers and sellers. Be sure to personalize each email according to your style - you want subscribers to remember that they’re dealing with a human being. One major tool we use here is personalized content and subject lines - by inserting the subscriber’s name, we can have an email be addressed to that person. You’ve probably received a few of these emails yourself.

Email marketing services for real estate house
Email marketing services for real estate house

Now that we’ve gone over a few basic DOs, let’s take a look at the DON’TS when setting up your email marketing…

How NOT To Do Real Estate Email Marketing

While we can fill pages with tips and advice on how to dial your email marketing up to eleven, sometimes it’s simpler just to point out the no-nos. Here’s a short list of things to avoid:

  • Bad Subject Lines: This is your one-line pitch to subscribers. A well-crafted subject line can be the difference between conversion and unsubscribing, so it’s crucial that you give this some thought and ensure that you nail it. Keep it short and intriguing, but avoid clickbait. Pro tip: always ensure you use wording that makes the client the hero. It’s all about them and how they can benefit from your services.
  • Bad Photos: Nothing says ‘nope’ like property photos that look like stills from a crime scene. Consider opening a blind, hiring a pro, or taking a basic photography course. Why not update your profile photo while you’re at it? Remember that saying about a picture being worth a thousand words?
  • Send to All: Emailing a family of six about a new 1-bedroom simplex on the market is not a bright idea. Rather than bombarding (and annoying) your contacts with irrelevant emails, it’s best to segment them according to their age, budget, location, etc.
  • Daily Emails: The rule of thumb is once per week - and the emails you send should be worth reading. Overloading your contacts with mediocre emails sends a clear message that a) you don’t value their time, and b) you’ll send them any old property you come across. You want your customers to see your name in their inbox and think, ‘Ooh, I wonder what they found!’.

That’s the DO’s and DON’Ts, now let’s take a gander at some simple ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

Real Estate Email Marketing Ideas

  • Listings: Remember - if all your listings are special, none of them are. Use segmentation to highlight your five best properties for a specific market. Send one of these to each segment each month, but be sure to remind them that they can contact you if they’re looking for something else. Above all, don’t just tell them that a property is available, tell them why this property is on YOUR list.
  • Agent Spotlight: If you’re working as a team, an email that introduces one of your agents to potential clients helps add a personal touch to your brand. Here you can give some background on the agent and have them answer a few interesting questions. Also ensure that you promote that agent’s specific listings in the email.
  • Industry Tips and News: You can’t go wrong with value-added content. The aim of informative emails is to establish yourself as an authority in the real estate industry. For example, if a new regulation is being discussed, make sure that your subscribers know about it and how it will affect them. You can also send emails with top tips on house hunting - what to look for in a new property and how to spot hidden problems that might cost a fortune if not taken care of immediately.
  • Community Updates: Nothing makes a buyer feel more comfortable than an agent who is engrained in the community. By sharing local news and joining local initiatives, you position yourself as a person who knows the area and is on a first name basis with the local community. Who better to snatch up a sought-after property first than a friend of the neighbor, right?

Hopefully, we’ve ticked all your boxes so far and answered a few questions. But just wait until we show you the interior…

What Our Real Estate Email Marketing Services Entail

We understand that, when compared to ecommerce marketing, a real estate marketing email is a completely different game. Once you open the door and step into Casa del CodeCrew, you’ll discover a plate of scrumptious expertise waiting by the foyer, with a hint of freshly-brewed real estate email marketing ideas.

On the ground floor you’ll find:

  • An initial audit to determine where your business is at and where improvements can be made.
  • A comprehensive email calendar and strategy to ensure your messaging is relevant, on-point, and super-effective.
  • The finest automated flows in the neighborhood to help you maintain that personal touch at scale.

Moving up to the first floor, where:

  • Our copy, coding and design teams will ensure that every single email packs a one-two punch.
  • We test and monitor everything from start to finish in order to ascertain what works best for your audience.

And, finally, the view from the balcony:

  • We report back to you with our findings and provide more real estate email marketing ideas to plan how we’ll move forward.

All this is done with only one mission - to grow your list until you run out of ‘SOLD’ signs. So, take our card, think about it, and call us once you’re ready to skyrocket your ROI with the best real estate email marketing in the neighborhood.