Our visual sense is waaay more developed than any other sense humans were endowed with, and our visual representations are banked in our long-term consciousness which is exactly why we naturally process optical information much easier than anything else. To be more specific, 90% of the information sent to the brain is purely visual That's why an animated GIF can make all the difference.

Read on for some pretty priceless information that any marketer should flesh out and use in their favor. 

Oh, now I see... you’re eager to find out more about how to add animated GIFs into emails and how it can influence the effect of an email campaign on your recipients, and that’s exactly why we decided to put together in this article a bunch of high-grade data that will blast your way into the wide and fascinating world of… *background drums* ... email GIFs.

Animated GIFs In Emails Post Highlights:

What are Animated GIFs in emails?

First off, to settle an extremely important issue - how do you pronounce it? Is it really...ɡɪf or dʒɪf?! Who knows?! That’s not why we’re here!

The reason why we’re here today is to introduce you to the Graphics Interchange Formats - sets of motion images included in a single file. Since its launch in 1987, GIFS became waaay more popular due to its serviceability and motility. Now this important visual component - animated GIFs in emails can be used in many original ways to better convey a message or to tell a brand’s story that wouldn’t have had the same impact on the reader if you only employed a static text.

How Animation In Emails Can Influence Email Marketing Campaigns

Animated GIFs in emails exist to bring your lifeless marketing campaigns back to life. Not only will they delight the recipients’ eyes, but they will also serve your purpose. Yup, I mean urge your users to take action. Those types of email will actually capture your readers’ attention and appeal to their emotions in a more personal way. 

Are we on the same page here? Thank God! Then let me tell you fair and square: let go of that hit and miss old style and add some dynamism to your emails with animated GIFs. You’ll get yourself a one-of-a-kind message seasoned with only the finest ingredients: fun, effectiveness, persistence, and accuracy. That’s riding high, my friend!

Remind Your Audience of Their Unfinished Business With a Cart/Browser Abandon Email GIF


When to use GIFs in your emails

GIFs are smart instruments that you can use in almost any email campaign, even when your potential buyer has just abandoned its cart or has just given up browsing through your products. 

Didn’t see that coming, huh?! Lemme ask you this: If you were a client, wouldn’t you be tempted to resume your previous action and finalize the purchase? Thought so. 

While Highwave appeals in a more personal way to the client by mentioning the advantages of their wonderful products on the environment and the benefits that they bring to the entire family, Knife Aid tests our taste buds in a big way with their animated image! *drooling* Not to mention the way in which it suggests the recipient needs through the text under the image; plus the impressive testimonials, and a reminder of the characteristics of the product, and the one-of-a-kind customer care. On top of that, it gives you a hint on what goes well with your chicken, like a pro in the domain. Brilliant!

Let Your Customers Know You Care About Their Opinion With an Animated Survey Email


Everybody loves being asked for their opinion about a service provider; and if that set of questions comes from the service provider itself, boy, don’t you feel valued! 

Also, here's another tasty one. But I didn’t do it on purpose. *drooling again* I can’t help putting you in the client’s shoes again: how about this cute word play to prompt the user about the name of the company? Smart move, you must admit. Moreover, the initial image is pretty much related to the purpose of this email, which is asking the customer for feedback to enhance the quality of a product. To make the email even more engaging, Doughp adds a secret ingredient: a giveaway.

Announce Your Product Release In Style With an Animated Product Launching Email


More Examples

Apparently, Doughp has a way with words; more precisely, word play. The sugar-free Doughpamine cookie seems to be the real deal. Of course, any athlete will appreciate finding out about the release of a piece of sweet food that does not affect their physique - on the contrary, it boosts their energy. That is what the GIF above suggests, folks. Sweet!

Consequently, when we're talking about Knife Aid, this really comes in handy for anyone who has tons of knives in the kitchen drawer and has had enough of throwing them away to buy new ones. The images are very explicit as they draw the user’s way through the whole process. Plus, you just gotta love how they play with words.

Update Your Customers On the Status of Their Order With an Animated Order Info Email


Animated GIFs in email - Why it works

As the saying goes, once a prospect, always a prospect. Indeed, when you get to close a deal with a client, be mindful that he is prone to buy more from you, or to recommend you to someone else. So, give your customer the good news in the right manner. For example, add an endearing GIF to the shipment confirmation email along with his order information and you will definitely make her day - and maybe crave for more. Simple as that.

Then, keep Your Customer In the Loop With an Animated Automated Reply Email


Of course, giving your customer credit for buying from you is the next big step toward a new purchase. And what better way to show your appreciation if not by organizing a challenge? Also, if that animated GIF in your emails doesn’t put you in a mood for a little competition, then I don’t know what does.

Promote You Leap Year Sale By Including an Animated GIF in Your Promotional Email


To illustrate - do you see this catchy animated GIF email with it's vivid colors, sharp-witted text and cute images? Yeah, you gotta love these email marketing experts (wink). This is the recipe for a successful leap sale marketing campaign my dear friends. Especially considering that the deal is quite good. Good job, The Kombucha Shop!

Say Hi To Your New Subscribers With a Simple, Yet Snappy GIF Included in Your Welcome Email


Wrapping Up

OK, so that animated GIFs email got you some new users. Congrats! But wait, where do you think you’re going?! Above all, you have to make a first impression. Although you don't need anything tooo fancy, just keep it simple and sharp (as Knife Aid). Of course, your relationship is not yet clear, so focus on telling your potential buyer what he can expect from you in the first place.  Also, don't forget that all of this applies to the mobile email design as well.

In addition to all this theory and a bit (way more) of visual practice, how about a little recap? I’ll keep it short, just to give you a heads-up on what makes animated GIFs in email relevant rather than annoying:

  • Compressed GIFs;
  • High-quality images;
  • One GIF per email;
  • Animate buttons, not necessarily images.

At CodeCrew we have many more ideas and many more examples of creatives to make your business stand out, one way or another. All you have to do is jot down what you need and we’ll make it happen. Speak soon!