21 Feb

The Merits of Good Design in Email Marketing Campaigns

Your emails look terrible. Sorry, someone had to say it. The design is incongruent (whyyyyy would you put a CTA there? Really?), your logo is pixelated, and what’s up with the text looking all funky and being so small that I need to put on my grandma’s …

01 Feb

Why Content can Make or Break your Email Marketing

When your inbox is filled to the brim with promotions from every last retailer that you’ve ever been interested in, it starts to become hard to separate which ones are actually worth your time. Promotions here, promotions there, but no promotions actually end up catching your eye …

28 Dec
By Alex L, Email Design

Enhance Your Apartment Community with the Web

We know the struggle: finding good tenants is hard. Keeping them can sometimes be an even tougher endeavor. In a day and age where people expect everything they interact with to work well with their technology, where does that leave property owners and managers? How do we …

26 Nov

Case Study – Life with GDPR Compliance for US Businesses

We’re already well into the GDPR consent compliance era, and clear patterns have begun to emerge. Businesses of all sizes – large, small, medium, you name it – have struggled through months of process updates to land us to where we are now. This said, we have …

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