For a company whose name is literally Final Co, they sure as heck don’t ever give up, and that’s what makes this company kick ass, take names, and create reusable toilet paper.

…..wait, what??

Well, almost. But don't worry, Final Co didn't actually make such a product. However, they are always bold, brash and absolutely NEVER boring, Final Co’s team is what dreams are made of. With CodeCrew by their side, their email marketing is too. 

If you want to learn more about the first part, though, there’s a really interesting tale to read linked in the footer of this article. See you there now.

Here’s what we’ll be looking at today for Final Co's email marketing program:

But hold on, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here - what happened since the last time we featured Final Co in our blog? As you can imagine, a lot changed in a year’s time. By spring 2020, so much had gone on in the world - the US impeached a president for only the third time in the country’s history, COVID-19 is still throwing us for a loop (and that’s putting it mildly), and NASDAQ had it's largest dip on record. While last year packed a lot of huge negatives in only the span of three months, the changes were just as exciting. Oh, how the pendulum swings! 

Last time we featured Final Co, it was early August 2019 and we left off after a blistering start to our efforts, 6 months in or so. What followed? Enormous piles of revenue...and? Read on, baby, read on. 

2019 Holiday Season - huge wins for email marketing and Final Co

The 2019 holiday season saw one of the biggest wins for the economy and the marketing world as a whole. Always one to “go big or go home”, Final Co’s email marketing campaigns during the 2019 holiday rush were no exception. Ready for some stats that’ll blow your mind? Let’s start with a tease, then get to the real juicy part. Check this out: 

Did that whet your appetite? Probably not - that’d be weird, but did it at least make you consider your own email marketing program and why it’s not doing half as well? If not, your program is either out-of-this world and legitimately controlled by alien voodoo magic, or you weren’t paying attention. Either way, we’re never one to shy away from a little bit of necessary bragging. How’s this for “oh-my-dear-baby-Zeus-how-did-they-even-do-that” level of incredible? 

Now, let's get to the specifics. How exactly did Final Co reach these mind-boggling numbers just from email marketing? First off, don’t underestimate the power of solid email marketing strategy. Second, here’s how:

  • 4.56X YoY revenue growth from email during Holiday months
  • 6.51X YoY revenue growth for the full year.
  • Increased AOV from email by $31 YoY during the Holiday months
  • Generated 7000 more orders YoY from the email channel
  • Oh and sure, you’ll say - anybody can spam a list and get large numbers, but, as our favorite Shark always says - “Numbers never lie, grasshopper”, Mr Wonderful - AVG Open Rates for the year prove just that at 42.46% and upticks to as much as averages of 57.17% in some months

And yeah, you’ll say that ‘I bet you brought them these numbers after they paid you a ridiculous fee up-front’, but no, dear non-believer, their ROI from investing in us for the year was 5.24%. Get on the righteous way and contact us, if you want the Gods of email marketing to spare your brand’s poor soul. 

The three things that made Final Co's email marketing program a success

Of course, even the best and most data-driven email marketing strategy needs some support. And that includes two of the most important factors that have done Final Co so well for so long - inspiring design and quality code. We might have referenced this slightly in Part 1 of this post (we’re lying - we referenced it a lot - if you haven’t read that post yet, get your beverage of choice, get comfy, go here, then come back here and finish what you’ve started). Lucky you, we have more data and time to back up the merits of these even more. We’ll be shorter this time though, we promise. 

Have a look at this to wet your beak in the beautiful stats juice we’re speaking about. Oh and if you’re missing your hockey stick, feel free to use ours. 


Why Email Design Matters

It’s a little embarrassing that we even need to call it out again. But for those of you who didn’t listen and need to go back here to Part 1, design is bigly hugely important in the email marketing world. We all get a truck load of emails each day. So what makes you delete some, unsubscribe from others, yet open every single campaign from another? We’re willing to bet its twofold. One, proper email marketing strategy. That means proper targeting and segmentation, where brands only send content you'll genuinely be interested in. Two, good or bad design. If it's not enticing to the eye, chances are you won't open emails from that brand again.

Here’s that freaky design gif in case you missed that email. Oh and don’t miss any more, sign up to their emails here.


Inspirational design is so much more than just a beautiful piece of art to look at once and then move on. Side note - Final Co’s emails are often opened multiple times by their subscribers just because of how beautiful they are. The love always piles into the inbox with “omg your email is beautiful!”. Most importantly though, they tell a story. And what's more, they get customers onto the site.

What’s Next?

Holidays are the biggest time of the year for any e-Commerce brand. Black Friday has become a holiday of its own, Cyber Monday has gone from an obscure day of sales to the deepest-discounted day of the year. Customers are rushing to stores - mostly online right now - to get the coolest gifts for themselves and their loved ones. Like many other businesses, Final Co focused on providing customers with the most value possible through as many channels as possible. With email being the highest ROI digital marketing channel out there, they knew that this year’s success lay heavily in the email channel. 

Looking back on 2019, it's amazing how we transformed Final Co's email marketing program. They began the year with little in the way of workflows or calendar strategy (yet lots of enthusiasm and drive!). And they ended it with a full build-out and data-backed direction. Final Co’s email marketing program grew significantly and has a solid base to grow from going forward.  

Join us HERE where we’ll go knee-deep in a pretty dense, smelly situation that was brought upon our efforts for Final and their company’s livelihood as CoVid-19 struck havoc in the world and fear in the hearts of some of the best entrepreneurs out there.

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