These days you can do most things yourself. The problem is, it might not be as good as what an expert can do for you. And while it is possible to do your own email marketing, there are so many great reasons to hire an email marketing agency. Here are our top 5.

Email marketing experts can help you smash your goals

When it comes to value for money, you really can’t beat email marketing with its average ROI of 38x. And even though everyone can do email marketing themselves, not everyone can do it effectively. It takes great strategy, good planning, and even better reporting to grow your business this way. A great email marketing agency will do all of that for you, stopping at nothing to get you the kind of returns you dream of. Here’s an amazing example. For our client FinalStraw, we increased their sales by over 400% in just 3 months. And there are so many stories just like that one. With the right team on your side, there’s not much you can’t achieve when it comes to email marketing.

Email marketing experts = measurable results

You know what you want to achieve. You have targets to reach and stock to move. But maybe you’re not quite sure how to get there. Well, that’s where email marketing experts come in. Using the latest tools and programs, they will be able to tell you which emails are making money for you and what content your subscribers enjoy the most. They’ll even give you details like which send times work best for your audience and whether or not they like emojis. At least, CodeCrew will do all of that for you (and a whole lot more, just saying).

Paying an email marketing agency can actually save you money

Yup, you heard right. So many people think email marketing agencies are crazy expensive. Meanwhile, they’re racking up costs with all kinds of workflows and content they don’t actually need. Or paying freelancers overtime rates for loads of last-minute changes.

A great email marketing agency will create cost-effective, highly targeted campaigns for you, ensuring that your emails reach the right people at the right time. That’s how you increase your sales without overspending.

And if you think going in-house is cheaper, think again. An article in Forbes found that the cost of training new employees for marketing purposes amounts to about $308,000,000 a year. When you go to the email marketing experts, you don’t have to worry about any of that.


Email marketing agencies save you time

We understand exactly what goes into running your own business. And we know how much time it can all take up. Shipments, staff, delivery deadlines, expenses. All these concerns are what you have to deal with every day. In fact, a recent study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that small business owners work more than 50 hours a week. Of course, with all that in mind, the last thing you have time for is doing marketing. With the right email marketing agency, your emails will be beautifully crafted and well written, and your campaign data will be constantly analysed without you having to do much at all. That way, you have all the time you need to focus on the other important aspects of growing your company.

They can help with things you didn't know you needed

These days, most people read emails on their phones or tablets. That means they need to be formatted to be mobile-friendly too. But, email templates also need to be coded correctly, otherwise, they end up as mumbo jumbo in your subscriber's inbox. Plus, if you don’t follow the right protocols, your emails won’t be delivered at all. These are all considerations that a good email marketing agency will worry about for you so you can get on to more important things.

Wrapping up

If you want a  gorgeous dress or suit made, you go to a dressmaker. And if you want a new ‘do, you visit the hairdresser or the barber. If you want a wonderful baguette, you go to the bakery. You go to the professionals for these things because you know that you will get fantastic quality products made by well-trained hands. The same is true for email marketing. When you partner with the right people, you’ll see the results. And speaking of results, if you’re looking for some crazily effective ways to increase your bottom line, give us a shout. We’d love to chat about just what a leading email marketing agency can do for your business. Trust us, you're going to love it.