‘Tis the season to be spending! Yes, Cyber Monday truly is a magical experience in the world of e-commerce. In fact, in 2022, consumers spent a whopping $1.3 Billion on Cyber Monday. But what if you’re not seeing the returns you’re looking for? Could your Cyber Monday campaigns be missing that crucial oomph? Here’s what you can do to ensure that the returns from this year’s Cyber Monday email marketing put a smile on your face and money in the bank.

Want To Level Up Your Cyber Monday Email Marketing?

There are some simple ways to do this - including following a few email marketing basics that we’ve spent years perfecting here at CodeCrew. To ensure Cyber Monday is a slam dunk, you’ll need proper planning, an effective strategy, bold subject lines, and simple, enticing offers. But that’s just the tip of the e-commerce iceberg.

While covering the essentials of a successful Cyber Monday campaign, we should also talk about what NOT to do.

The Dos and Don’ts of Cyber Monday Email Marketing

PLAN AHEAD Ideally, you’d want to start planning for Cyber Monday in late August or early September.
STICK TO WHAT WORKS Evaluate data from previous sales campaigns to determine what offers your customers responded best to. Do they like BOGO deals or simple sitewide discounts? Whatever worked previously is likely to generate revenue a second time.
Test everything ahead of time Ensure that every email is working as it should and that your site is ready for the holiday traffic way before the big day arrives.
Consider resends Sending reminder emails or SMSs with tweaked subject lines 1-2 days after your Cyber Monday email marketing launch can cut through the inbox clutter and inspire urgency in your customers.
Ensure that your automated email flows are up-to-date Customers visit quite a few sites during Cyber Monday and may jump from your deal to someone else’s. Your browse and cart abandon flows should be running smoothly to ensure that you can recover any potentially lost revenue.
Extend your Cyber Monday email campaigns Why stop on Monday? Creating a ‘Cyber Week’ filled with discounts is a great way to keep your customers engaged after everyone else’s sales have ended.

Now, let’s cover those rookie mistakes

Overcomplicate it Your offer should be as simple and enticing as possible. For example: If you’re using checkout codes, these should be super easy to remember.
Use long content When it comes to effective Cyber Monday email copy, keep it short, sweet, and totally focused on the sale.
Send every campaign to your entire list To avoid high unsubscribe rates, it’s important to create an effective sending strategy to ensure your campaigns are segmented and customers don’t get bombarded.
Make your subscribers scroll too far down Your first call-to-action should always be above the fold (i.e. visible without having to scroll).
Forget to mention the holiday Subject lines and headers containing the phrase ‘Cyber Monday’ are more likely to generate engagement.

Speaking of Cyber Monday subject lines, let’s delve a little deeper into the magic and mystery of your one-line sales pitch.

Cyber Monday Email Subject Lines That Will Sell, Sell, Sell!

These are the first thing customers see when they check their emails, so your Cyber Monday email subject lines must be on-point. Here are a few notes to keep in mind:

  • Subject lines should be to the point and catchy.
  • Be sure to include the phrase ‘Cyber Monday’ or ‘Cyber Week’.
  • If you’re using emojis, ensure that they’re bolder bigger shapes, and add at least two to each subject line for great visual impact.
  • Be honest - include any essential details or mechanics to avoid deceiving your subscribers.
  • Communicate your discount amount clearly.
  • If possible, reflect your brand tone in the subject line or, at least, be specific to your products and services. For example, instead of just saying “50% OFF”, be more specific and say, “Get glowing with 50% OFF skincare”.

Here are a few examples of effective Cyber Monday email subject lines:

  • CYBER MONDAY: Get 30% OFF your next order
  • Pet owners get 40% ARF! for Cyber Monday
  • ⭐️Cyber Monday Sale: You’re getting 50% OFF SITEWIDE⭐️
  • It’s Cyber Monday - save 30% on your next session!
  • 50% OFF boots: The Cyber Monday Shoe-bilee is NOW ON
  • 30% OFF SITEWIDE: Cyber Monday starts now!
  • Cyber Monday: Get colorful with 20% OFF all art kits!
  • 30% OFF Shipping? You bet your Cyber Monday!

You’ve grabbed your subscriber’s attention with a great Cyber Monday email subject line, now it’s time to show them what you’ve got. Let’s talk about design.

Cyber Monday Email Design - Our Favorites

The timeless adage of show, don’t tell, is more than just a good idea - it’s imperative for your ROI. A clean, professional Cyber Monday email design is crucial for invoking the right emotions from your customers.

Here are a few of our favorite Cyber Monday email examples:

  • “In a world month full of offers, simplicity is key. And that's exactly why this PaintNite.com design works so well - the content and image create a sense of urgency, leaving room for the attention-grabbing title to stand out.”
  • Florin Dascălu,
    Senior Design Specialist at CodeCrew

  • “The concise content coupled with the amazing typography and playful, yet clean color scheme ensures this campaign will impress and inspire customers to act.”
  • Florin Dascălu
  • “Featuring a bold 'Cyber Monday' title in neon lights, a flashing GIF, and a crystal-clear presentation of the offer, this email ensures that customers can't resist these exclusive deals.”
  • Olesia Stoliarova,
    Senior Design Specialist at CodeCrew

  • There’s an irresistible allure to this design, where an eye-catching 'Cyber Monday' title, with its vibrant and unusual typography, steals the spotlight.”
  • Olesia Stoliarova

Ready to Rock Your Cyber Monday Campaigns?

Hold up there, partner. Although the pointers above can definitely help you generate great ROI, it’s a lot of work and there’s a lot more to consider. Rather than flying solo, it’s best to partner with a passionate team of experienced email marketing experts who can help skyrocket your ROI for Cyber Monday (and beyond) while you take care of business.