By the time the Black Friday/Cyber Monday dust has settled, the faint sound of sleigh bells can already be heard over the horizon. So pour yourself a coffee, roll up your sleeves, and start preparing for the festive season as if your ROI depends on it. It's time to take a closer look at holiday email marketing campaigns.

Jingle Bells, Sell-Sell-Sell! The Power of Holiday Email Marketing

If you’re looking to sleigh your holiday revenue through email marketing, the festive season should be at the top of your priority list. Here’s why you should have started working on your holiday email marketing strategy already.

  • Gifting: Chances are, your customers have already started looking for the best gifts for their loved ones. So, it’s a great idea to create email campaigns highlighting products that are perfect to put under the tree.
  • Attract New Customers: The holidays are an ideal time to organically grow your subscriber list. You can do this by building signup overlays coupled with a special offer for new subscribers during the season. Another way to do this is by creating competitions that require people to supply their email addresses to enter.
  • Reward Existing Customers: You can do this by sending repeat purchasers exclusive discounts or freebies. Personalized ‘thank you’ messages can also make them feel special.
  • Adding Value: The holidays are a perfect time to build lasting relationships with your customers. It allows you to demonstrate how your products and services enhance their lives. For example, food company owners could create campaigns featuring holiday dishes that are made using your products.

Worth Celebrating - Our Favorite Holiday Email Marketing Examples

We’re super proud of all our email marketing campaigns, but some are just too good not to share. Cheers! Here’s to a few of our favorite holiday email marketing examples.

Hayden Los Angeles

“The captivating image of a woman in a shimmering dress takes center stage against a black backdrop adorned with Christmas ornaments. It's the perfect way to introduce a holiday collection.”

Olesia Stoliarova, Senior Design Specialist

Knife Aid

“Our Christmas-themed campaign offers a heartwarming glimpse into the holiday season by showcasing a meticulously designed festive table setting. The countdown to Christmas adds to the excitement as well.”

Olesia Stoliarova, Senior Design Specialist

Great Jones

“A modern layout with subtle vintage touches and an unbeatable discount really bring the Christmas spirit to life.”

Florin Dascălu, Senior Design Specialist

Som Sleep

“Som Sleep's Christmas campaign cleverly uses a festive, playful hero image guaranteed to grab your attention while removing all the fuss and giving you a merry idea for a last-minute gift.”

Florin Dascălu, Senior Design Specialist

A Little Gift - Some Holiday Email Marketing Tips From the Pros

Because we’re feeling jolly and generous, we thought we’d spoil you with a few holiday email marketing tips to help make your festive campaigns that much merrier.

  • Start Early: Be sure to have your offers and email campaigns finalized as early as possible to allow subscribers ample time to order gifts for their loved ones.
  • Send Targeted Campaigns: Segmenting your audience ensures that each subscriber will only receive campaigns that are relevant to them. Example: If customers have recently browsed specific items, your campaigns should include a recommended reel of similar products for them to purchase. If customers are price-sensitive and usually purchase during promotions, they should be the first to receive exclusive holiday offers.
  • Create a Gift Guide: Not only are these good for increasing subscriber engagement, but they also help highlight a wide range of products that your customers may not have considered before.
  • Be Tactical: A good example of this is sending a campaign about gifts for hosts before Thanksgiving, or last-minute gifting campaigns promoting digital gift cards a few days before the holidays.
  • Make It Fun: Use punchy subject lines and cheerful, holiday-based imagery to increase engagement and ensure that your holiday email marketing campaigns stand out.
  • Be On-Brand: Using generic festive promotions to try to convert leads comes across as insincere. Instead, use your brand’s unique personality and ethos to inform your holiday campaigns. For example, if you have an outdoor brand, you could highlight the magic of winter camping trips.

Of course, there are many ways to ensure your holiday email marketing campaigns generate the ROI you’re looking for. But there’s no substitute for partnering with a team of full-service email marketing experts who will create and manage every aspect of your email marketing program while you take care of business.

Ready to deck the halls with boughs of ROI?