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Oakland is quickly climbing the ranks as a leader in the Tech world. Situated in the thriving Bay Area, it's making a name for itself alongside Palo Alto, Mountain View and San Francisco. From sustainable energy solutions, photo editing and music streaming apps to augmented reality interfaces, Oakland has plenty to offer.

Nurturing Oakland's Tech Environment - how Tech is impacting Oakland and vice versa Post highlights:

Oakland is thinking bigger

Over the years, Oakland, home of CodeCrew, has become more and more standout. Big tech has transformed and improved our culture. There's now a big focus on community and a desire to build a better world. In fact, it's something you won't find anywhere else in the Bay Area.

In addition, this tech boom has amplified a deep and important dialogue about racism, displacement, and gentrification. Now, it's giving a voice to those who never had one before.

From creation to self expression, the people of Oakland are never standing still. "People in Oakland are hungry to create value. Oakland has more entrepreneurs that care about the community before themselves." -Ruben Hernandez, Dev.labs. And the city itself is constantly changing, too.

As a result, Oakland has become a place of possibility. Every day, we welcome new, talented people from scientists to email marketing experts (winking face emoji). The diversity of skills and technology everywhere make this a space where people can really change the world.


It's time to throw in some stats, shall we?

The expansion of the tech sector here has opened the door for huge community growth. Tech is now driving wage increases and job creation. Every day, it creates new opportunities for residents from every background.

Oakland's tech industry covers a range of sectors including education, music, food and solar energy. The majority of the 350-plus tech companies have fewer than 100 staff but collectively, they employ around 7,000 people. Some of the bigger companies include Pandora, 99 Designs, and GT Nexus. And, very importantly, the annual tech salaries in Oakland are comparable to those in San Francisco and the South Bay. Add the great weather and culture and you realise that Oakland really is the place to be (sorry, South Bay!).

The Oakland Tech Trends Report indicates that between 2017 and 2018, over 200 new tech jobs were created. And that number has probably increased by now.

Job opportunities in Oakland

One of Oakland's greatest assets? The location. Every year, tech experts flock to Silicon Valley and San Francisco for the best jobs. This has created a great pool of talent for Oakland to poach from! In addition, there are always thousands of UC Berkeley graduates seeking opportunities at local companies.

So you would think it's tough to find a job here. Luckily not. With companies like Pandora and Pixar plus independent publishers and startups around, there are loads of opportunities. Moreover, seven local businesses made Forbes' list of the country's top 100 fastest-growing companies. Fathom, a 3D printing specialist, was ranked No.2 in the US overall.

Small businesses get a leg up

The Oakland community wants to keep revenue in the Bay Area and is always encouraging people to buy local. Also, the nonprofit organisation Oakland Grown has given huge support to small businesses under the umbrella of the Sustainable Business Alliance. So if you have a big idea brewing, this is a perfect place for you to do great things.

Wrapping up

The Internet’s founding fathers dreamed of a collective movement that would truly break down barriers. Oakland and the Bay Area are a huge part of this, constantly improving how we live and work.

Here at CodeCrew, we want to do well by our clients, our local community and the global tech community. What's more, we want to offer our expertise to the local citizens who need it more than ever. We're ready to help. Are you?