03 Mar
By Alex Marin, Oakland

Our Neighbors – The Inspiring History of San Francisco

From Oakland to San Francisco After our Oakland blog post, we thought we should write one about our neighbors. Did you know that Oakland and San Francisco are connected by a railway AND a bridge? Though that’s not all. If it wasn’t for the San Francisco tech boom, …

05 Nov
By Alex Marin, Oakland

Nurturing Oakland’s Tech Environment – how Tech impacts Oakland and vice versa

You’re ready to invest in powerful e-commerce marketing automation, but not so ready to pick a product to build it with? So, the question is: to choose or not to choose Bronto? In case you still haven’t read our book of best Klaviyo alternatives, where among others, …

30 Oct
By Alex Marin, Email Marketing, Oakland

How Oakland has Inspired our culture here at CodeCrew

We’re hella flattered that you care about who we are (heck, we’ve had first dates that show less interest in us). So you want to learn How Oakland has inspired our culture here at our boutique email marketing agency? That’s so sweet of you! Trust me; we …

15 Sep

What makes us Klaviyo experts? Our A to Z optimized strategy.

What makes us Klaviyo experts and why is it far and away one of the best ESP’s we’ve ever used? Trust me, we’ve used pretty much all of them. Klaviyo excellently integrates with your e-commerce platform; it allows strong elements of marketing automation and it has a …

11 Jun
By Alex Marin, Oakland

Green Your Business in Oakland – What are we doing?

The reasons why we love what we do here in our email marketing agency that tugs at our souls and fills our dreams boil down to two main goals: a desire to upgrade your business the right way with your email marketing, and an appreciation of our …

22 May
By Alex Marin, Oakland

Social and creative movements in Oakland

Pull up a chair and a mug of coffee (or in my case, a green smoothie made with spinach and romaine lettuce, because 2020 is the year I go full green, I guess) and let me tell you a bit more about some of the social and …