Y’Our Skin - How customer data collection is revolutionizing skincare

By 2024, it’s predicted that the global beauty market will be worth $750 billion. And in 2020, the global skincare market grew by over 41%. In such a saturated space where new niche beauty brands are popping up every day, how do you really make an impact?

You take personalization to a whole new level.

In her previous career as a cosmetics distributor, Jenny Nguyen found that “customers are not good at choosing the right skincare products." So, she created Y’ourskin. It’s a premium skincare brand that uses a simple quiz to collect customer's data and deliver tailor-made, effective solutions.

Traditionally, customized skincare products and regimens were only available to consumers who visited beauticians and dermatologists. Through their innovative offering, Y’ourskin has made this service available to everyone, on a massive scale.

“Working as a distributor for different cosmetics brands, I noticed that most customers went through a painful process to find the right products. This could sometimes leave lifelong scars. Y’ourskin solves this problem by using science to find the right ingredients and create the right formulas that can be applied in the right way for every specific customer.”

Jenny Nguyen

How the data collection works

When they land on the Y’ourskin website, customers won’t find a “shop now” button. Instead, they begin by taking a quiz. This quick survey asks questions like “what are your skin goals?” and “how would you describe the climate of your environment?” Most off-the-shelf skincare brands don't think about these important details.

Once you’ve completed the survey, your personalized “skin report” pops up. This includes a recommended skin routine and the products you should be using. The report even goes into detail about why Y'ourskin chose those products just for you.

“Our business helps make the world a better place by making people feel more confident in their own skin. We also give busy people (especially women) more time to do what they love by simplifying one aspect of their life.”

Jenny Nguyen

Making The Customer A Part Of The Process

We know that data collection is not unique. But what’s fascinating about Y’ourskin is the way they’ve incorporated this into their customer journey. Instead of creating after-the-fact surveys, as so often happens, Y’oursin allows customers to create an offering that is designed just for them, from the very beginning. In the future, it looks like they’ll be extending this beyond skincare.

“We plan to expand into health and wellness, using data science to personalize customer’s wellness plans in the same way that we’ve personalized skincare.” 

Data collection in email marketing

And it’s not just an approach that works well on a website. This would be great for email campaigns and workflows, especially in something like a Welcome Series. With segmentation of subscribers more detailed than ever, you could incorporate a quiz into your welcome flow. You could, for example, ask customers what type of content they would like to see from you. Then segment your entire list based on these results. 

“Our customers see the difference in their skin and tell their friends about it, which has helped propel the brand.”

Another great use of product quizzes is driving sign ups and increasing your email list. It's something our client Oru Kayak has done really well. Often, a company will just ask a customer for their email address and reward them for signing up. With Oru’s quiz, they’re capturing leads by helping customers find their perfect kayak. Once again, this involves the customer from the beginning and is also a great way to get people to subscribe. It also opens up a new kind of workflow. One where you can not only email customers with the results of their quiz but also get the chance to recommend similar products. 

From boosting sales to increasing engagement and the size of your email list, a personalized quiz approach is a great way to set your brand apart and get customers excited about your products.