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Remote strategist for our San Francisco based email agency needed

About the role:

This is an opening for a full-time contractor position. We are looking for a remote strategist for our San Francisco based email agency and welcome global applicants. This is not a freelancer or part-time role and requires an organized and effective communicator. Work times are flexible within decent margins and you won't be micromanaged.

You will need to be proficient in and show experience working with tight deadlines, fielding incoming client requests and effectively communicating client needs to our internal team.

Native English or native-level English skills are a must.

The role includes 7:30h of work + 30m of lunchtime each business day; Official US holidays are off and 20 days of vacation/year. Working hours are flexible.


- Minimum 3 years in a client-facing or public-facing role.
- Ability to take instructions well and communicate effectively with the internal team and clients.
- Ability to work in a team environment.
- Strategic marketing experience is a must.
- Ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
- Ability to manage multiple clients.
-Native English or native-level English skills are a must.

The application process:

So, if this interests you please email us at [email protected] and we will send you a test, to be completed within 1 week of receiving it.

About our company - why do you want to be a remote strategist for our San Francisco based email agency?

We're a fun group of fully remote folks so if you love working from home and creating beautiful emails templates/websites, then you’ll fit in perfectly. Although we're based in the San Francisco Bay Area (Oakland, specifically), our team hails from all over the world. Great talent knows no borders.

Our passion is to always push the boundaries of what makes an agency stand out from the rest - we always want to be great at what we do, not just "good enough." We're perfectionists, not just because our clients expect it, but because we're driven to be the best at what we do in each of our roles. To see some projects we've managed for our clients, check out some of our success stories.

About our team:

We don't like to micromanage, and expect the team to take on the responsibility to not just do their job, but think of themselves as the person who defines their own role. "How can I improve my process and get better every day?" is a question that a team member here should ask every day. If you're a go-getter and constantly seek to improve yourself, you'll fit right in.

We're all people who try to learn and improve ourselves every day, and expect the same of anyone new to the team so they fit in as well as possible. If you need guidance all the time, please look elsewhere.

We're a super diverse team from all over the globe, and everyone brings something interesting to the table. The entire team is super friendly and personable, but also hard working.

When we're not busy knocking it out of the park for our clients, we're learning about each other, hanging out online and chatting about how how awesome the Oakland A's are.


For payments we usually use Payoneer or PayPal, but if it's easier for you to use something else we can reach an agreement. We'll have a 'contractor'-type contract and everything needed to ensure that you can easily justify your earnings.

Salaries can range and depend on your skills, experience, as well as the ability to work autonomous (able to sort tasks without asking too many questions or requiring help).

So if this sounds like a job you’d be a great fit for and you'd like to apply, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll send you a test within 1-2 business days.