It’s a jungle out there… in the world of ecommerce, that is. And you as a businessperson need the right tools and people on your side to find your way through it. Especially when it comes to your ESP. How does your ActiveCampaign email marketing program get you the results you want? Where do you even begin? We've got all the answers you're looking for (and more). So let's get stuck in.

First things first - how big is your target audience? What are your goals? These answers will determine how we go about getting your message to the right people at the right time. Do that over and over again and you'll turn leads into customers and generate regular sales. How to make it happen? With a little help from a team with a lot of know-how, of course.  

Turnover, profit, sales growth: Good email marketing can impact all of these. Again and again, our 'Crew has used the power of email marketing to generate massive ROI for our clients, from startups to established businesses.

But back to ESPs. How do we use ActiveCampaign to get you the results you need? Read on and we'll tell you all about it.

Taking the first steps

ESPs are all the same – or are they? Well, not quite. They are similar, each offering a variety of different of functions that support your email marketing goals, from building CRM to segmentation and automating a lot of your communication.

From a marketing perspective, there really is no one size fits all – as businesses vary and their needs could be widely different. The fact is you can no longer rely on basic email marketing to grow your business. Nowadays it’s all in the details.

Customer expectations

These days, customers expect marketers to really understand their wants and needs. And this means personalized emails. Without them, you could find yourself advertising school shoes to an old-age home, or (even worse) the same product to a customer who has already purchased that exact item.

ActiveCampaign's dynamic content feature allows you to create multiple versions of the same email campaign, ensuring that each one is tailored to a specific audience. Essentially, you can swap out images, content and even CTAs based on the data you have for each customer. Pretty cool, huh?

Tech that grows with your business

As customers’ needs change, it's important to have the kind of ESP in place that can help you grow and evolve your business. That's where ActiveCampaign's CRM offering comes in. It makes managing your contacts, where your customer is in the sales funnel, and your marketing automations an absolute breeze. Plus, it allows you to send the same campaign to contacts from different segments, without charging you twice (unlike quite a few other ESPs).

What's more, ActiveCampaign offers a competitive pricing structure and you can scale the services to suit your specific needs. It gives you pretty good value compared to a lot of other ESPs.

Keeping your customers coming back for more

It's important to engage with customers across the customer life cycle. Once a customer, always a customer, right? Wrong! Just reaching out to a potential customer once won't make them a loyal purchaser. ActiveCampaign (and our kick-ass 'Crew) have the tools you need to reach customers at every point of the sales funnel.

And it’s about more than just email campaigns. To create long-term customer relationships, you need to seamlessly connect all your communication channels, from email marketing to text advertising. At CodeCrew, not only do we manage all that for you, we use our expertise in strategy, design and coding to ensure that every touch is as beautifully effective as possible.

ActiveCampaign transactional emails and more

Transactional emails are a super important part of your ecommerce business. After all, there's nothing worse than placing an order and just never hearing from that brand again. It's one of the fastest ways to lose customers.

And a great feature of ActiveCampaign is their category-defining customer experience automation solutions, designed to help you stay in touch with customers every step of the way.

This includes purchase confirmation emails, shipping confirmations and account updates.

But wait, there's more: ActiveCampaign’s product interest tagging generates tags for customers depending on items they've viewed on your site. It then adds them to an automated flow where they'll receive follow-up messaging. And speaking of automation... 

How does email automation benefit your business?

The truth is, you don't have time to manually follow up with every single abandoned cart and new customer. The great news is, you don't have to. Automated email flows allow you to build a complete email journey for every customer, triggered by their behaviours. And if flows are important to your business, ActiveCampaign is a pretty good choice of ESP - they offer over 300 pre-built automations.

Different ways to entice clients into the funnel

New and potential contacts can be drawn into the funnel through gated content. You can do this with a welcome email flow which will both deliver the content and create a 'deal' in ActiveCampaign's CRM. An ActiveCampaign 'deal' is simply the ESPs way of identifying a lead as a potential customer.

From a lead entering your database to making their first purchase, our strategy-driven flows in ActiveCampaign will ensure that your order rates and ROI always look pretty darn great. Not sure which flows you should be creating first? Check out our guide.

Why it pays to have ActiveCampaign email marketing experts on your side

You've invested a lot of time and effort into your business. But you can't be everywhere at once, or personally attend to every single lead and customer. That's where a strong email marketing program and expert team comes in.

Not only do we use data-driven strategy to build your email calendar and plot your workflows, we also design every campaign from scratch and offer custom coding to ensure that each campaign looks as good on a cell phone as it does on a desktop. Plus, we monitor every campaign and flow, sending you regular reports on your program's performance and tweaking where necessary. And because we really know our way around ActiveCampaign, we'll ensure that you get the most out of the platform without incurring unnecessary costs from plans that you don't need.

This will allow you and your team to focus on your products and services while we grow your business. But don't worry - you'll be involved in every step of the process, approving each campaign and flow before they go live. So if you're ready to take your ActiveCampaign email marketing program to the next level, so are we.

Some FAQs

  • Email Building: Don’t have design skills? Don’t sweat it. ActiveCampaign’s templates can be easily edited using their drag-and-drop editor.

    Marketing Automation: Who has time to send thousands of different emails to different segments each day? ActiveCampaign allows you to create automated email flows that are triggered by subscriber’s actions like signing up for email marketing or making a purchase. This way, you can constantly communicate with your audience while still taking care of business.

    CRM and Sales Automation: Consolidating your customer data and integrating services like ecommerce platforms makes it easier for you to ensure that every customer’s experience is nothing short of stellar.

    Customer Service and Support: Questions? Need help setting up your program? The ActiveCampaign team has got your back. You can schedule one-on-one meetings with their support agents, join active discussions on forums or even submit ideas that could enhance ActiveCampaign’s product offering. Neat, huh?

  • If you’re the owner of a small or medium-sized business, you’ve come to the right place. ActiveCampaign’s automation features help salespeople and business owners (just like you) automate a big chunk of your email marketing program. This will make you money, while saving you loads of time.

    Customer service is a huge factor in any businesses success - especially a growing company. ActiveCampaigns’ marketing automation tools allow you to set up automated email flows for every aspect of the customer journey, from welcome emails to browse abandonment and even acknowledging your customer’s birthday.

    What’s more, you’ll also receive performance data on each of your automated flows, allowing you to tweak and optimize wherever necessary.

    ActiveCampaign also allows you to add dynamic content to automated emails, which can be incredibly effective when it comes to browse and cart abandonment as well as post-purchase touches.

  • That’s like asking if you should be drinking hot chocolate in winter. Of course! ActiveCampaign allows you to segment your audience using a whole heap of factors like age, gender, location, education, employment, and income. You can also segment your subscribers based on behaviors like items they've browsed, how engaged they are with your emails, and what they’ve purchased previously.

    The best way to segment your audience on ActiveCampaign is to collect and analyze data from website analytics, email service providers, and the CRM system.

    What’s more, ActiveCampaign’s software features dynamic personalization tags which allow you to include information like a subscriber’s name, information specific to their order and so much more. Personalizing your email marketing campaigns, can help increase engagement rates and get you the revenue you’re looking for.