At CodeCrew, we believe that creating a better world is within reach for all of us. That is why we purposefully pick brands that we work with to make sure that they are sustainable and share our values.

We’re also passionate about giving back in any way we can, so in addition to planting a tree for every email that we send out for our clients, we also provide nonprofit marketing for a couple of NGOs per year.

Why Offer Free Email Marketing for Nonprofits?

You’re probably asking yourself; why go to all this extra trouble to offer nonprofit email marketing services pro bono? Well, first of all, not all nonprofits have an in-house digital marketing specialist. And even those who do unfortunately don’t have the skills required to create effective and compelling emails that get results.

NGOs do so much for the world, from combating pollution to providing disaster relief, and even feeding the homeless. And yet, many of these great organizations struggle to get funding due to a lack of exposure. This forces them to operate on a bare-bones budget that compromises their effectiveness.

Basically, we’ve seen a lot of great NGOs struggle to get the attention and support that they deserve. So we decided to do something about it.

What is Our Nonprofit Marketing Strategy for NGOs?

We provide NGOs with a focused nonprofit marketing plan to increase their reach and donation base. We use all of our expertise and tools to provide the same professional email marketing services as our paying clients. Being located in a technologically innovative environment ourselves, we know how effective technology can be when used in the service of good.

As such, we offer full-service nonprofit marketing for 6-months, pro-bono to all the NGOs that we work with. It’s our way of giving back to the world while helping to create a more sustainable future. Or, as our motto goes, we’re “emailing for a sustainable world.”


Why Sustainability is Important To Us As an Email Marketing Agency

As mentioned above, we hand-pick all of the brands that we work with. Our criterion includes making sure that they are either a member of 1% for the Planet, B-Corp, or both. We also enjoy working with brands that have an inspiring mission. This motivates us to work even harder to help get the word out about their product or service.

A few examples of brands that we’ve worked with include Tempest whose core values are to improve people’s lives, while Plastic Tides is committed to creating a cleaner world.

Working with these kinds of brands is incredibly inspiring to us as a team. So for us, nonprofit marketing is a no-brainer. We want to partner with NGOs that would otherwise not have access to our services because we believe that they too deserve to have their voices heard.

The Impact of Nonprofit Marketing

Our goal when working with NGOs is to help increase their reach. Sometimes it takes simple nonprofit marketing ideas to thrive and we make sure to arm NGOs with those ideas so they can continue to apply them moving forward. 

We want the whole world to find out about the amazing work that they’re doing for the planet while attracting more donors because donations are the lifeblood of any effective NGO.

What Happens Afterwards?

In addition to handling all of their email marketing for six months, we also put together a helpful digital marketing strategy for nonprofits with best practices that they can use to continue managing their email marketing effectively for months and even years to come. We share all of our best-kept secrets to ensure that they have the best chance of reaching more donors and make an impact. 

So, in addition to planting 50 to 60 new trees per month, here at CodeCrew we enjoy working with nonprofit organizations dedicated to making a difference. We’re passionate about creating a better world and we believe that a better future is possible for all of us. 

All it takes is for each of us to do what we can with what we have, to contribute towards a more sustainable and equitable future. 

If you too want to effortlessly offset your carbon footprint while getting the best email marketing services in the biz, give us a shout.